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The spring of 2011 had its moments in New Jersey (USA). It used to rain over the weekends and sometimes too hot and sometimes too cold. When I started this contract work in JNJ New Brunswick, I was sick. It was the change of weather and pollen content too high outside. It was April and the leaves were just sprouting on the trees.
I drove my black BMW 550i on Route 27, hitting through the traffic and made a left on the train station entrance. The parking garage was few meters away from the station. I showed my appointment letter to the guard at the entrance of JNJ garage and parked my car on the top floor. I was excited about this new project. My first time in JNJ.
I am 5'10", light brown skin, about 170 lbs, nice pecks, firm biceps, rough palms, great smile, some grey hair but still plenty of hair for a 40 year old guy. I was dressed to impress my client, wearing my dark blue cotton dress pants, black dress shoes, belt and a blue gingham shirt that fit my body well.
I was introduced to my boss Buck Carnegie who showed me around briefly before showing me my cube space. Now this space to my surprise turned out to be dump. It was one big cubicle with five workstations of pcs for programmers to work on.
I was allotted the one facing the entrance to the cubicle. By 10 AM the developers started filing in. As usual the developers were simple folks who recently emigrated from India and were not aware of the local custom and culture. Sad to say, I was utterly disappointed. Within few hours I was bored like hell. But what could I do? I needed the money. The gig paid well.
Around lunch time, I walked to the cafeteria and saw the real crowd of JNJ. Mostly young scientists and corporate folks discussing work and having lunch together. There were few women worth looking at. But they were in early twenties. The ones in thirties looked very suburban and on the heavy side. Needless to say, my disappointment grew.
After my 2 PM meeting with Buck, I walked through the passage between the cubicles and the offices and glanced at the open doors. Interestingly the offices were occupied by middle aged women who had nothing to display. The last office was bit darker with only a table lamp.
This office had a nice decor. Seemed like it was decorated by someone with interests in the Art. All frames were of same type, some motivational frames were set on the back wall and the desk had a nice white monitor. I looked out the name tag of this person, it read J Stuart. I didn't know if this person was a man or a woman.
4 PM I was pretty much yawning. Then the printer between the cubicles churned. Now you have to visualize these three printers sitting in front of my cube space passageway. A woman who is about 5'4" walked to it at a faster pace and started collecting her printouts. From the back I could visualize she had worn a red tight fitting skirt with white dots, grey high heeled shoes with flower on top, white blouse.
Her ass looked way too hot. I mean the ass reminded me of the hottest porn star that one has ever seen. Her hair was blonde. This added more to my curiosity. Then she turned left and went away. I couldn't see what her face looked like. I was still very sick and decided to get back home. Since I didn't feel any better, I decided to stay back home the next day calling in sick to Buck.
Wednesday morning, I was feeling better and I drove into the parking lot and took the stairs to the cube space. At 10:30 AM the printer started churning and the same woman stopped by to pick up the papers. I was curious to see what she looked like, someone called her from the back "Joanna, did you get my email?" This was an older lady, so she turned back to talk to her. That's when I saw her.
She was fine like a wine. Someone in late thirties well defined and toned. She had worn a black business skirt little below her knee and a light blue blouse with some pearl necklace. Her blonde hair was well done and her smile was very captivating. I took the liberty to stare at her chest not big boobs. Maybe a B size. But that was perfect. I am not into huge boobies anyways.
Joanna spoke to the lady for few minutes and walked back to the office. I noticed that she entered the office with a good decor. So I figured out that she is Joanna Stuart. I asked my co-workers about her and they mentioned that she was a manager in the marketing group.
Days passed and I got busy with my project. I used to look at Joanna sometimes as to what she was wearing, how her ass would move etc. But she paid no attention at all to me. I guess she assumed I was one of the many developers whom Buck hired and fired. She never glanced at me.
I also noticed that she had rings on her finger indicating that she was married and also she had two kids. Amazing I thought. I had kids of my own but they were with my ex-wife after the divorce. I was impressed with Joanna's accomplishment.
Day after Memorial Day, I went to the office wearing a short sleeve white JCrew shirt, tan flat front chinos and brown loafers. I guess it was traditional to wear white after Memorial Day on the east coast of USA. Again I noticed Joanna with her team members in the cafeteria discussing a presentation on a laptop.
As I was walking out of the building to get food, Joanna and her co-workers were walking upstairs and that's when it happened. I was wearing my sunglasses and she saw me for the first time. Maybe she noticed my arms or the white shirt, she looked at me. That's when I felt it. She noticed me and I knew this was my chance.
I said "Hello."
She responded by smiling. I went for lunch and came back. Next day morning, around 10 AM. I saw her in a little black dress with yellow shoes and gold jewellery. She leaned towards the printer. Now her Ass was so close. It was amazing. My cock went up in my pants. It pitched a tent.
My heart was beating. She looked back at me and gave her smile and walked back to her office. I kept moving too much around and every time I returned to my cube space, I could see her glance at me from the office.
It was Thursday evening about 6:30 PM and I was about to wind up my work, when I heard the printer churn. This time, I sent a page to printout and collect it. To my surprise Joanna came to pick up her printouts.
I introduced myself. "I am Sid, the IT contractor."
She said. "I am Joanna, you can call me Jo."
I held her hand in my hand. It was so soft and her eyes were brown. I praised her for the office decor. She smiled graciously.
"Jo, what do you do after work."
"Sid I go home." She pulled her hand out of mine as someone wished her good night and walked past. "Hey listen, would you mind going out for drink before heading home." I inquired. She said "I don't think that's a good idea Sid. I am married".
I acted surprised. "Really, you seem to be happy". She brushed past my chest, and tried to walk to her office. I pulled her hand this time firmly.
"Come'on just 1 drink, I promise I won't bother you again." She didn't pull her hand this time.
"I can't. I've gotta go home."
"What will you do at home"? I asked.
She tried to wiggle her hand out of mine and tried to get into her office. I was very close to her that my cock felt her ass for the first time. It throbbed.
"Come on, just one drink." I took my chance, either I risk this chance with her or get fired the next day.
"You know I could get you fired for this action of yours."
"I know, but whatever you do, please do after our drinks!"
She smiled. "Alright pervert, meet me at the blue moon bar by Georges street in fifteen minutes."
"I need to freshen up."
I was so excited. I walked out of the building crossing the light by the train station and headed to the blue moon bar. It was filled with people. Mostly young crowd, I assumed must be Rutgers University grad students. I was hoping that Jo wouldn't have changed her mind. There was some latest music playing at the bar and some students were dancing.
Around thirty minutes or so when I had given up, someone tapped my shoulder. It was Jo with her made-up blonde hair. Her breasts touched my shoulders due to the crowd. I held her a bar stool next to mine. She sat facing me, I noticed that her rings were missing. She smiled as I noticed that.
I bought her a margarita and a cool bud for me. She loosened up. She started talking about her work and how she is busy with this project. "So tell me which part of India are you from?" I acted surprised. "Do you know much about India and Indian culture?"
"Yeah, my best friend in school was Indian from Calcutta". "I've been in NJ for a long time but to answer your question, I am from a smaller city called Pune near Mumbai."
The DJ played "Just can't get enough" by The Black Eyed Peas. Jo pulled my hand and took me to the dance floor. Other bystanders also joined in. It was dark there; she raised her hands and started dancing closer to me. I took my chance and went behind her, eying her tight and sexy ass.
I could see her bikini panty lining. I breathed on her neck while the song was playing. She came back a little and started grinding my hard cock. Her ass was so awesome. Her hands were still raised high. I took the liberty of rubbing my bulge against her ass up and down. Caressing my hands gently on her breasts. She didn't mind. I could hear her moan. I couldn't think of anything.
"Jo, you are so fucking hot."
She turned back, unbuttoned my top two buttons of my shirt and slid her hand inside and tweaked my nipples and winked at me. She kissed my bare chest.
"Sid, isn't it quite hot in here? Can we go somewhere else?”
"Let's go to my place. I live about five miles from here in North Brunswick."
She hesitated a bit. "Is that okay for you? I mean curious neighbors and all."
"Nah, I am okay. Just follow me."
It was dark outside bit chilly; we both rushed to the JNJ parking garage and drove the car out. She followed me through Route 27 south into Route 1 south to Governor's Pointe community. She parked her car in the guest parking spot and came to my door.
I pulled her inside while my door was half open, I started kissing her mouth. The heat was too much to bear. My Indian neighbors were shocked to see me in this state. I have never brought a woman to my house and that too a white woman. This was very scandalous to them. I didn't care.
I started kissing Jo all over. She was running her fingers through my hair. I removed my shirt. She was able to see my chest with less hair but well built. She removed her yellow shoes and stood barefoot near my door. I shut the door with my right foot and started kissing her again.
I pressed her to the wall, biting her ear lobes gently and licking behind her ears with my sharp tongue. She started moaning hard.
"Sid, Fuck me. I can't wait". I looked at her eyes, kneeling down on the floor, I lifted her dress up. 'What fine thighs I thought'. Perfect. I saw her black laced bikini panties. They felt moist with my fingers. I rolled them down to her ankles and started rubbing her clit with my two fingers. She was just squirming with pleasure. I saw her touching her boobs and crushing them.
She held up her dress so that my mouth was on her pussy, licking up and down with my sharp tongue. "Aaah, more, more baby" she groaned. I didn't stop, I kept licking her and she wiggled her panties out of her legs.
"Baby, does that feel good?"
"The best Sid, go on don't talk." She moaned back.
I removed my pants in my living room and stripped down to my dark red cotton boxers (small size). My cock was hard like a rock. It was throbbing. I pulled her hands and lead to the stairways to go up to my bedroom. She made me stop right there, taking her dress off, she stood on the third step revealing her tight abs, trimmed pussy (confirming her natural blonde).
She tied her hair into a bun, I was enjoying my view from where I sat. She still had her black lace bra on and tugged at my boxers. Pulling them out and flung into the air, she held my 8" hard cock. Looking at my eyes, she spit on it, stroking it gently. She started stroking harder.
"Jo, take it in your mouth." I ordered.
She started licking from the base, biting my balls with her teeth gently. "Aaagh" I let out a low moan.
She was sucking my cock all the way in. "How does this feel, Sid"?
"Awesome baby, awesome." Sucking for three more minutes, then she gestured upstairs.
We moved up slowly, my cock vibrating. As soon as we entered my bedroom, she noticed my platform bed and gave me a gentle wink. I unclasped her bra, squeezing her tities from the back while my cock was beating her ass crack. Her taught pink nipples were awesome. Looked like cherries. I pulled them with my fingers. She opened her hair and knelt on my bed, pushing her hair to one side.
That view was the best of Joanna. Her ass was so round and perfect. I didn't waste time, I glided my hard cock into her pussy gently, then I pushed it deep inside. I spanked her gently first and then I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy and started fucking.
Her moan grew so loud. "Faster asshole, Faster". I fucked her hard and at a faster pace. I spanked her real hard with my firm palm. I could see my finger marks on her round ass.
"Fuck me Sid! Fuck me!" I went on holding her butt and fucking faster and faster.
"I am gonna cum baby. I am gonna cum." At that point I exploded. My cum filling her pussy, warm and fuzzy.
She kept moaning "Umm, nice. Very nice." She pulled herself out and spent few minutes in the bathroom and came and jumped into the bed with me.
There she lay on my chest. Her shapely legs intertwined between my muscular thighs. I kissed her hard and firm. She saw the time and said, she better rush home before her hubby and kids come back from a school play. I didn't stop her this time. How could I? She wore her clothes, brushed her hair and put on her shoes. I asked her if she wanted me to come to the car.
She objected and closed the door as she walked out swaying her fine ass. I lay on my bed for the longest time and couldn't help smelling her perfume on my bed and some of her blonde hair left behind.
Next day when I went to work I saw her around 10 AM with a nice long white skirt and a blue kurti top. There was a big glow on her face, she was satisfied 100% by an Indian from a far far land. And my heart just skipped a beat!
Any women needing more details, could write to me.
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