Anne's First Massage Chapter 2
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……… She could feel the cool air on them. She didn’t recall her inner lips acting like this; unless Michael sucked on them. She opened her legs a little more to ease the tension......
She heard the door open. Crap she thought, my pussy is right in line with the door. I hope the towel is hiding everything. Of course she probably isn’t looking anyway, it wouldn’t be very professional would it.
“Hello Anne,” said a masculine voice. “I am Paulo and I am your masseuse for the day.”
Anne panicked, and froze. It wouldn’t do any good. Here she was naked with rocks on her back and only a sliver of a towel to cover her.
Paulo seemed to notice her discomfort. “My apologies if I startled you,” his voice was soft and only moderately deep. He spoke with a mild Portuguese accent.
“Uh, no, I… ah.. was almost… you know asleep.” She said trying to hide her embarrassment.
“Yes, it’s the stones, they will do that.”
Anne could feel his voice trickle down her spine. Soft voice, but there was a cat like quality. His voice held a combination of a growl and purr. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard.
“If you are comfortable, I will begin with your feet. How does that sound?”
“Sounds beautiful,” she shivered.
She felt his strong, oiled hands cup and grip her left foot. He laced his fingers around the top and began using his thumbs to massage her arch. His hands were firm and his thumbs probed deep. There was no hint of a tickle. Just a deep almost mind blowing pleasure.
Anne sighed and any thought of embarrassment or discomfort that another man was touching her while she was naked fled. She was, after all, face down and a towel covered the important parts.
Paulo continued his ministrations on her foot. He gently rotated each thumb pressing deep within her arch. As he continued to work; he moved down to the ball of her foot then to the toes.
Each toe received attention. First a gentle squeeze, then a soft tug and a twist.
Anne sighed contentedly.
Paulo eased her foot down then picked up the right.
Anne shifted, opening her legs a little more.
Paulo looked up when her legs moved. He could see her pussy. Looking down he continued working her foot.
Ah, he thought, this one is easily aroused. I bet she is wild in bed. Too bad she’s married.
Paulo glanced up again. He could see her labia glisten with moisture.
Anne moved again to take the pressure from her clit. The movement caused her lips to part; revealing her opening. Her clit peeked out of its hood.
Paulo was mesmerized. He’d never seen anything like it. He’d never seen a woman so easily aroused by his touch.
Anne’s labia were so sensitive it was almost painful. They were so filled with heat that they caused her outer lips to arch open.
Paulo watched in fascination. Anne’s labia actually seemed to grow stiffer as blood and heat flowed into them. The hood of her clit slid back revealing the pink nub.
So like a priceless pearl, Paulo thought. “Meu Deus,” he said to himself, “How am I to remain objective with such a precious jewel open before me?”
Paulo finished with her foot and set it down. “Anne,” his voice; like velvet flowed along her body, “Your feet are finished. I’d like to move on to your calves. If that is ok.”
“That’s fine,” Anne breathed. Her pulse was racing and she was panting. God, she was so horny. Her pussy ached to be touched.
“I’m going to place a few more stones on you first.”
Paulo placed oiled stones on the backs of her knees and where her thighs met her bottom.
“Ahh,” Anne moaned, “That feels wonderful.”
“I thought it might.”
Anne’s nerve endings zinged from the bottoms of her feet to her pussy. She could feel her juices pool just behind the vestibule of her opening. She tried to stay relaxed. If she clinched she would flood the table. Inside her vagina, the puddle of thick, hot, clear, slick liquid was rising and would soon seep out.
Paulo returned to his former position and knelt. He poured more oil on his hands and slid them on her right calf. His fingers wrapped around her shin and his thumbs began their work on the soft skin.
“Your calves are a delight Anne,” Paulo murmured, “all too often I work on women who are rail thin. It is like rubbing sticks. Your body is beautifully proportioned. It is a pleasure to massage someone who has curves.”
“Uh, thanks Paulo,” Anne said. What did he mean? She was almost 40 and fat.
“Not Paulo, but Pah-U-lo. The stress is on the U. As in UUU.”
Anne shivered as the guttural sound rode between her thighs and tickled her labia.
“Paulo,” she said with the proper stresses.
“Perfect,” he replied.
“What I mean,” he continued, “is men from my country prefer women who are fuller, more… fleshy. It is a shame that so many women here think they have to be emaciated to look good.” His accent drew out the word emaciated, making it sound sensual.
“Where are you from?”
Anne chuckled, “I thought all Brazilian women were thin and beautiful.”
“I agree that they are all beautiful, but you only see the Americanized tourist attractions from Rio. They too, are rail thin, but they have huge breasts because they have been augmented. No, the ideal woman has heavy breasts, a generous middle and broad hips.”
“My husband says he likes meat with his potatoes.”
“Heartfelt, but not at all eloquent,” Paulo said with a rye chuckle.
“No, I like your version better.”
“One more stone I think.”
He placed the stone on the dimple that marked the transition from her hips to her cheeks.
“Cold,” Anne gasped.
“Yes, the dissimilarity should be marked.”
“Oh, it is. Feels nice though.”
“Only nice?”
“I don’t know how else to describe it.”
Paulo continued to knead her calf. It was fully relaxed now, he continued to work it. To delay moving on.
“The stone is made of green marble. It is perfectly round. If you shift it will roll away. It has soaked in chilled oil for hours. Just for you. Concentrate on the texture and its weight.”
“It feels heavy.”
“Yes. It is not large though. What else?”
“Cold of course. I can feel the oil trickle down my backside to the small of my back mixing with the warm oil pooled there.”
“Yes,” he said as he shifted his hands to her other calf.
“The chill is concentrated at the base of my spine, but heat seems to be building.”
“Where is the heat building?”
“I can’t tell.”
“Think on it and it will come to you.”
Paulo glanced at her pussy. He could see more of it now. Sometime during their conversation Anne had moved her legs further apart.
“Inside. The heat is building inside. Down low.”
“Down low,” he purred sending shivers up her spine. Again her labia caught the vibrations.
“It is sensual isn’t it? I mean that in the Roman sense. That you feel conflicting things and the opposite happens. Cold produces heat, and that heat spreads through your pelvis.”
“Exactly,” Anne breathed. She licked her lips. They were dry now and it was difficult to speak without running her tongue over them first.
If he only knew what conflicting things were running through her mind right now, she thought. I haven’t even seen him and I’m ready to pounce on him fuck him right here and now.
She surprised herself by using fuck. She liked to talk sexy with Michael, but not dirty. Fuck fell in that category along with a few other words. She blushed and was glad Paulo couldn’t see her face.
Paulo now had a clear view of her open lips. He’d been massaging her for only thirty minutes and had barely started. He seldom took this long. He was taking as much pleasure as he was giving. Her small, beautifully shaped feet felt wonderful in his hands and the tender silkiness of her calves were a pleasure to knead.
His cock had hardened the moment he saw her pussy. He watched her vulva open like a blossom as he massaged her feet. He had been so hard he felt as if his zipper would burst. Now though, he was only semi hard, but pre cum flowed freely from his head. He could feel the waves of fluid as it was pushed down his shaft. If he’d been naked a drop would have formed and slowly built until its weight caused it to part from his slit. Clear and thick it would stretch into a long thread before it broke.
Paulo’s mind wondered and he imagined Anne kneeling before him. She opened her mouth and catches it on her tongue as it fell. He wondered how her mouth would feel as it wrapped around his cock.
He gazed between her legs and watched as her opening slowly relaxed. He could see her juices slowly rise through the entry. Hers fluid was clear and thick like his. His mouth watered; his lips ached to caress her.
He watched in fascination as her fluid formed a bead and grew. He imagined licking her. Feeling the hot slickness flow over his lips and tongue. Her salty sweet taste.
The clear droplet grew and rose; filling her opening. Such a tiny hole to be filled with such treasure, he thought. Paulo watched as its weight grew; to draw out and slowly make its way down.
Anne was in agony. She could feel her pussy swell with unrelieved need. She felt her juices begin to flow from her pussy. She could feel the slick heat coat her labia. She dreaded what would happen when it reached her clit. Could she keep her arousal hidden?
Paulo watched Anne’s pussy as it performed for him. Her labia were so rigid. He watched as they reacted to the slick heat; as they folded around the clear fluid and guided it to her clit. Her juices glistened with heat. The syrupy nectar slowly slid down Anne’s fleshy channel. Its mass thinned as it slid only to pause; caught in the tension of her labia; until more built on top. Slide, pause, build, slide.
Finally, it reached her clit. Only then did Paulo notice how proudly it stood. He’d been concentrating on the slow avalanche of her heat. Anne’s wetness slid around the hard, tiny knob. Heating and coating its base. It resembled a tiny volcano surrounded by rivulet s .
Anne could feel an orgasm build deep inside her womb. Oh God she repeated over and over. She was going to come soon and she couldn’t stop it.
Soon a swell of her juices built up at the base of her clit as more and more of the clear, slick heat flowed.
Paulo watched her pussy struggle with the building pleasure. He slowly shook his head. She has the sexual patience of a tigress on the hunt. When she finally lets go she will almost be too much to handle. He’d never seen a woman hold so much heat and lust without losing control.
“Ow,” Anne rasped. Paulo had sunk his thumbs too deep into the calf muscle. She clinched and her pussy gushed clear, thick fluid. It coated her inner thighs and her labia. Paulo thought it looked like morning dew on a pristine lawn.
“I am sorry Anne; I did not intend to probe so…deeply.”
“No,” she said with a shutter. “It just surprised me.”
She felt immense relief that the moment was broken. Relief and curiously; immense regret. Her orgasm still paced within her. Caged only by the small pain Paulo had caused.
Paulo rose and moved to her left side.
“I think I will give your legs a break. I’m afraid I paid them too much attention and neglected the rest of you.”
“That’s fine.” God, she wanted to feel his hands on her thighs. Thumbs and fingers probing and kneading her flesh.
Paulo removed the stones from her back, legs and hands. He left the round stone where it was. Anne had forgotten about it and now it returned as the central focus. She could still feel the connection it had with her pelvis. It seemed as if the heat was centered on her cervix. She sighed. Her womb felt leaden with unrelieved desire. Just one stroke of a finger across the little knot inside her would make her explode.
As she lay there she could almost inventory each part of her anatomy. Her clit was hard and now coated; the heat of her body could not escape the insulating layer. The heat kept growing. Her outer lips were slick and her labia sent physical sensations down each nerve as the droplets slid down one swollen pink lip then the other . Her labia fluttered as the blood flow eased. They’d been so intensely infused for so long. Her opening slowly relaxed from its tightly closed position. Deeper inside she could still feel wetness. Her cervix was coated in liquid heat. She felt the small knot of her cervix throb. Her womb felt tight and tingly from the easing blood flow.
Paulo now spread his hands along her shoulders. Slowly she relaxed again and the almost painful need to cum eased. Thumbs and fingers probed and kneaded her shoulders. Slowly he worked down her spine. As his fingers slid and pressed into her flesh she melted into the table.
“Paulo, that feels so good.”
“Good, I can feel you relaxing.”
He finished up at the base of her spine. The warm pool of oil was spread upward to the tops of her cheeks. He pressed gently. Anne moaned with pleasure.
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