Eye Witnesses
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Eye Witnesses
 Jenna turned the key to the front door lock and followed her younger sister, Amy into living room. They had just returned from the police station following Amy's arrest for destruction of private property. It was another in a long line of offenses for the seventeen-year-old and Jenna knew she had to take matters into her own hands.
“I have had it with you. You have gone too far this time!” Jenna fumed as she stared her sibling down. “How many of those guys you were with last night did you fuck?” Jenna inquired as she paced back and forth.
“Who I fuck is none of your business. At least I can get laid. You can't part with your vibrator long enough to know what a real cock feels like,” Amy scoffed as she looked out the window to tune out the lecture that was getting underway.
The two girls lived with their mother following the parents’ divorce, and her mothers' work often took her out of town for days. Jenna had just turned twenty and her level of maturity led the mother to place Amy under her supervision while she was gone.
Jenna's face flashed red with anger at Amy's insolent words. “You snotty little bitch. I think it is time you get what is coming to you,” she hissed as she reached for the telephone. The dialing of the numbers caught Amy's attention.
“Who are you calling?” Amy asked a hint of apprehension on her voice.
“My girlfriends. We were going to the lake today, but you ruined that, so I am inviting them over. I am not only going to spank your ass, I am going to let them watch!” Jenna snorted.
“Let them watch!” You can't do that to me, besides I am too old to be spanked anyway, Amy quipped sarcastically.
"It is either you get your ass spanked by me, or I call your parole officer and you go to juvenile court," Jenna threatened. Amy knew she was right. The only reason she was home and not in detention was that Jenna had signed for her release.
"But I still don't understand why your gal pals have to watch," Amy replied as she sat down on the recliner in the living room to ponder her fate.
“It wasn't just my day you ruined. You ruined it for them too. It is only fair that they join in,” Jenna snorted.
Amy thought about bolting for the door and running away, but that would only make matters worse. An agonizing wait ensued before there was a knock at the door. Jenna opened it and greeted four females around her age and ushered them inside. Amy felt uneasy as they began to file in. Her bravado was slowly melting away, being replaced by a somewhat inexplicable excitement.
“So this is the little trouble maker is it?” one of the girls remarked as they took seats in the living room.
“Yes, this is Amy. She delights in getting into trouble. Since she has ruined your plans for the day as well, I thought she could make it up to by allowing you to witness her punishment,” Jenna remarked.
They gave Amy the once over with icy stares. She was wearing a pink striped shirt with buttons down the front, a faded pair of jeans, and pink ankle socks. Her shoulder length auburn hair had a reddish tint, and her doe-like eyes made her rather attractive, yet there was a hint of rebel in her appearance.
Jenna left the room momentarily leaving Amy uncomfortably surrounded by the four females before returning with a thick wooden paddle in her hand. It was the kind used in sorority hazing and an audible gasp slipped from Amy's mouth as she gazed at the imposing object.
“Stand up so they can all see you!” Jenna commanded rather sharply.
A lump came in Amy's throat as she slowly rose from the recliner. She tried to convince herself that it would only be a few quick strikes then the ordeal would be over with.
“Turn around with your back towards us,” Jenna ordered. Amy's heart was racing wildly as she reacted to Jenna's stern commands, yet she was totally unprepared for what came next.
“Take off your jeans!” Jenna ordered.
“No...Jenna. Please not that,” Amy pleaded. The thought of exposing herself brought a mixture of hesitant shame, and hidden desire.
It had long been a secret fantasy of hers to be spanked in front of people, but of course, she never actually got to experience it. Her fingers trembled, more from excitement than fear, as she fumbled for the button of her jeans. Popping it open, she slowly ran the zipper down and slid her jeans down her legs. A decadent thrill surged through her at the thought of doing this with others looking on.
As she looked at the jeans bunched around her ankles she could hear the low giggles and comments from the girls behind her. She blushed in shame, not only at the idea of strangers staring at her panty-clad bottom, but from the strange sense of arousal she was feeling between her legs.
“Bend over and touch your toes!” Jenna then commanded. Amy could hear the paddle being smacked against Jenna's open palm as she shamefully bent over. She could have looked through the small crack of her legs to see the girls behind her, but she could not bear the sight, so she closed her eyes momentarily as she mentally prepared for the first blow.
In an effort to prolong Amy's ordeal and properly teach her a lesson, Jenna held back the paddle and began smacking Amy's ass with her open hands. She grabbed the panties and pulled them tightly, giving Amy a wedgie and exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks as she continued the open handed spanking.
Amy gasped softly as the fabric of the panties began stimulating her pussy, causing a noticeable wet spot to appear on the crotch of the panties. She knew that Jenna was doing it on purpose and her face flushed with embarrassment. The hopes that the girls would not notice her arousal was soon dashed by their comments.
“Hey look, her ass is beginning to match the tint in her hair,” one of the girls teased as the other laughed out loud.
“By the looks of that wet spot she must be enjoying this,” another remarked teasingly.
After a few more slaps with the hand Jenna deliberately ran her finger over the damp crotch of Amy's panties.
“What is this?” Your pussy is wet. You are enjoying this aren't you, you little slut,” Jenna teased sadistically.
Warm tears flowed down her face at Jenna's words. She was betrayed by her own body and everyone knew it. She wanted the floor to swallow her up and take her away from their gazes.
“I think you should give her an old fashion spanking on the bare and see how much she enjoys that” one of the girls teased. "Yes. If she is enjoying it this much with her panties on, imagine how much she will enjoy it with them off," another teased.
“What do you think Amy?” Jenna inquired as she readied the paddle. “Do you think I should make you pull your panties down for the rest of your spanking?” Jenna asked crudely. “
“NO!” Amy screamed defiantly at the thought of exposing herself in front of Jenna’s friends.
“Stand back up,” Jenna remarked as she stepped back for a moment and steadied the paddle in her grip.
Amy slowly rose back into a standing position. The deliberate delay by Jenna in using the paddle only made the ordeal more trying for Amy.
“How about a show of hands,” Jenna remarked.” Everyone that thinks Amy deserves a bare bottom spanking raise their hand,” She quipped. Amy did not even have to look. She knew they all would raise their hands and she began sobbing softly.
“Sorry, you lose. Now pull down your panties and step out of them and your jeans!” Jenna announced sternly.
Amy’s face reflected her shame as she slowly slid the panties down to her ankles. As the air flowed over her bare legs and exposed pussy she felt a shudder of erotic desire. How could she possibly be turned on by this? Her mind soon recovered to the reality that she was standing half naked before other people. Out of pure instinct she moved her hands to cover her cunny and butt, but was told to put them on her head. She sheepishly obeyed.
Jenna carefully aimed the wooden paddle at the soft mounds of ass flesh and alternated the blows until Amy's ass was a deep crimson and she was sobbing intensely. Feeling that she had adequately put her misbehaving sister in her place, Jenna stepped back and surveyed the well spanked bottom with a sense of accomplishment.
“You look silly standing there naked from the waist down. Finish taking off your clothes. Maybe standing naked in the living room for an hour will teach you not to fuck with me,” Jenna snorted as she left to take the paddle back into her bedroom.
The heat from her well spanked bottom was nothing compared to the growing heat between her legs as Amy stood naked for all to see. The forced nudity was having an unexpected effect on her libido. She secretly wished she was alone in her room so she could rub her clit to a mind blowing orgasm.
Jenna and the girls decided to go get some pizza and rent a movie. Jenna took one of her friends with her while she left the other three at home to watch Amy and make sure she did not leave the room. For some time there was an awkward silence, but Amy knew they were watching her.
It was then that she felt another sensation. Hands were rubbing her. The girls had decided to have some naughty fun and were running their hands over her ass and between her legs. Amy was not about to fight it. She closed her eyes and moaned in sheer delight as fingers teased her clit and fingered her damp pussy. They fingered her pussy and stroked her clit until she exploded with the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.
When Jenna returned with the pizza, Amy was allowed to dress and join them. Later that night as she soaked in the bathtub her mind rehearsed her spanking ordeal and her hands once again found their way to her pussy. She had finally experienced one of her hidden fantasies. It was better than she even imagined. She could only hope for some repeat performances in the future.
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