At work, working myself.
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I love a cock in my mouth. I love sucking on it, feeling it pulse between my lips, massaging it with my tongue. I love hearing you moan, it lets me know I'm getting you off. I can't get enough. I get so turned on and wet knowing you're going to cum down my throat. Tell me what to do. Grab my hair in your fist and force your cock deep down into my throat. Fuck my pretty lil lips. Make me gag on your delicious cock. I can't take it, I want to taste your cum. I want to swallow it all. 
I'm fingering myself just thinking about you. Playing in my juices. I'm at my desk at work and you and your throbbing cock won't leave my mind. I hope no one sees, our maybe I do... I've left the door to my office slightly open, some one walking by could see what I'm up to. How do you do this to me? You make me want more. You've made me so kinky, hoping someone will catch me pleasuring myself then offer to help. Maybe the whole office will help, shoving cock after cock in me, any where they can then they can all cum in my mouth. Mmmmm.... Pussy too. I love a dripping wet cunt that I can tongue fuck while I'm being double stuffed and pounded into oblivion. She can suck on cock too, I don't mind sharing. 
I'm sliding my fingers deep into my cunt slowly, imagining your cock thrusting into me. I am trying not to moan, and at the same time I want to be heard.
I'm grabbing my blouse and practically ripping the first 3 buttons off, moving my free hand to play with my breast. Now I'm slipping my hand into my bra and squeezing my hard nipple between my fingers. My hand under my skirt and in my panties is moving faster in my cunt, making a slapping sound against my outer folds, swimming freely in my arousal. I roll my head back and out of the corner of my eye I see someone standing at my door. My cheeky secretary is watching me reach my peak, jaw dropped and eyes wide. She is making no attempt to go away. She's slowly biting her lip while watching me pound away at my own pussy.
I gently turn in my chair so she could get a better look. I can't hold back any longer, I've been caught fucking myself at work by a hot 19 year old secretary, and she is enjoying the show.
I am quivering now, moaning as fluid rushes from my pussy drenching my panties. My legs are shaking. Waves of heat are rolling through me paired with a wonderful vibrating tingling feeling spreading from my cunt through out my body. It feels like it's been so long since I finally reached the highest state of pleasure. I'm slowing down now, still teasing my cunt. I open my eyes and see her still standing there, but now her blouse is unbuttoned exposing her large, supple breasts held tightly by a lacy black bra. The door is shut now, and she is walking towards me while unzipping her skirt. She lets it drop around her ankles. 
Shes standing in front of me, wearing lacy black panties that match her bra. Shes sliding her blouse down one shoulder, now the other letting it meet her skirt at the floor. I'm so intrigued watching her that I forgot that my fingers were still in me.
This is going to be the best day at work ever.
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