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"Emma I am telling you, you're not going to see him!" says Jade, her best friend.
Emma frowns and turns away in disappointment. Tonight was the premiere of actor Alex Pettyfer's new action movie, 'In Time" at Trafalgar Square, London. Emma was hoping that if she'd wait outside until the event was over, she'd bump into him and have the opportunity to meet him. Every time she thought of Alex, there would be a tingling sensation striking through her body like lightening. She'd lock herself away in her room every night, masturbating whilst looking at his topless pictures. Stroking his flawless abs with one hand as she rubs her clit with the other.
She had to see him, she just had to.
"I know the probability of me meeting him is against me completely, but I need to try Jade," she says. Jade smiles sympathetically and gives Emma a cuddle.
Six hours later.
It's 9:00pm and people are starting to leave the theatre and head home. Emma is standing patiently outside, waiting for Alex to appear. An hour passes and the area is deserted apart from a few tourists taking pictures. Emma is sitting against a wall in her elegant red dress, full of disappointment. Her head down.
"Excuse me. Are you alright?"
Emma looks up and her jaw drops. Alex Pettyfer is standing right infront of her. He is in a dark grey suit, white shirt, with his flaky blond hair, perfectly styled. His expression is concerned.
"Are you speechless?" he says, amused. Emma nods and stand up. He looks right at her and smiles.
"Are you lost?" he asks. Emma shakes her head.
"I was waiting for you..." she says, a little embarrassed.
"Wow," he says, "you must've been waiting for a very long time. I'm flattered." He flashes a heart melting smile and her knees buckle. She leans back against the wall to steady herself.
"You must be freezing darling, lets go inside. I'll get you a hot chocolate or something," he offers. Emma smiles and they walk back to the cinema. Once they are inside, they go over to the snack counter and Alex orders a hot chocolate.
"So, what's your name?" He asks.
"Sweet name. Was you hoping to get an autograph or something?"
Emma blushes. Alex chuckles.
"Disappointed?" he asks. Emma shakes her head.
"You're even more beautiful in person," she says. Alex bursts out in laughter.
"Beautiful? that's new! I mean, I've been called hot, sexy, handsome, but never beautiful."
Emma blushes again.
"Now you can tell your friends that you hung out with Alex Pettyfer. Imagine how jealous they would be," he teases.
"They wouldn't. They're not into the whole showbiz thing."
Alex makes a face. "Idiots."
Emmas hot chocolate arrives. She takes a sip.
"Feel better?" Alex asks. She nods. "How about this then Emma, why don't you tell them that you MADE OUT with Alex Pettyfer. Who wouldn't be jealous about that?"
"No evidence," Emma says. Alex smirks. "I think we can fix that."
He takes Emmas hand into his and leads her deeper into the building. They walk for a few minutes until they reach a small office. It's full of security screens and there's a camera on a desk. Alex picks it up and looks at her.
"Trust me, I know what I'm doing," he says, smiling boyishly. Emma puts her cup down and walks over to him. He puts a hand on her arm.
"You're shivering. Are you nervous? We're just taking a few pictures to fool your mates. Don't worry! I'm not a pervert, " he says, winking at her.
Next thing Emma knows, Alex takes off his blazer and starts to unbutton his shirt. She watches, mesmerised. He looks at her, amused. "You never thought you'd see this body in person did you?"
Emma shivers and whispers, "no."
Alex leaves a few buttons at the bottom on so that only his chest down to his abs are showing. One shoulder is also out. Emma admires his physique. His body is so flawless. Better than the photos. What's even more amazing about him is that he knows how hot he is.
"Come here," he says. Emma moves closer to him until she's right infront of him. He takes her right hand and puts it on his chest and then her left hand to the back of his head.
"Pull my hear Emma," he says. She obeys. He smiles and brushes his right hand across her cheek, his left hand holding the camera out.
"Now look like you're having a good time," he smirks. Emma giggles and then looks straight into his eyes, he looks back.
Flash. Click.
Alex steps away suddenly and looks down at the camera. He smiles.
"It looks convincing. There! See? And they say in the papers that I'm an asshole!" he laughs.
Emma tries not to look disappointed. She feels a tingling sensation on her cheek where he touched her but ignores it. He's doing something so nice for her, the least she can do is not act like a complete desperate fan and mess this up.
"Let's do one more," he says. Emma nods.
"Ok, let's see. Make your hair a little messy and pull a strap of your dress off your shoulder. Let's really shock these bitches," he says. Emma does as she's told. She takes off her headband and ruffles up her hair, then pulls down a strap of her dress. Alex thinks for a moment, then his face lights up.
"I have an idea. If we're going to do this, let's make it a little raunchy.." he says. Suddenly, Alex backs up against the wall and gestures for Emma to come over with his index finger. Emma follows him over to his side of the room and waits for an order.
"Now you don't have to agree to his one, but kneel down," he says. Emma's heart flips, and she hesitates, but obeys. Even Alex looks surprised. He thought he was asking for too much.
"Now you don't have to put your face too close, but make it close enough to make it look like you're...sucking me off," he says. Emma looks forward, mesmerised. Her face is literally inches away from Alex Pettyfer's cock. The one she fantasises about every night. The one she imagines pounding her.
Once they're in position for the picture, Alex puts the camera behind her head so it looks real, throws his head back and scrunches up his facial features, as if he is having an orgasm. Emma's heart stops at the sight.
Flash. Click.
This time, Alex doesn't move away all of a sudden to look at the picture, he just stands there. Looking down. Emma knows her boundaries, she stands up, and as she does, accidentally brushes the front of his trousers with her hand. His body jolts.
"Emma..." he says. She turns to look at him and apologises, feebly. He puts his index finger on her lips to make her stop talking and walks over to the desk. He presses something and sets the camera on it. A red light flashes on it. He's recording. Emma watches in anticipation as Alex walks over and stands in the same position against the wall.
"The photos could easily be fake. We need real evidence. HARD...evidence," he says, his voice much huskier than before. Emma kneels down again and is face to face with his crotch. She thinks about all the times she masturbated to his pictures, looking at his pants and imagining the cock under there. She always imagined it to be 5 and a half inches but really thick. She didn't want to go over the top and imagine a 10 inch, that would have been really stupid.
Emma lifts her hand up and strokes his bulge. He sighs.
"Can I sit down?" he asks. She doesn't respond. Her eyes are transfixed. It's under there...
Alex walks over to a chair and sits down, leaning back as far as he can. Emma follows and sits in-between his legs. She puts her hand over the bulge and kneads it gently, like it's dough. He lets out a quiet, "uhhh," and shivers. Emma can't wait any longer, she's been wanting this for so long. She unzips his trousers and pulls them down, throwing them to the side. His boxers follow.
A beautiful 7 inch cock springs up infront of her. It's as flawless as the rest of his body. She wraps her hand around it and let's out a moan. He smiles. Emma start to move her hand up and down his cock, jerking him off. Alex throws his head back and moans, smiling at the same time.
"Fuck yeah, keep doing that Emma. Keep doing that..." he moans. Emma picks up speed. Alex laughs and squeezes his eyes shut.
"Oh Emma! you know just how I like it," he says, groaning. Suddenly Alex sits up.
"Fuck this. Let's cut to the main story," he says, standing up. Emma stands up too and Alex pulls her dress up and over her head, throwing it to the side where his clothes are. He takes off his shirt until he is completely naked and picks Emma up, sitting her on the desk. She leans back and watches Alex as he pulls down her panties and unhooks her bra. He looks at her 36C sized breasts and gives a gorgeous smile. That's all the encouragement Emma needs. She leans forward and grabs his ass, pulling him close. Alex grunts and with a single sure stroke, enters her. Emma grabs his hair and gasps as every inch of his beautiful cock enters her. Every single fucking inch. He looks at her astounded expression and bites her lip. Suddenly, movement starts. Without even building up. Alex starts pounding her pussy in a rhythm that drives her crazy. Emma moans with each thrust and gasps as Alex fucks her mercilessly, grunting as he thrusts. A few minutes go by and the build up begins.
"Is this -uh- what you -uh- imagined -uh- it to be? And don't lie to -uh- me, I know you've -uh- dreamt about THIS -UH- ," he says, grunting in-between his words, speaking faster as the seconds past. Emma moans yes in his ear and scratches at his back as her stomach begins to tighten and an overwhelming pleasure builds up underneath. Alex also starts to grunt louder and forces himself to keep steady.
"THIS IS IT EMMA," he shouts
"OH FUCK ALEX. ALEX. ALEX. ALEX," she replies.
Suddenly the overwhelming pleasure turns into an explosion of delicious sensations all over her body. Emma grabs Alex tightly and cries out as she orgasms wildly. Throwing her head back as far as she can. This brings Alex closer to the edge of an orgasm and he pulls out his dick just in time as strings of thick cum shoot out as he groans, landing on Emma's stomach. He tenses his abs and squeezes his eyes shut as he relishes the amazing sensation. Then, breathless, Emma lays down on the table, panting and Alex climbs on top of her, sweat dripping off his body. He starts to kiss her passionately. They do this for ages. Emma smiles under his lips as she thinks about what she just did. Everyone would be so jealous but Emma decides to keep this a little secret. She is going to masturbate to this beautiful memory of being fucked by this perfect man, forever. No one is allowed to share this moment.
Alex feels her smile against his lips and smiles too, slowly entering his manhood into her again. This time, he wants to make love to her.
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