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Exhausted, I leaned back against the long, leather, bench seat and closed my eyes. I was returning home after having spent the last two years studying in Germany, but before stepping on American soil again, I had decided to do one last trip to visit the Czech Republic, Austria, and Romania before flying home just in time for Christmas. The trip had been a wonderful experience, but I was now on the last leg of the trip and after having hauled a hundred plus pounds of luggage for the last ten days I was definitely feeling exhausted. Fortunately, the trains in Romania are still the old fashioned kind that you only seem to see in WWII movies which means that the seats are far more comfortable than their modern counterparts, which are more concerned with capacity than how many cricks and cramps the occupant ends up with after a long ride. 
As the few remaining riders boarded, I thought I might get lucky and have the entire compartment to myself, but then the door slid open and two men in their early thirties walked in and stowed their luggage in the overhead compartment. Both handsome, they had the dark hair and olive toned skin that is fairly common in the region. They took their seats just as the train started to move. Thinking I was lucky to have an entire bench to myself, I pulled my long, light brown hair out of its ponytail holder and tucked it behind my ears. Then, I rolled up my jacket and using it as a pillow, I laid down on the bench and hoped I would be able to sleep for at least a couple of hours.
I must have fallen asleep because a while later I woke up feeling very relaxed and comfortable, like a kitten snuggled up in a blanket. I suddenly realized where that contentment came from when I suddenly noticed the hand that was slowly stroking my hair from the front of my face, along the back of my head, and then curving around my shoulder and ending half-way down my upper arm. He must have felt me tense, because he leaned over and whispered, “Don’t worry. You almost fell off the seat and so I moved to catch you. You are safe now.” His voice was low and masculine with a slight accent that did something funny to my stomach.
It was then that I realized that my body had already identified itself to his touch. My nipples were hard and my hands were slightly shaking from nervousness and desire. I glanced across the cabin and noticed that the second man was fast asleep and was leaning back against the seat with his mouth slightly ajar. The fact that I didn’t jump up and start to scream must have sent the message that I wasn’t totally opposed to the strangers touch and so he started moving his hand along my back as well. Leaning over until his lips just brushed my ear he whispered, “You are very beautiful.” I knew I was in trouble when I started to feel the hot wetness collect in my underwear. Never being one to shy away from my feelings, I moved my hand up to rest under my cheek hoping he’d get the message that I was ok with his touching me. The next stroke he made along my back ended at the dip along the side of my waistline, paused momentarily, and then slowly stroked his hand along the side of my body, brushing his fingers along the side of my breast. I purred in contentment, and he returned his hand down to my waist and leaned over and kissed my temple. This time, I felt his fingers along the stretch of sensitive skin as he lightly ran his finger tips across my belly and then along the side of my torso again, but this time underneath my top.
“Turn onto your back,” he whispered into my ear, and so I slowly rotated so that I was lying back along the leather bench with my head resting in his lap. He gave me a very serious look, like a man with a purpose and reached out and started caressing my stomach again. Only this time, he moved his hand down to caress my lower abdomen just inches above the hot juices collecting below. I looked up at him through my half-closed eyelids, the warmth from his hand radiating through my entire body. He then slipped his hand up, pushing my top with it so that my pink lacy bra was exposed. He groaned quietly and then started massaging my breasts. As his right hand continued to massage my breast, his left hand returned to my short-shorts that left my long legs exposed. He unbuttoned the top button and unzipped them before slipping his left hand inside to continue rubbing my abdomen.
At this point, I was oblivious to almost everything around me except for the feel of his hands on my skin. My hips started to twist of their own accord, seeking the hand the refused to release the desire coiling in my womb. He released the clasp on my bra and I suddenly felt his hand directly on my breasts as he fingered and gently squeezed my nipples. I was practically a wild animal, twisting my hips and my upper body to gain more contact with his magical hands, grabbing the sides of his face, I brought him down for a kiss. No shy playful kisses now, but open-mouthed hungry kisses. Our tongues intertwining, mimicking what I wanted him to do to me. “Are you hot enough for me yet? Are you wet?” he murmured in my ear as his hand finally slipped below to brush across my clitoris. “Ahhh, you are sopping for me,” I could hear the masculine pride in his voice, but didn’t care because at that moment my body was shaking and practically in convulsions before finally shattering, leaving me limp and spent in his arms. “Beautiful,” he said.
From across the compartment I heard, “I agree.”
Still dazed from the orgasm I had just experienced, I turn my head to look at the now not sleeping fellow passenger. He gives me a sexy, sleepy eyed look and then a little sideways grin as his eyes run down my body, lingering on my still exposed breasts before continuing over my shorts to my tan legs.
Not to be ignored, the man who had just given me an amazing orgasm tweaks my nipple lightly and teases, “Don’t get distracted now, little heart” and leans over to kiss me while lightly running his fingers along my inner thighs. I turn slightly toward him in order to deepen the kiss and accidentally bump up against his engorged penis. I run my hands over his erection, testing the width and length of him. I hear him groan and he leans over and whispers in my ear, “Te vreau.” I didn’t need a translator to know what he was looking for.
Giving our fellow passenger a quick glance over my shoulder, I sit up slightly for better balance as I unbutton and unzip the pant of my new ‘friend’ pants and then slip my hand inside to encircle his now exposed manhood. After sliding my palm up and down his penis several times, I run my hands underneath his shirt. Feeling his hot skin against my palms stirs my own desires and I pull his shirt over his head in order to have more contact. Leaning in, I first lick and then lightly bite each of his nipples. I then surround each nipple with my full lips and alternate between each nipple, sucking and tonguing with the occasional nibble. I feel his hands unbutton my shirt and then pull both my shirt and bra down my arms to fall to the floor. Wanting more contact, I start a trail of kisses towards his collar bone. Once there, I nibbled and sucked as I leaned in so that my breasts would press more fully against his chest. The sparse hair on his chest is just enough to rub against my nipples and raise my desire to a fever pitch. Looking up into his eyes, I kiss him once again on the mouth before slowly sliding and licking my way back down his chest towards his now very prominent member.
Looking briefly into his brown eyes, I lean over his lap and slowly suck his penis into my mouth and then swirl my tongue around its engorged head. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I can see the other man watching and it makes me feel wicked to be doing this in front of him. No ‘ignorance is bliss’ this time; I know that he is watching my every move. Feeling a hand on my breast, I moaned to show my approval and continue to move my mouth up and down his penis, sucking and pulling with each retreat. The hand on my breast mimics my actions, pulling and squeezing, as his other hand holds the back of my head, encouraging me to go faster. Resisting his desire for speed, I deliberately slow down and even remove his penis from my mouth to give it a few well placed nibbles and tongue kisses, giving him a devious smile. In response, he twists my nipple a little more sharply and pushes my head back in place. I bring his penis back into my mouth and place my other hand at its base.
Working in unison, my hand and mouth pull and stroke until his cum spurts into my mouth. Swallowing the hot liquid as fast as I can, I can feel the grip on my hair tighten in reflex as he finally comes. Moving back up his chest, I kiss him softly on the mouth, letting him know how rewarded I feel for making him come. He kisses me back, letting his tongue swirl with mine as his hand runs up and down my back and then around to grip and massage my butt.
“That was a very nice show,” our fellow passenger says from across the compartment. Turning slightly, I smile and tell him thank you. “You have a beautiful body. Your breasts are large and firm to fill a man’s hands. I would very much like to touch you.” Looking out the window, I realize the sun is starting to rise, bringing with it an end to our dark privacy.
“I don’t know,” I reply, “the sun is coming up and people will soon be able to see into our cabin.” Still feeling the desire from my latest activities, I run my hand through my hair in frustration at the timing. The man’s eyes follow my breast’s slight movement as I sit up and start looking around for my clothing. Realizing it isn’t on the floor in front of me, I lean over to look below the seat thinking my top and bra may have accidentally been kicked underneath. Not seeing anything, I look up in confusion and realize the man is now smiling and silently laughing at me.
I stare at the man sitting across the cabin quizzically. “Do you have my clothes? I seem to have lost them somewhere.”
“I think we should play a little game. What do you think?’ Still smirking, he stretches out his legs in front of him and leans back onto the cushioned, leather, bench seat. 
“What kind of game?” I ask.
“Well, I think that you should stay like you are so that people are able to see you as they pass by the cabin door. You are obviously beautiful and don’t mind people watching you,” at this he smiles deviously, “and so I think you will like having people see you somewhat naked.”
“But what’s in it for me? I could get caught, and then what?”
“If you get caught, nothing, just tell them that you are changing your clothes for the new day. As for what’s in it for you, my friend and I will give 10 euro for each person who walks by and sees you.” Now, 10 euro may not seem like much, except that it’s roughly equivalent to 14 dollars. I had been a student and doing a lot of traveling over the last couple of years. At 14 dollars per person, I could make some pretty easy money.
“Ok, but what am I supposed to do? Just stand here?”
“Why don’t you pretend like you’re reaching up for your luggage? That way, if someone asks, you can tell them that you are changing, like we said before.” He then directs me to stand with one arm reaching up and holding onto the luggage rack while the other lays relaxed at my side. He then tells me to turn slightly towards the front of the cabin so that my breasts are completely exposed to anyone walking by our cabin.
After some consideration, he then walks up and reaches around me and begins massaging my breasts. When I ask why he is doing that, he says, “Because your breasts are much sexier with your nipples hard and waiting to be kissed,” and then in a soft whisper near my ear, “and because I’ve been waiting to touch you since I first woke and watched as my friend touched you and you showed such passion in his arms.”
My desire is still high and his hands on my breasts just increases the tingling excitement in my abdomen. He then reaches down, unbuttons my shorts and unzips them partway so the top of my underwear shows and then directs me to bend my leg and place my foot on the seat in front of me. This makes me feel very vulnerable as I am now standing with my breasts exposed for anyone walking by to see and, even though I am still wearing my shorts, having my legs fully open as they now are, I feel less concealed. The stranger then kisses the back of my shoulder and then, after running his hand down my back and over the curve of my butt, he returns to his seat to watch what would unfold. 
Fortunately, it didn’t take long. I stand looking through the glass for about a minute, feeling incredibly anxious, when I see a man coming down the walkway. He was distracted at first, but as he got closer he glances up and then almost trips at seeing me exposed through the glass. Catching himself on the wall, he stares at me until I pretend to just realize that he can see me. I turn my back to cover myself, acting like I had just been in the process of changing clothes. The man stares in shock for a few more seconds and then continues walking down the hallway. “How was that?” I ask my bankers with a smile. 
"Very good, but do you know what I think would be even more sexy? I think you should remove your shorts. I know that I would like to see you without them. What if we give you 15 euro this time?” I think it over briefly. The thing is, I am enjoying this game. I’ve never really been an exhibitionist before, but I had always fantasized about having sex while others watched. Having this man sit and watch as I had reached fulfillment earlier had been an incredible turn-on, and I had also been more aware of my own body as he had watched me give his friend a blow job afterwards.
I nod my head and then slowly remove my shorts. To my fellow cabin mate’s surprise, underneath, I am wearing a micro thong. I watch as both of them reach down to do some adjusting and smile to myself. The feeling of power I was feeling at having turned on both of these men was amazing and unlike anything I had ever felt. I deliberately reach down and adjust my underwear, unnecessarily of course, knowing that they watch my every move. In the process of adjusting the straps, my pussy is briefly exposed. Looking up, I see that the man I had been with earlier had now opened up his pants and is masturbating, slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft while staring at my exposed body. Looking at his friend, he smiles at me and indicates I should move back to my position at the window.
I do so, and this time I see a young couple walk down the hallway. Reaching me, they stop, stare curiously, and then smile back at me. Surprised, I see the man reach up and gently start rubbing the woman’s breast, and without thinking, I bring my own hand up to briefly run over my breast, squeezing gently. The woman then turns toward her husband and they began to kiss. Taking her husband’s hand, the woman gently tugs, leading him down the hallway. Looking behind me, I see that the first man has finished masturbating and is now leaning back against the bench cushions with his eyes closed. The second man indicates that I should continue to stand there and so I turn back towards the window to see who will come next.
This time, it is a man about my age, in his early twenties. Seeing me, he stops and runs his eyes down my body, taking in every detail from my swollen breasts to the small tattoo on my hip. Moving his eyes back up me body, he deliberately looks in my eyes as he reaches down, opens his pants, and then slides his hand inside. My body is already shaking, and my underwear feels like I would be able to wring it out I am so wet.
“Come here,” the man who had been watching me all night said softly, but in a commanding tone. Walking over to him, he pulls me between his legs and places my hands on his shoulders. He then begins to suck and tease each of my breasts. “I’ve been waiting all night to have you. You aren’t going to let me down are you? From the first moment I walked into this cabin I thought you were beautiful. The only surprise is how exciting and sexy you’ve turned out to be.”
My legs are shaking so badly I can barely stand upright. Still teasing my breasts with his lips and teeth, he moves his hands down to my exposed cheeks, gripping them and turning me on even more. “You aren’t going to let me down, right?” I nod my head as I feel his hands grasp the thin straps at the sides of my hips and pull down my last piece of clothing, leaving me completely naked. Quickly pulling down his own pants, he instructs me to straddle him and so I place me knees on the bench on either side of him and slowly bring my pussy down until he is deeply inside me. “I knew that if I was patient I would get to do more than touch you.” I slowly move up and down his organ, squeezing my inner muscles to increase the tightness. He reaches down and starts rubbing my clitoris with his thumb and it isn’t long before I’m thrashing wildly in his arms.
Looking over my shoulder, I see the man through the glass, still watching as I lose control. Slamming down as hard as I can, I grind my clitoris into his thumb until I feel that final tightening before release. Sensing it, the man grabs my hips with his hands and pushes me down even harder until both of us shout out in fulfillment. Sweaty and shaking, I collapse against the man’s chest. After resting a few more minutes, I look up to see that the man who had been watching had left, but had left a hand print against the glass as if to say thank you.
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