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My name is Missy. I am 40 years old and divorced. About 5' 2" barefoot, medium length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Not rail thin, but not too overweight either. My chest is 36 C, almost a D. My best friends call me curvy. I've had my fill of serious men and I'm looking for some good old fashioned fun. Let's be honest, I'm a Cougar on the Prowl.
Have you ever had one of those days at work where you feel the need for a LARGE drink, filled with booze OR wild animal sex?
Well I did and I chose wild animal sex. I had the perfect partner in mind. Mike.
Mike is 6 ft 6 inches of tanned, toned and buff. He has biceps I would love to nibble on and a butt made to grab. His chest is well defined with pecs and abs to make your mouth water. His voice alone can get me wet.
His hair is dark colored and a bit on the shaggy side, with the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen. His voice alone makes me wet. He also has the most beautiful 8 inch cock, that curves perfectly to massage my G-spot.
I get home from work and grab the phone to give him a call. I'm hoping he hasn't made any plans this afternoon.
"Hey sexy man, I am so glad to catch you, are you busy," I ask him.
"Never too busy for you sexy lady," he replies. "What can I do for you?"
"You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that. I need you baby, I need you bad." I say.
"Ok, when would you like to meet?" he asks.
"NOW baby! I need to be fucked hard and fast," I tell him. "I need, meet me at the door, kiss me hard, rip off my clothes, and fuck me against the wall, type of animal sex!" I tell him.
Honestly, I was THAT horny. It was new for me to be this eager and in need of sex this bad. I'm a very passionate woman for a 40 yr old cougar (I think) and usually I like to play a bit before actual sex. For me, I love the build up, the anticipation. Not today though. Today was a day to find release as quickly as possible.
"Ok baby, anything you want. I'll see you in a little bit."
I hang up and get into my car to make the 15 minute drive to his place. Usually a 15 min drive is nothing and feels like it only takes a minute or two but today, it takes forever.
I pull into the driveway at your house. Jump out of my car, barely remembering to lock up my baby. (OOPS)
I run up the walkway and stairs to your front door. You were there waiting, listening for my steps as I approach. You open the door as soon as I got to it.
I step into the hall, you close the door. Before my eyes can adjust to the change in light you are kissing me hard and deep. WOW, you can kiss!
As we kiss I kick off my shoes and you start to remove my shirt. As my shirt comes off I realize you are completely naked with your beautiful cock rock hard and ready to be buried inside my soaking wet pussy.
Next my bra comes off as I'm working on taking off my skirt. As soon as my skirt hits the floor you lift me up, push me against the wall and drive your 8 inch cock deep into my pussy. Luckily I hadn't worn panties that day.
"Oh my God baby!" I moan as you start to pound into my tight wet pussy.
I wrap my legs around your waist to pull you in harder as we both start to breathe heavily.
"Is this what you wanted, my little slut?" you ask.
"Oh god yes, don't stop! I'm your little slut and I want more!" I scream.
"You are so tight and wet for me, my cock loves being in your pussy," you gasp. "Ride my cock hard!"
Being this horny, I'm not gonna last long. My orgasm is building up fast.
"OH FUCK! Mike, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum hard!" I scream.
"Yes my little slut, cum on my hard cock!"
My orgasm lasts for several minutes making my whole body clench around you. You don't miss a beat, you keep pounding in and out of me as my cum drips to the floor.
"I'm gonna cum soon!" you gasp.
"Yes Mike! You feel so fucking great! Cum for me baby! Fill my pussy with your cum!"
Suddenly we both start screaming and moaning as we start to cum together. The orgasm is so intense that it lasts for several minutes.
I lower my legs to the floor, slowly. At this point we are basically holding each other up, we are so weak and spent.
You lean down and kiss me gently and we embrace for several minutes while our hearts start to calm down.
"WOW! Thank you baby, I needed that," I tell you.
"Any time sexy, any time," you reply as you grin at me.
We lean against the for a few more minutes until we start to breathe normally.
"I need to clean up," I say.
You shot a huge load into me cause now I can feel it starting to slide down my thighs.
"We can shower together and get ready for another round."
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