Cherry´s extra classes
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Hello, my name is Peter and I wrote this story on my cell phone so please excuse any mistakes I made. I was out of the country and did not have access to my pc. Please leave positive comments and messages. I posted this on another site as well. I hope you all enjoy.
Cherry´s extraclasses
"I will see you after school Cherry" said Mr.Orion sternly as she braced for the dismal afternoon session. Cherry was failing at biology and math and needed extra classes, her parents signed her up to study and take extra classes with Mr.Orion at his house hoping her grades would improve because Mr.Orion was a very brilliant man who built a reputation for helping failing students to excel.
Cherry is your average 17 year old American high school sweetheart. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, has blonde silky smooth hair reaching her shoulders and a perfect smile that catches both boys and girls attention. She is shapely with perfect small size c cup breasts, a tight, firm butt and she wears size 5 shoes. Every boy wanted to have her and every girl wanted to experiment with her. She had the bubbliest personality around and could pass for an up and coming model with her beauty. She dreaded Mr.Orion because many of his past students who studied with him complained he was very strict and would sometimes shout in anger if they weren't quick to catch on. Mr.Orion was tall at 6 feet 2 inches of African American descent. He weighed 280 pounds and was built of mostly muscle and looked like an African prince. He spoke English, Italian and french and he earned his masters degree from the prestigious Oxford university. Many of the female teachers always talked with one another on their breaks about him and wondered how well endowed he was some of the male teachers also wondered.
That afternoon around 3 O'clock her parents dropped her off at Mr.Orion's place and begged him to help her in any way possible he could to better her grades. He promised he would do his best, their schedule was for 2 hours each afternoon till her grades picked up.
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