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My wife is a gorgeous woman from the Philippines. She is 5 feet three inches tall and weighs 105 pounds. She has large C cup breasts with very prominent nipples that will poke through a heavy sweater and has no public hair. A few years ago, she started to pluck her public hairs as well as her arm pits and is now bald and smooth.
I am a fairly good looking Caucasian standing six feet tall and weigh 185 pounds. I am well endowed with a 2 inch thick, 7 ½” cock that is bent slightly up and left.
We met at work and when I first saw her, I got an instant hard on. Black shining hair, dark eyes, nice tan, great legs under a short skirt and a tight silk shirt stretched over her breasts. Even though she looked hot, I thought what a shame as she would probably be too tight and small for my cock. I found out later that her boy friend back in the Philippines was almost as thick as me and about 6 inches long. She told me that they liked to watch live sex shows together and that she was particularly interested and impressed with the women who used dildo, coke bottles and cucumbers in their performances.
We met in late fall and celebrated New Years Eve together. The dress she wore was a skin tight sleeveless turquoise satin dress cut just low enough to show off the top of her breasts and high enough to show the top of her knee. The dress was so tight that you could see the outline of her belly button and you knew she was not wearing any underwear as there were no panty or bra lines. Her nipples were hard. We barely made it to midnight before we were on our way to my place. On the drive her hand was all over my crotch and she told me she had noticed my reaction the first time we met at the office. I guess my bulge was obvious. The night is a blur, but the image of her straddling me and sliding down onto my cock is quite vivid.
We have been married for a number of years and have two kids. Our sex life was very active before the kids, but lately, she seems to be horny all the time and is always wet and wants to fuck constantly. Over the years we have acquired a number of toys and she has taken to using them during the day or inserting them while doing house work or going out shopping. She would like to perform like the women she watched on stage in the Philippines. We also acquired a second man, who joins us occasionally. He is well hung with 8 inches and she enjoys using both of us at the same time.
My wife knows she looks good and likes to show off her body. Now in her mid thirties, she has had breast implants and is now a D cup. She loves to go out wearing revealing clothing while also wearing a vibrator, dildo or butt plug and sometimes both.
Today was grocery day. My wife wore a tight white body suit that showed off her tits and big nipples, with a short pleated skirt. Just before we left she went into the bedroom and inserted her favourite 8”x2” dildo. The dildo was held in place by the crotch strap of the body suit with the balls rubbing her clit.
After dropping off the kids with Gram, we drove around for bit, as she likes to feel the car vibrations right through the dildo and it makes her very horny. At the grocery store we started going down the list, but you could see that she was eying and picking up things that could be used as a potential dildo, like cucumbers. But it was when we got into the meat section that she found what she was looking for. It was a foot long meat sausage.
As soon as we got home she filled the kitchen sink with hot water and dropped in the sausage, then headed for the bedroom to strip and masturbate with her dildo. She had obviously been thinking about what to do on the way home and after awhile she came out with a box of condoms. Taking the sausage out of the hot water, she stretched a condom over one end. Then stretched a second condom over the other end so it lapped the first, then put on a third condom over the first and stretched it down it full length and headed for the bedroom.
I stood in the doorway and watched as she lay on the bed and started to insert this new big toy. This make believe cock was a monster at well over 2” thick and almost a foot long. I watched in amazement as inch after inch slipped inside her. When she had inserted about 8”, she paused. This was as deep as anything she had used before including our new male friend. She started to stroke her clit and slid the sausage in and out of herself and you could see wetness on the condoms when they slid out before she pushed it back inside. She came very hard, arching her back off the bed as her cunt squeezed hard on the sausage and her cum oozed out of her sopping cunt. After resting for a moment, she moved to the corner of bed so her legs could straddle the corner and squatted until the end of sausage was on the bed. Slowly she lowered herself onto the sausage pushing it further into her until there was only an inch left. At that point, I moved into the room and pushed her back onto the bed so that I could suck on her clit while holding this huge dildo inside her with my chin. As I sucked on her, she bucked against my face and chin and the sausage slowly slipped a little further inside until her outer lips almost covered the end. At this she cam so hard that she passed out. She was exhausted and fell asleep with the sausage slowly slipping out of her.
She has used this sausage a couple of times now and we realize that she is capable of handling some LARGE cocks. We are now looking for another guy that matches the sausage in size and will let you know if we find him.
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