3-Day Stand Part II
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"So, how does this work?" Ruby asks, shucking off her black lace bra. While he stows her suitcase, Ron tosses over his shoulder, "Just lie down on your back, sort of diagonal on the bed. Stick a few pillows under your head so you can see. I'll be over as soon as this cocoa butter is melted." "It probably already is," she mumbles. "What?" he prompts. "IT PROBABLY ALREADY IS," she chirps. "Melted I mean." He pops open the microwave door and removes the container. "Doesn't look melted," he reports. "I'll put it back in for another..." "POKE IT IN THE MIDDLE," she chortles. "Men"! "Ow," he bellows, his finger sinking through a disarmingly thin crust into the hot liquid below. "Guess you're right," he admits, turning toward the bed. "Ah ah aaaaaah," he remonstrates, wagging the jar at her like a swollen finger. "Off with the skivvies, too"! "For a foot rub?" she chuckles. "Things could get messy with all this oil flying around and wouldn't want to get those dainties all messed up, now would you," he smirks, setting the cocoa butter on the nightstand and peeling off his own underwear. He grabs the other pair of pillows and lays them one on top of the other near her feet. Ruby lifts her butt off the bed and strips, tossing her panties at him in mock defiance.
"Okay, now what?" He sets his butt on the bed, grabs hold of the cocoa butter and lies down next her in the opposite direction. It's a little hard to balance the oil, but he scootches down a notch or two until his left foot reaches the top of her head. "Okay, now lift your left leg like I am and then swing yours around until it's tucked between mine," he instructs. "That's it, now just relax it down so that your foot is resting on my chest. "Hmmmm," he hears her ponder at this strange configuration. Ron moves the cocoa butter to his left hand, scoops out a few fingers full with his right and passes the jar to her even as he begins to massage the oil onto the top of her foot. She scoops out her own supply and begins to oil his left foot, laying the cocoa butter on her tummy. "I need some more, sweetie," he intones, clasping the fingers of his left hand in a "gimme" sign. She looks at him and smiles, stabbing out an extra scoop before passing it to him. He grabs a few more fingers full, wipes the bottom of the jar on his belly and sets it on the bed to his right. They both work each other's feet with both hands. It's a strange sensation to see and touch someone's foot while one of your own is being worked and teased - conflicting signals to the brain. But you get used to it. "Mmmm, I like this," she coos, snuggling his foot between her breasts, running her fingers in between his toes, kissing the bottom of his foot. "Not bad, right," he smiles? Better than just lying there while someone else has all the fun." She's kneading deeply into the sole of his foot, pinching his Achilles tendon and pulling on his toes after bending them as far back as they will go. "What made you think to do it like this," she wonders? "Well, aaah, I was watching this video and, hmm, the two women were, well, bumping and grinding into each other, if you know what I mean, in a position not much different than this. I just happened to notice that, if they both laid down, their feet would be in a perfect position..." "THAT's what you were paying attention to," Ruby chuckles! "Well, NO, it wasn't, but it just crossed my mind," he sputters. "You know, sometimes these scenes get a little long and boring and it just hit me before I hit fast forward." "I wouldn't know," she winks. "But it is a good idea." Her demur wink brings out the devil him. Squeezing her foot hard with his right hand, he sneaks his left hand down under his knee and wags his finger across the lips of her vagina. "HEY, THAT'S NOT MY FOOT," she screeches, giving him a hefty bite on the ball of his foot! "You suuuuuure," he chuckles, twisting the toes on her left foot hard, but gently poking into her pussy? "BRAT," she bellows, pulling his leg straight over her head and wiggling her torso to slide even tighter into his crotch! "Two can play this game," she laughs, reaching out her shorter arm and grabbing his cock with her greased up fingers. Of course, having pulled herself more tightly into him, Ron is now all the closer to her and can insert two fingers deeply into her cunt. He loves the feeling in a woman. There are folds of flesh that make sighs, babies and pee. His fingers swirl and curl touching everything he can, Between gasps and moans she pulls on his penis, watching it thicken, loving how slick it is. Her left hand scrabbles across the rumpled bedspread toward the cocoa butter, but she’s just shy of reaching it. He sees her grasp out of the corner of his eye and grabs it for her. But, instead of handing it to her, he raises it over his cock and tips it, the now thickening oil dripping like honey onto his penis. She gasps, watching the semi-white sludge drip down his penis onto his balls. Her rose tipped fingers plunge into the goo and swirl it all over him from tip to testicles. Everything is slippery, even her caution. He takes advantage of the moment and grabs another glob of goo from the container with his left hand. He slathers it all over her pubic mound, down her vulva, through and around her lips and presses what is left into her hot holes. Greased in body and mind, they have at it, mesmerized by genitalia - the feeling, the look, the arousal, the scent of sweet cocoa and sweat. They masturbate each other in abandon; each enjoying the freedom to touch and be touched. They are, at this age and with each other, completely comfortable in their bodies, sexuality and love. Ron’s unhappy that he can’t see his fingers sliding in and out of her beautiful cunt, the one she showed him baldly last time they were together. Hidden beneath his left thigh, all he can “see” is what he feels is wet and puffy and clenching. Letting his fingers see, he raises his head and watches Ruby masturbate her large breasts with his foot. If ever there was a MILF, and, for him, the only MILF, he watches her massage his foot across her tits, her nipples as large and turgid as his little toe that she uses to scrape them to sensuality. He loves to watch them wag and sag and wishes his mouth were nearer. “So, what else did you see in that video?” she pokes. “What video...., oh, the one where the two women, well an older woman and a young woman are grinding on each other,” he demurs? “Not much... too much preamble and not enough...” “Licking,” she offers. “Yes, well, there was licking, but, ya know, sometimes they don’t know how to do it right and sometimes the camera work just sucks, and sometimes the hair gets in the way - why do they let women with long hair make licking movies,” he opines! “I have long hair, is that a problem?” she worries. “No, no, not at all, have at it,” he assures. She is quite smart, having introduced herself as having perfect feet and an IQ of 140. She learns quickly and hoists her left leg to the ceiling, pushing his upward at the same time. While he gets her maneuver, being older, it takes him longer to uncoil from her as she does him. But, lying now, on an oil-soaked sheet side by side, they each turn left into one another. Faces at their knees, they both wriggle “down” until faces and genitals match up. It might be the classic 69, except for the oil. It’s too good to pass up probing and pulling while watching. The filth is not in feeling but in watching. And, filth, frankly, is what finally makes you cum. They indulge. They’re eyes grow wide, sometimes flicker, as they watch themselves adore another’s privates. “I love this,” they both think, knowing it so rare to have the time and honesty to share so deeply. She pulls, he probes. She squeezes and he spreads. She watches and he looks. Grunts and moans accompany every move of their hands. Everything is slick and with the one mind that they are, each slides a digit of their left hand into the anus of the other. Like bassists, they can make the moans rise and fall by pushing deeper, pulling out slowly, or wriggling. Eating cock or cunt is dirty...finger fucking anus is cum blowing! But the smell is too enticing. The sweet smell of cocoa butter and the musty tang of a day at work or hours on a train lead them to taste. Hmmm, “taste,” that’s as if you “taste” thanksgiving dinner. No, you gorge. And they do. Fuck the eyes, give me tongue, teeth and lips. Gobbling like the turkey made for dinner, they descend on one another. “Slurping“ is a good word, don’t you think. Taste and nuzzle and moan and, well, wank and probe and, the frenzy builds. Hips buck pounding into teeth as if to tease with pain. Sweat pours onto the bedspread as legs writhe. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” Ruby cusses, “you better cum in my mouth”! “Make me, cunt,” he chuckles, slamming two fingers into her vagina, one in her ass and lashing his thumb across her clit. “Wanna,” he murmurs huskily, slamming his pelvis into her mouth? She bucks a yes and his right hand encircles her waist pulling her into him even as his fingers reach and swirl around her cervix. She pounds furiously on his rod, squeezing all the while. “Whoa, cowboy, hold on there, hol...” and she slams her cunt into his face even as he squirts all over hers. The pumping of her cunt, inside and out, is matched by the throbbing of his cock in her hand and on her cheek. Even as he laps at her quivering pussy, she swabs his penis around her mouth like the lipstick he tells her never to wear. They each lie still but breathe heavily, feeling their own throbbing ejaculations and the clenching of the other. It is so still that the sensations in their hands are the only “sounds.” Exhausted, they collapse back, reveling in their own bodies and the places their fingers still are. It is heaven to be with the other. There are no two better matched soul mates in the world. Breathing quiets. They stare into one another’s eyes looking for the love and acceptance they must find. They are only inviting. They collapse back again, knowing they must rest a short while until the lick on an ear, the nibble on a nipple sends them off into another frenzy of lust. The sound of a train passing by, traffic on the street, party-goers in the hallway creep into their ears. Ron hears a giggle from the other end of the bed and then a hearty guffaw that turns into a gut-busting laugh. “What?” he probes, raising himself on his elbows. Ruby struggles to her elbows, tears of laughter dripping from her chin onto her pendulous breasts and says, “Wanna do the other foot?”
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