Headed to Portland I guess!
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Headed to Portland I guess!
When you work for yourself as an independent you have to find your own loads. This requires the use of several ‘load boards’ and a lot of patience. It was real early in the morning so I started the computer and grabbed my coffee cup and headed into the truck stop. Being a dirty minded trucker I always check the scenery out as I enter a truck stop. However today I didn’t have to look very far as a pretty lady was standing inside the door to keep warm. I figured she was with someone as she didn’t ask for a ride. So I continued on in to use the bathroom and get that coffee. On my way back to the truck she was not there so I hurried back to the truck to start looking for loads.
I was busy reading loads when that good looking gal approaches my truck door. It was a bitter cold day so when she ask witch way I was heading. I told her the truth I didn’t know yet. She looked real cold and I remembered seeing her earlier standing outside the door of the truck stop. I told her if she wanted to climb in at least she could warm up while I continued to search the load board. To my surprise she just walked around to the other side of the truck. I told her as she climbed in I was sorry I didn’t have any coffee to warm her up, and I made a mental note to get me a small coffee pot for the truck at the next Wal-Mart.
She climbed in real quick closing the door and smiling as she said thanks. She told me she had been hanging out at the truck stop almost all night. I told her if I had known I would have offered her a warm body to curl up with. She just grinned and replied I might have taken up the offer. Boy, did that make me smile because as a truck driver you rarely get a positive response from women. I think they think we are all dirty and gross. I have to stay clean or I can’t stand myself. And I often wonder how other guy could go days without showering. As t was I knew I needed a shower and was back to looking for load to plan my day.
We chatted for some time, and I kept checking the on-line load boards. I kept checking her out while we talked too. I could tell she was doing the same. I found out she was heading to Portland so I started looking for loads going that way. The conversation kept moving towards sex, to my delight as it had been a few days. I finally ask if she wanted to climb in the sleeper. Portland said she would like that very much. My mind went into overdrive thinking, Am I clean enough, will I come too soon, do I have condoms on-board, etc. Too late she was already heading towards the back.
I told Portland I have a rule she had to follow. She stopped short and looked at me with that ‘and what’s that’ look. I never sleep in the bed with clothes on. It keeps the bed clean. I said and you have to be naked in bed as well. She just started stripping without a word. Oh was this just getting better by the minute.
When Portland started to shed the layers of clothes her fine body was better than I thought. Without the layers she lost a good twenty pound. I just stood there and stared. Dumb male that I am. She climbs into the bed and looked at me staring and replied with, ‘If I have to be naked then so do you’.
I don’t think I ever disrobed that fast. I crawled in next to her and was surprised at how soft her skin was. I immediately started to caress her softness and was rewarded with her doing the same in return. My lips started at her neck and very slowly worked south to the nipples. I played with her nipples with my tongue and was pleased by her response. I lightly nibbled on them which brought more moans of delight.
After what seemed a long time I continued my south bound licking. I stopped short of the hair line as I didn’t want to go too quickly. After all I wanted to enjoy this fine body too. I licked and kissed the inner thighs listening to her responses which were turning me on as well. I turn my body around into almost a sixty-nine position so that I could go at her pussy better. This also gave her access to my already hard dick. She didn’t waste any time either and her warm hand felt so good as she gently rubbed me.
I continued licking her thighs and she had spread her leg really wide which I knew was her way of inviting me to eat her pussy. So I obliged and licked her from top to bottom and back very slowly and not to forcefully. That was hard to do as I wanted to dive in and try and make her scream with abandon, but again I wanted to savor the moment. I continued to lick the clit and pussy lips slowly increasing the tempo.
Portland turned herself to get at my rod with her mouth which was so wet and warm I almost lost it. I told her that I wanted to please her before she made me cum so please slow down. I’ve always liked to bring my partner to a climax before me. Mutual satisfaction is important to me. No One Way Sex with Me. So with her playing with me I returned to her pussy
I placed my finger in her pussy while I continued to lick and the body reaction I got told me she liked that. So I continued with this for a while. Then I place another finger in also. I moved my licking down to her ass and instantly knew she liked have her butt played with. This was fine by me as I am an ass lover. After a few moments I took the second finger, now wet with pussy juice, and started to rub her ass hole. She surprised me and pushes towards the finger trying to help it get in. But I wanted to play more yet so I didn’t let that happen to quickly and continued working on her pussy to bring her to a climax.
Mean while she was working on my rod with abandon and I knew I wasn’t going to last to much longer. So I started working the fingers in her with more gusto, and I slipped the second finger into her ass finally. It didn’t take much more and she started to cum and I followed her almost at the same time. We just seemed to lose time there as I lapped her cum juices and she drained my cock. I was pleased that she swallowed as some women don’t. We both just collapsed after that.
I could tell she was tired from being up all night and suggested she could sleep if she wanted to. I told her that I intended to drive to Post Falls which was on the way to Portland and that we could get a shower there as well. Portland said that would be great and to take my time as she needed some rest.
The drive takes about two hours after I spent an hour or so trying to get a load. I had one finally appear in Spokane for the next day so I took it. That gave me all day and night to enjoy Portland before I take her home to Portland. The whole time I keep thing about what just happened and the possibilities that could happen further. These thought keep making me hard and by the time I reach Post Falls I have a selfish desire I wish to fulfill. I park in the back of the truck stop and leave the rig running has It’s not any warmer here than Missoula.
Portland is a sleep lying on her stomach with her butt fully exposed. I couldn’t help myself and I start to massage those wonderful cheeks. I slowly climb back out of my clothes and I’m already hard thinking about fucking her in the ass. I know from the first encounter that she likes having her ass played with I only hope I have read her body language correctly. I place several long licks and kisses on those cheeks before she starts to come around.
I crawled into bed again and I climb onto of her ass while it’s still exposed. I love soft butt cheeks and I just love to rub my dick in the crack for pleasure. She looks back at me with a lazy smile and just relaxes. I take this as a good sign. I massage the ass globes and squeeze them into my dick. Oh what a feeling.
Portland tells me that she likes this and starts moving in time with me. I tell her that I have been thinking about fucking her ass all the way from Missoula and that she can see how hard it has made me. Portland smiles and tells me she likes fucking this way and I should continue, so I do.
I pull some lube from my cupboard and put some on her ass. I again want to enjoy this as I don’t know when I will have a willing partner again. I massage the ass cheeks and play at her ass ring being careful not to go to fast. I love to feel the soft globes and to see the excitement that build in her as I slowly tease her ass ring. I am sitting with my dick snuggled in her thighs and she keeps rubbing making me stay hard as a rock. Portland reach behind her with both hands and pulls her cheeks wide apart and tells me to quit teasing her and put something in her, so I slowly insert a well lubed finger in to her ring. She pushes back and moans with delight. After a couple of moments of this I insert a second finger. Portland just keeps moving in time with my strokes.
By this time I’m getting pretty excited and know its time. I put lube on my dick with my free hand and continue to stroke with the other hand. Portland has already moved her hand to her pussy and is fanning herself rapidly. I move up to her ass with my dick and place it at the ass ring where my two fingers are still at work. I us the two fingers to guide my dick into the ring and exchange places. Oh how good it feels. Warm, tight, textured yet soft. And I haven’t even gotten past the gate yet. Portland couldn’t wait though, she pushes her ass up and slowly my dick sinks deeper and deeper. When I’m in all the way I just savor the feeling. Slowly I start to withdraw and Portland counters the movement. Then on some hidden queue we both start pushing towards each other again. We keep doing this for some time only we seem to be speeding up the timing slightly with each thrust.
I ‘m having to work hard at not getting to worked up as I want her to cum with me in her ass. I tell her this and she tells me she will cum pretty quick the way it feels. This sure makes a guy feel good. I start to pump harder as it feels so good having the tight ass pull on my dick. I feel her working her pussy pretty hard and I’m pretty sure she’s getting close to cumming. So I drive it in hard and I’m rewarded with her ass squeezing me good. This makes me start to cum and what a cum it is. I tense up along with her and just blow cum in her that never seems to quit. Slowly I start to relax and she is already starting to relax but my dick doesn’t want to deflate. I just keep stroking in her slowly. Finally she says I got to rest. I think bummer I could do this for hours.
I tell Portland we were in Post Falls and that I don’t get my load to Portland until morning. This means we have all day to rest and fuck. She asked if we could take a shower and I tell her of course. This was when Flying J gave two showers if you bought 150 gallons of fuel. And we all know that a Pete is not fuel efficient so I had lots of showers on my cards. I told Portland she could take a shower any time and that I was going to go now. Portland said she has never showered at a truck stop before and would like to go with me to learn.
After I had showered, which I let her have a shower to herself, I headed back to the truck. I have this super sound system and was rocking out when she came back and knocked on the door. I laughed at her and told her seeing how we had just had great sex together that she didn’t need to knock. She laughs and replies but you could have gotten someone else. This made me laugh as that just wasn’t my style. I told her that wasn’t my style and why I would kick a gifted horse in the mouth. I went on to say that I was hoping that she was interested in more lately. Portland told me she was wondering because I didn’t shower with her. I explained I felt she would want the time to herself as you don’t get that when you’re at the mercy of your ride. I had already told her that I would take her to Portland and she could count on that and that she really didn’t have to have sex in order for me to keep that promise.
I think like that as she sort of relaxes some. We talked for several hours about where we had been and where we were going. She told me the last ride she got was with a trucker that was rude and vulgar and needed a shower a week ago. She finally got out in Missoula and that’s where we met. She asked if she could lay down for awhile. I told of course and that I would leave her alone to get some much needed sleep. Beside I needed to catch up some paper work and spread sheets. I did say I hope she didn’t mind the stereo playing as that was my way of blocking out the rest of the trucking industry.
As the sun was setting Portland came around. She looked kind of lost at first and then I think she remembered where she was. I was reading a book by then and just being polite and letting her sleep. When she got up she looked so good in just her panties and bra. I couldn’t contain myself and said I was getting hungry and was wondering if she was. She started to lie back down and I started to laugh like crazy. I told her I was talking about a dinner not her pussy but if that’s what she wanted I was only too willing to comply.
Portland told me she hadn’t eating in a couple of days except the cum she got from me earlier. I told her I was sorry I didn’t know and that if I had we would have had a lunch a long time ago. I continued to tell her I thought she needed the sleep so I never offered. She replied that she really did need the sleep and that it felt good. I told her well get up and put some clothes on I will buy her a dinner.
We sat in the dinner talking and eat for almost two hour. I told Portland that being a truck you ate dinner and then sleep because you never knew when the next break was going to come. She was asking what we do for fun. I told her I got my fun this morning. She just grinned. I guess she enjoyed it too.
I paid the bill and we walked back to the truck. It was dark already and the parking lot was almost full. The spots next to my truck now had other drivers in them. I opened the door for her and I couldn’t help myself I grabbed her ass as I helped her into the truck. I told her I was going to walk around my truck to make sure no one had hit it. It’s just something I do after some driver hit my truck once messed up the front of my Pete pretty bad. Another story.
After I got in we made small talk and I looked up the address of our morning pickup. I hadn’t been to this place yet but I kind of knew where it was. The GPS only confirmed this and that we were only fifteen minutes away. Cool I didn’t have to race to get there.
We watched TV for a bit and then Portland asked me if I watched porn very much. This kind of shocked me as I didn’t think she was that type of lady. I ask her what type of porn does she like and she replied girl on girl and sometimes gang bangs. I just looked at her funny and she said “What can’t a girl have fantasies. I just told her I didn’t see her doing that. She told me she doesn’t want to do either it’s just that just turns her on. Well I didn’t have much in the way of a selection and I let her choose. We put it on and I climbed on the next to her as the movie started.
She picked one of my favorites “Air Tight”. This was a MMF format video with lots of anal. Now I had already done that with her so I was definitely curious what was on her mind. I figured I would sit back and watch and let her take the lead.
I could only stay still for so long and I finally started to play with her tits. I couldn’t just settle for rubbing them I had to lick them and suck them each into my mouth. I made sure I didn’t block her view of the screen.
I could not tell you where the video was going as my mind was on making this woman enjoy the ride (so to speak). I slowly made my way up to her neck and licked and teased her there for some time. I continued this as I kept the nipples hard on each tit by lightly pinching and rubbing. I was getting hard and was pleased when I felt her hand on my cock. It just got bigger faster for some reason. I wonder why?
I went back to loving on her tits with my mouth. I was rewarded with moans of pleasure from my efforts. I love to make woman wiggly with pleasure so I used my mouth to caress the underside of her tits before I continued down her satiny soft belly. I went from one side of her body to the other never letting my hands leave her tits. I finally got down to the pubic hair, which was trimmed but not shaved, and blew warm air across her mound. She tried to rise up so I would go further down but I was not in any hurry.
I moved to her thighs and skipped over her pussy and kissed my way up and down each leg. She finally grabbed my head and pulled me to her pussy. She told me she needed to feel the tongue in there really bad, so I complied and start to lick her pussy. I was slow and again I only teased the clit. I finally asked her what she wanted. She replied in a raspy voice I want your tongue on my clit until I cum.
That is music to any man or woman when they are make loving caresses to the pussy. I gave her what she wanted. I spread her pussy lips and I let the tip of my tongue tease her clit. She had a death grip on my hair and was pulling me into her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I was bound and determined to make her happy only I wanted it to last. It didn’t she went over the edge and I was greeted with her warm juices. I didn’t stop licking the sweet juices from her until she pushed me way.
She just smiled at me and said that was great. I laid back and smiled at her and told her it was easy when you have such a pretty and willing partner. We were watching the action on the screen letting her get her wind back when she started the same routine on me. I of course wasn’t going to tell her to stop. I was watching some guy on the screen shove his dick into the porn star’s ass and Portland felt me get harder. She looked up at the screen and then asked me (more stating) you really like that don’t you. I could lie so I told her I loved fucking her ass earlier and would do it again in a minute. She just grinned and went back to sucking her way down to my dick. This was rock hard by now.
Then Portland licked my dick without taking it into her mouth. She was teasing me back. I kept trying to grab her head but she would have any of that. I was about to grab her body and force some relief when she just climb on top of me in a cowgirl position. She rubbed that pussy up and down my shaft and I was surprised she was wet again. Oh it did feel good. She finally slid me into her pussy and I have to say this there is nothing better than a tight warm pussy. Okay maybe a tight warm ass but I am a Assluvr so what can I say.
I start to talk to her about how good her pussy felt wrapped around me and she just kept going at this incredibly slow pace. OH I was in seven heaven. She asked me is this better than her ass I had this morning? I couldn’t lie I just smiled and told her I love a tight ass too.
I kept watching her and the video trying to maintain. I wasn’t doing to well as I wanted blow my load. She senses this and climbs off me. I moaned my displeasure but she put her lip by my ear and said just wait. She then reached behind her and guided my dick to her ass ring and impaled herself on my shaft again. OH what a felling that was. I was shocked she didn’t cringe in pain. She just settles down on me and let her muscle go through their contraction. She then started to rock up and down and side to side. I had to find something fast to get my off the great sensation she was creating. It didn’t work for very long. I finally grabbed her hip and started to thrust into her hard and fast. She told me that it she was cumming and I lost it too. It seems like forever as we each lock our lips together in a long kiss and came like forever. I hadn’t had a woman do that to me in ages and told her she was the best.
She laughed as she was getting off of me. I had to know what was funny and asked. Portland told me and to think we have another day together. I laugh at that too. And then we fell asleep in each other’s embrace.
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