My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying Part 2
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In part 1, I caught my neighbors’ son, Tim, spying on me while I was sun tanning. I asked him over to help out with chores and I ended up giving him his first blow job. When we were done, he asked if he could come back the next day for more chores.
It was Sunday and my hubby was still out of town. Giving Tim a blowjob the day before had left me very horny. My dildo was my very good friend that night. I wasn’t sure if Tim really would come back and if he did what I would do.
About 2 in the afternoon the doorbell rang. I jumped up and found Tim on the doorstep. He asked real shyly again if I had any work for him to do. I looked down and noticed that he was already sporting a hard on. I smiled and told him that we didn’t finish putting the boxes away yesterday.
We turned and went upstairs and really did put the boxes away. Tim looked a little disappointed at first that we were really doing a “chore”. We finished putting the boxes away and I asked him if he enjoyed our little activity yesterday.
He said “oh yeah”.
I then asked him if he enjoyed grabbing my tit yesterday when we fell. He again said “very much but he didn’t get to enjoy it very long.”
I said "well let’s try it again but this time without me falling down." I took his hands and guided them to my breasts. I had a T-shirt on with no bra. 
Tim quietly asked if he could see them. I nodded my head and slid my shirt off. Tim just started for a moment and I had to guide his hands back to my tits. I leaned in and asked him if he wanted to kiss them?
He said “Oh God yes!!!”
Tim started kissing and sucking on my hardening nipples. I told him that fair was fair and he had to take his shirt off too. He quickly pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing and sucking my tits. It was very hot to see him eagerly sucking on my tits. My pussy was beginning to really get wet. I asked Tim if he had ever seen a pussy. He just looked up with a hopeful look and said “no”. I pushed him back and then slowly pulled down my shorts and wet panties.
I took him by the hand and led him in through the doorway to the bedroom. I lay back on the bed spreading my legs, exposing my pussy to him. I motioned to him to get closer, at first he just looked and then he put out his hand to rub my pussy. I took his hand and showed him where to rub. I had gotten very wet and very horny with all of his kissing and rubbing. He was rubbing my pussy lips and had slid a finger in my pussy when I told him that his shorts needed to come off. He quickly stood up and slid his shorts down, freeing his hard cock.
Tim got back down between my legs and I asked him if he wanted to taste me. His voice trembled when he said “sure”.
He bent down but didn’t know what to do, so I told him to just kiss it. His lips touched my pussy lips, sending shivers up and down me. I told him to use his tongue and taste me. I could feel his tongue exploring my pussy. He was clumsy, but I was enjoying it and so was he. He was starting to get the hang of what to do with his tongue and he was really hitting the right spots. I felt that I was about to cum, so I pulled his head in tight and came with his face pulled into my pussy squeezing with my legs. I pulled his head up to me and gave him a big kiss, this time I could taste my juice on his lips.
Tim lay back on the bed, I knew what he wanted. His cock was hard and pointing straight up. I moved around and started stroking his dick. I looked up and asked him if he wanted me to suck him again. He just nodded and grunted. I bent over and started licking and kissing his cock. Treating it like an ice cream cone, licking up one side and down the other. I started in sucking his cock and licking it. I was really trying to decide how far I wanted to go with this young kid.
My pussy was still throbbing and I loved the look on his face as I sucked him. I wanted to see that face as his dick went in his first pussy. I rolled off his cock and kissed my way up to his mouth. I gave him a great kiss with our tongues intertwining. I pulled away and whispered in his ear “Fuck me.”
He said “really?? I’ve never done that before.”
I told him I know. I moved back on to the bed and spread my legs inviting him in. He moved over me, shaking a little. I lined up his cock with my pussy and told him to go slow. The head of his cock pushed up against my wet pussy. I told him “just rub your cock over my pussy lips.” He pushed a little harder and the knob of his cock popped in. Tim was in heaven. I told him not to push it in any farther just enjoy it there for a moment. He did and then I grabbed his ass and started to pull him in farther. His dick had gotten all the way in and he let out a moan real loud. I told him to start pumping slowly. As he very quickly he grunted again and shot his load inside me. 
Tim said he was sorry for cumming so quickly. I told him not to worry about it but to keep his dick in me and just lay there.
We lay there for a moment and I started kissing him and rubbing his ass. I started whispering in his ear how good his cock felt in my pussy. He was telling me how great it was to be fucking me. Tim started moving his hips back and forth a little. I could feel his cock getting hard again. I pulled his head down and whispered in his ear, “start fucking me again”. He kissed me again and was pumping his cock in my pussy that was already filled with his cum. It felt so good.
I could feel the buildup in my pussy; I told Tim that I was about to cum. My pussy grabbed Tim’s dick hard as I came. Tim yelled out that he was cumming and shot another load in me. We fell back on the bed exhausted and satisfied. Tim looked over at with horror on his face, “am I gonna get you pregnant.” I kissed him and told him that I was on the pill, but not to fuck another girl unless you know if she is protected.
We lay there for a while till Tim said he had to go. As he left Tim said that any other chores I had he would love to help with.
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