A Chance Encounter, Part 2
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A Taylor Swift song blared from my computer as I stood on my tip toes, flicking my eyelashes. I heard a noise behind me and turned quickly, afraid that my roommates’ boyfriend had walked in the door.
“Charlotte, what’s with all this stuff?” Julie asked jumping onto my bed and resting her head on the bag from Grant’s apartment holding all my stuff.
“I packed all my stuff from Grant’s,” I replied as she turned the music on my computer down.
“Trouble in paradise? He’s so gorgeous and sweet,” she said with concern. “Wait, he fucking cheated on you? That bastard,” she sat up immediately.
“No, no. He lied to me,” I said calming her down.
Hell, Julie he wants me to cheat on him…that’s the lie!
“Well, that’s too bad. Every girl in the house wanted to know what was in that box of his, it’s been a mystery since we were freshmen. Remember Jenny Fowler? She dated him our freshman year and swears she saw the inside of it once.”
I stopped applying my makeup and turned facing her.
“Really?” I said in a perfectly interested voice.
“Yea, she said Grant used to keep these crazy sex toys in there, he had five different kinds of vibrators and dildos, handcuffs even. What a perv, but god he is gorgeous, who gives a shit?”
Julie’s eyes lit up at the contents of the box.
“You want Grant to handcuff you?” I asked.
“Sweetie, he can tie me up any day. But that’s your boy, not mine.”
I’m not sure those handcuffs were for her, anyway Julie. And I never saw a single vibrator or dildo so I say that's bullshit.
“Besides, Charlotte we both know your dad always looked at Grant sideways,” Julie was being serious and she looked at me with the concern of a friend who was hurt.
“I know, it wasn’t Grant’s fault, it was my fault. I should have stood up to him; I should have protected Grant from that. My dad thought he was some kind of fling. He wants me to date a guy like Rob,” I said referring to Julie’s boyfriend: a pre-med from a prominent Nashville area family.
“Hmm, Robbie is adorable but fucking him is so boring,” she said quickly covering her mouth and looking to the hallway afraid someone had heard her.
“Julie! Jesus, keep yourself together,” I laughed.
“Well, what difference does it make now? Y’all broke up, so let’s go get drunk and dance with hot guys all night. I could use a hot frat boy’s hand in my panties,” she said dancing provocatively and then disappearing out of the room.
Break up? Did we break up? I guess we broke up. I still don’t know what I want.
Two hours later Julie, myself and the rest of our 93 sorority sisters mingled amongst the KA fraternity boys inside the private party room at Remington’s, a newly refurbished bar and restaurant near the Buckhead area of Atlanta.
The music from the DJ bounced off of the walls as strobe lights and black lights darted across the dance floor and I laughed at the girl dumb enough to be dressed in a slutty nurse’s uniform
I’m sure the guys are enjoying your white thong and bra under that dress
I looked down at my watch: 10:33pm. I was already five drinks into the night, not including the drinks we had at the sorority house before we left.
I found Julie wrapped around Jacob Hiller, the KA President, in a corner near the stairs that led back down to the restaurant.
“Slut,” I mouthed to her as she looked over to me as I passed.
“Jealous,” she mouthed back.
I smiled and walked down the stairs, my black heels clicking on the old wooden steps as I went, finally ending on a blue Persian rug in the entrance to the restaurant. I looked around: the door in front of me led to the restaurant, the door to the right went outside and the door to my left went to the bar.
I turned left towards the bar and opened the door, peering inside. There were businessmen and well dressed women drinking quietly while a few men smoked cigars or cigarettes.
I nervously walked to the end of the bar and sat down. I adjusted my skirt a little, keenly aware of the school-girl image I was portraying in one of the nicest restaurants in Atlanta.
Awesome, this should attract the dirty old men
The bartender smiled at me and I returned the smile as I ordered a Vodka martini.
“No charge, miss,” he replied as I handed him a $20 bill. “The gentlemen paid,” he said pointing to a group of 40-something men smoking cigars.
I squinted in confusion and didn’t respond to the bartender.
“Don’t worry, they’re harmless, just some accountants from across the street,” he said trying to relax me.
As I sat drinking my Martini I noticed another group of men through the glass doors: two older and one younger. The older men looked like my father: serious guys in their 50’s with dark expensive suits.
But the younger guy he looked much sexier but maybe only in his mid-thirties. He was about six feet tall with short dark hair and piercing brown eyes, with only a hint of facial hair as though he had shaved that morning but not before having dinner that night.
He was wearing a dark gray suit, with a light blue shirt and dark blue tie that gave him the sophisticated look of an older man without compromising his obviously younger qualities.
They turned suddenly to face me at the bar, looking through the glass doors and I felt my face turn red. I had been staring at them. They walked towards the doors and inside the smoke filled room.
I looked down at my drink as I thought about the younger man; my white satin panties which were so perfect for my school-girl outfit were now sticking to me. I could feel the wetness ensnare the fabric, sucking them into my body.
“Drake, Peter over here,” the young man said.
I looked up from my Martini, confronted by the two older men and the younger man.
“Thanks for getting us seats by the prettiest girl in the bar, it makes work much easier to talk about,” the man named Peter said smiling at me.
“Three Makers Mark’s, clean and neat,” said the younger man with a reserved confidence that made me shutter. He was very handsome, far better looking up close than at a distance. There was something about him that I couldn’t put my finger on, but I liked it.
The bartender poured the drinks and looked over to me, winking. I blushed realizing that he had seen me gawking.
“Listen, Drake I understand what your concerns are with the acquisition but frankly the SEC has already provided their blessing and DOJ will follow suit,” the young stranger said.
“Doug, I know you represent the company but I want to talk to him,” Drake said more seriously as he placed his drink back down on the dark wood of the bar.
“I speak for him and the Board. This deal is going through; it will be signed off on. The Board is offering you 22% of the voting-shares for $38MM, I suggest you take the offer. You don’t want Jacobs or Price involved, right?”
“Hell no,” Peter said sternly to Doug. “Drake, that’s good enough for me. I vote we buy the 22% stake. It’s late and I’d like to solidify a deal before the terms change.”
Drake looked back to Doug and nodded.
“My business partner wants this, I won’t disagree. Get the paperwork drawn up this weekend, we’ll sign the papers at your office Monday,” Drake said.
“3 o’clock, Monday. And he’ll be there,” Doug said smiling again, referencing the mysterious man again.
I watched as the three men shook hands, the mood was jovial now as Drake and Peter both nodded at me politely.
I watched them leave and Doug sat down and sighed heavily.
“Thank God, Rick another drink,” Doug said with another sigh of relief as the bartender returned. “If that fell through I might have been looking for a job on Monday.”
I wanted to speak, I wanted to say something but I couldn’t think of what to say.
“Thank you, by the way,” he said turning suddenly towards me.
I turned looking to see if there was another person standing behind me.
“Me?” I asked sheepishly.
“Yea, you. If you hadn’t been there I’m not sure they would have finally relented.”
“Oh, I didn’t do anything,” I said shaking my head.
“Hell, you kept Drake from dragging that on another hour. He was too busy thinking about that young wife he has at home that married him for his money.”
I smiled at his attempt at flattery, it was working.
“So what brings a young girl like you to a bar like this? Is there a costume party I wasn’t invited to Hermione?” Doug asked as his right eyebrow rose in a quizzical look.
“Yes, upstairs. We’re having a Halloween party. Is it obvious?”
“Only when I look at you and think I might get arrested for what I’m thinking,” he winked.
“I’m 21, thanks, besides if I look like Hermione you look like Don Draper,” I said with a flirtatious smile.
“I’ll take that as a compliment, I love that show. So, boyfriend trouble?” He asked looking down at my thighs as my skirt rode slightly up my legs.
“What makes you think that?”
“Because you’re down here talking to old Don Draper guys like me instead of upstairs with the young college bulldogs.”
“Well they like to be called Yellow Jackets,” I said in a sarcastic tone.
“I always forget that. I went to Duke. I’m Doug Anderson by the way,” he said extending his hand.
I shook it and smiled, his grip was firm but his hand was softer than I excpected.
“And this is Rick, the best bartender in Atlanta.”
Rick smiled, shook his head and walked away.
“I’m Charlotte,” I said back to him.
“Charlotte, just Charlotte. Like what just Cher?”
“No, Charlotte Swanson,” I answered.
Doug’s face was stoic and flat. He said nothing and did nothing for several seconds except sip his Bourbon.
“Charlotte Swanson, that’s a beautiful name. That isn’t like Swanson of SwansonBrown Capital?” He said twirling his thick expensive glass along the bar top.
I took a sip of my Martini and nodded.
“I can’t hear nods,” he replied.
“Yes,” I said gulping and coughing quietly.
“You know who my father is?” I asked.
“Sure, he’s one of my largest clients,” he replied.
Great, that’s just wonderful. The hottest guy in his restaurant is older, sexier and better than anyone upstairs….but, he works for my dad.
“Well, that’s perfect,” I said sarcastically. “No need for you to hear about my boyfriend trouble then. He already doesn’t like him.”
“Well, fathers are like that. Look at you,” he said leaning back in his chair and scoping me from head to toe.
“You’re the hottest girl in this restaurant. If you were my daughter it would be like that movie Clueless where the dad tells the kid ‘I have a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anyone would miss you.’”
“Yea, my dad can be a little like that,” I said laughing at his Clueless reference, perhaps he wasn’t too old.
“Are you going to tell me the problem or not? I’m a lawyer you can tell me anything and its Attorney-Client privilege, I can’t tell anyone,” he said crossing his heart with his finger playfully.
“Well I think I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, turns out he’s a perv who likes to get off on me fucking other guys,” I said almost whispering towards Doug.
“Really? So you’re telling me that he thinks you’re really hot and that you should fuck other guys but still date him?” He whispered back in a sarcastic way.
“Yes, I’m being serious.”
“So what’s the problem again?”
“I love him; I don’t want to fuck other guys.”
“This is the whole extent of Charlotte Swanson’s problems. Rick: get this girl another Martini because apparently she’s having major relationship issues,” he said pounding on the bar.
Rick laughed and brought me another drink.
“Keep talking, drink up.”
“Well that isn’t really all of it. Um,” I said looking around to see who could hear us or was paying attention.
“All these old rich people don’t fucking care about your boyfriend, believe me,” he whispered.
“He wants me to dominate him,” I said quickly.
“Really? So, he’s a little kinky and you don’t like that?”
“No, he wants me dominate him. You know fuck another guy, come to his apartment and make him do stuff or something? Spank him or wear knee-high leather boots, I don’t get it,” I shook my head and felt like I was confessing to a high school principal.
“Well, he’s never told you this but you found out by his computer, I assume?”
I nodded.
“He wants to be like my sex slave,” I said embarrassed the words were even coming out of my mouth.
“Oh, I see. I get it.”
“Get what?” I asked.
“Well, you don’t know how to dominate him, right? So, you’ve panicked, broken up with him and came to the party to get laid and try to get over him?”
“Uh, yea something like that,” I said brushing my long brown hair behind my ears.
“Everyone has secrets, Charlotte.”
“Your boyfriend he wants you to dominate him because he feels insecure about dating you. Hell you’re worth what: $300MM?”
“I’m not worth $300MM,” I replied staring at my Martini.
“No but your dad is. Your trust fund is worth at least $10MM, I helped write the trust a few years ago when I first got out of law school,” his words were quick and serious. “You can see how that intimidates a guy who might actually like you and not your money? Your secret is that you want to be happy and normal and love a boy, but you are actually intrigued by the idea of fucking other guys, too.”
“Yea, I guess you’re right but not about the fucking other guys. What’s your secret since everyone seems to have them?”
“Well, let’s just say I have my own kinks,” he winked.
“Attorney-client privilege, tell me about yourself” I said back.
“I’m 30, went to Duke undergrad and Duke Law. I’m from Dallas, originally. Single, never married, no kids. I like long walks on the beach and I’m a Cancer.”
“No, Doug. What is your secret? Who do you hide when you go out with your friends and when you go to work dealing with my dad’s investors?”
“I understand dom-sub stuff, I’ve got some kinks of my own so that is something I hide,” he said carefully and with a different pitch in his voice.
“So you like being Dominant with girls?” I asked crossing my legs; I could feel the moisture invading my panties again.
“Yea, I like it.”
“Do you like dominating college girls dress up in school-girl outfits like mine?” I said slowly, the words trickling out my mouth.
“No, I don’t like it, I love it,” Doug sort of snorted a laugh quietly as he stared at his drink.
“Are you attracted to me?” I asked seductively.
I suddenly had a brilliant idea, but even more surprising was the fact that I actually felt the confidence to say it.
“Yes, but that won’t happen.”
“Please, Doug, show me what I should do with my boyfriend. Show me how to be dominant.”
“I’ll be your slave,” I whispered looking around.
“I don’t know, Charlotte,” his voice trailed off.
“You don’t want to?” I asked as I raised my gray skirt a little more up my hips and uncrossed my legs.
Holy shit this is making me so hot, I just want to cum
“Do you really know what you’re doing?” Doug asked.
“Yes, sir,” I whispered looking down.
I could see Doug’s cock straining against his suit pants as I called him Sir.
I looked up again and saw Doug eyeing people around the bar.
“Okay, prove to me right now how serious you are Charlotte.”
“Please, sir. Anything.”
“Stick those two fingers into your pussy and finger yourself until I tell you to stop.”
“Yes, sir,” I said as my voice trembled and my right hand expertly snaked its way down my shirt, onto my skirt and then between my legs.
I pushed my fingers past the satin barrier and into my steamy wet hole; the sudden activity elevated my breathing.
I looked to Doug for a sign but he was now engaged in conversation with the bartender.
I continued fucking my fingers, my satin covered ass gliding along the hard wooden chair. If someone was paying attention I probably looked like a total whore, masturbating like a nympho-school-girl.
Oh my god, Doug! Seriously I’m such a slut up here doing this and I just want to cum. Stop talking to him!
After what felt like an hour but was probably only two or three minutes I heard Doug ask for another drink and Rick walked away.
“Stop,” he said quietly tapping the bar top in front of me.
My hand retreated from the pleasure of my pussy and I rested it against my thigh, I could feel my wetness trickling onto my thigh.
“Clean them,” he said in a stern voice again.
“What?” I whispered, confused.
“Clean them,” he repeated.
My cheeks turned red and I slowly raised the two fingers to my face before inserting them into my mouth. My tongue licked at the fingers as though it was ice cream. The liquid was tangy and warm but there was something very sexual about the command that made me want to do it again. I had never tasted myself before.
Of course I’ll eat my cum for you...
“Good girl,” he praised me as I pulled the fingers from my mouth and Rick walked toward us with another drink for Doug.
“Rick can you get her another drink? She’s been stirring this one with her fingers trying to lick up the last of the alcohol.”
I smiled, trying to hide my embarrassment.
“Will you teach me, sir?” I asked him again as obediently as I could manage.
“You have 24 hours, Charlotte. It is now 12:14am,” he said looking down at his watch. “In 24 hours I’ll teach you what I can, but Sunday morning I have to be in the office to get that paperwork done. Those gentlemen expect to meet your father on Monday to finish this deal.”
“Yes, sir,” I answered. “24 hours.”
Doug handed me a business card:
Doug Anderson Senior Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions
Fink, Morrison & Haynes, LLP
I looked at it leaning towards his body and he flipped it over scribbling an address down on the back.
“I’m going to have another drink and give you a chance to think about this. My address is on this card, I have a house in Buckhead, only a few miles away. If you really want to do this: go to my house, park in the garage, the code is 6988, go to the back deck and find the small red plant, there’s a key under it.”
Is it wrong that I want to just get on my knees and suck his dick right here in this bar with all these snotty people watching me?
“Once you’re inside go to my office, it’s on the first floor in the front of the house. If you want to be my slave you’ll go to the far corner of the office between my two book cases, lift your skirt and pull your panties down to your knees. You will stand facing that corner and wait for me to come home. If don’t want to do that: the guest bedroom is on the second floor, turn right at the top of the stairs, it’s the first door on the right. I’m sure you could use a good night sleep without roommates fucking or dealing with your boyfriend’s apartment. There is no obligation to do anything, you can sleep in and I’ll fix you some breakfast in the morning before you go home.”
His instructions ended and I held the business card in my trembling hand, I had never been so frightened and so turned on at the same time. I was probably soaking this chair.
“Is there anything you need me to know, anything you won’t or can’t do?” He asked me in his now typically serious tone.
“I’ve never had anal sex. I wouldn't mind if it was rough, but not like violent,” my voice trembled.
“I would never be violent, Charlotte but I might play with your ass. Would that be okay? Nothing else is off-limits?”
“Yes, sir that would be okay. Nothing else is off-limits…sir.” I whispered.
I smiled and smoothed my skirt before grabbing my purse and looking around the room. The smoke made it hazy but I looked around the room as my head felt light. I couldn’t believe I was really doing this.
You still have a choice, Charlotte. You don’t have to go stand in his office like a punished school-girl
A good girl gone bad
My hand was still trembling when I began turning the steering wheel onto the tightly landscaped driveway of what I hoped was Doug’s house.
“Arrive at destination on right,” said the robotic woman voice of the GPS, she was barking commands at me and I turned it off.
Only Doug might get the chance to give me commands, stupid GPS lady
I pulled up the long driveway and saw the detached garage come into view of my headlights. I got out of the car slowly, carefully, looking around. I walked to the door and found the keypad entering the code. The door began to rise in response and I sighed.
“Thank god this isn’t the wrong house,” I whispered to myself.
I parked the car and found the key exactly where Doug said it would be. My overnight bag was on my shoulder, I had relented at the last minute before the party and brought it with me in a desperate thought that I would give in and go to Grant’s apartment. Instead, here I was slinking around a strange man’s house in the dark.
I turned the kitchen light on and looked around as my eyes adjusted to the lights.
The house was gorgeous; it was a combination of contemporary furniture and antique architecture. I cringed at the idea of Doug forcing me to kneel before him on the hard wooden floors.
I walked slowly through the kitchen to the front of the house and found the office.
There was the corner between the two bookshelves and my clit throbbed against my panties. I reached down and pushed against my pussy through my skirt.
I just want to run to that corner and pull my panties down, waiting for Doug...
I turned around to the stairs, leaving the light in the office off, as I left the room. I walked up the stairs and found the guestroom and dropped my bag onto the bed and sat down.
My face was flushed and red, my pussy was throbbing and I was almost shaking. I was a mess of nerves and excitement. There was no way I could just stay up here and go to sleep, I’d be fingering myself all night and would just end up pretending to be his slave anyway.
I looked over to the corner of the room, there were two large windows looking onto the lawn and down below the trees you could barely see the street. His house was decently sized but the lot was huge, at least a few acres.
I pushed again against my skirt, trying to relieve some of the pressure.
Get your ass down there, Charlotte! If you don’t you’ll sit up here fingering yourself just like you said. Except you’ll grow more bold, you’d probably even stand in the corner by yourself, punishing yourself away from his eyes making him think you’re a Good Girl who would never submit to him
I rose slowly, I steadied myself on my heels and walked out the room, turning the light off and closing the door.
My step quickened and I found myself almost bolting down the stairs, my dress flying up over my waist. I entered the office, peering around the large glass doors and spied his desk. There were legal folders and files along with a laptop computer.
Don’t look at that computer, probably not a good idea
The lights from the front porch and kitchen dimly lit the room as I walked with a deliberate demeanor to the corner, my panties practically glued to my lips.
I stood with my legs together and stared at the darkly painted walls; I couldn’t make out the color
Dark green? Dark blue?
I lifted my skirt and slowly pulled my panties down my thighs, the wet fabric leaving streaks of wetness on my inner thighs. I stopped just above my knees and lifted my skirt again resting it onto my forearms, my arms pressed against my waist pinning the skirt to me.
I spread my legs slightly and then closed them again, if I left them open I was afraid I’d drip onto his wooden floors.
I began counting in my head to try and pass the time, maybe distract myself from the sexual frustration that was becoming palatable.
263, 264, 265…
I stopped counting as I saw head lights dance across the corner of the room from the window.
Shit, he’s here. Shit, shit
The cursing in my head wasn’t helping to calm me.
I was terrified and then I heard a car door slam and the beeping of an alarm, then steps on the front stairs and finally the key inside the lock.
Please come fuck me, sir
I heard the door shut and click as it locked and the light from the hallway turned on.
I dared not turn around, I concentrated even harder on the small undulations of the wall, and the now obvious blue paint exposed those textures.
I saw a shadow on the floor, ending on the bookcase to my right. I could hear him breathing, just standing there and then suddenly he walked away and the refrigerator opened.
His dress shoes clicked along the wooden floors.
Bruno Magli, I had noticed those shoes at the bar. He dressed sexier than a college boy
He entered the room and two Tiffany floor-stand lamps that flanked the large windows turned on. I felt him close to me, behind me briefly before he sat down at his desk and typed on his computer. The room was still not fully lit but even that light did nothing to alleviate the tension.
“You found the key okay?” His voice was calm and smooth.
I didn’t respond, afraid to speak.
“You may answer,” he said answering the voice in my head.
“Yes, sir.”
He stopped typing and stood, walking to the corner and standing directly behind me. His breath blew against my hair and his right hand was suddenly cupping my wet excited sex. His middle finger massaging my engorged clit.
“Uh,” I gasped quietly.
“In this house I’m Master,” his voice still confident and calm.
“Yes, Master.”
“Did you pleasure yourself after you left me at the bar?”
His finger still pressing against my clit and I pushed down against it.
“No, Master. I was a good girl,” I said between excited breaths, my face was inches from the wall and I could still smell the alcohol on my breath.
“I know you were a good girl. I should know better than to ask questions I already have the answer to.”
I opened my eyes and they grew wide at his comment.
How would he know?
“How do you know Master?” I said meekly.
“Because, I know everything.”
I shuttered as his fingers slipped easily inside my pussy and I pushed against them again. He fingered me like that for several seconds and then I felt his left hand grab my long brown hair hanging down below my shoulders.
My head was pulled back forcefully as his fingers invaded me.
“What is this, Charlotte?” His voice said into my ear.
“What, Master?”
“What is this, Charlotte? Don’t you know the answer?”
His fingers stopped pleasuring me but his left hand still firmly gripped my hair as I stared at the shadows on the ceiling.
He pushed my head down while still holding my hair and his right hand was now pressed against my lips and mouth.
He smeared my wetness over my mouth and lips, I stuck my tongue carefully out of my mouth and his fingers forced their way back inside my mouth.
I sucked and licked with a wanton hunger on his fingers.
His hand pulled away from my mouth and returned to my ass, his thumb snaking between my cheeks and pressing against my virgin hole as his fingers pressed against my still excited sex.
“What is this?” He asked again patiently.
A million things went through my mind as he asked the question again.
Oh I’m such an idiot, wha…oh, I know!
“Yours Master,” I said with pride and smiled at the wall.
“Hmm,” he breathed and leaned into my left ear. “Yes, Charlotte. You are as smart as I thought you were. Tell me again.”
“Yours, Master. My pussy is yours. My ass is yours.”
Master shifted from one foot to the other as his hand released my hair but his right hand kept pressed against my ass and pussy.
“Do you like cleaning up your cum?”
“Yes, Master, I love it.”
“Funny how you love it and yet you’ve never tasted it until tonight.”
I blushed as I faced the wall.
“No, Master I’ve never tasted my pussy until tonight.”
“And now you love it?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Then we’ll feed you more before we’ve finished. But, for now it’s time to set the rules for the next 23 hours. You did very well coming home by yourself, even leaving the lights off, how perceptive of you to pick up on the fact that I didn’t tell you to have the lights on in the office,” his right hand slapped my ass lightly as a reward for my obedience.
“We’ve covered rule #1: you will call me Master when we are at home; #2: you may call me Doug or Sir in public, I will allow you to decide which is appropriate when; #3. When we come home you will come here to this corner and take all of your clothes off except your bra and panties, leaving your clothes there on that chair by the window; #4. You will fuck me, suck me or do anything else I ask when I ask as within the rules you agreed to earlier tonight; #5. You will obey all rules I set forth and obey my direction within the rules you agreed to. Do you understand?”
He turned me around and I shuffled in my heels as my panties stayed on my thighs and he stared into my eyes.
“Yes, Master,” I smiled.
He kissed me softly on the lips; his touch was warm and comforting. I felt myself melting into him when he stopped suddenly.
“Are you ready to please me?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Good, go lean over my desk facing my chair and grab the other side of the desk,” he said as he placed his hand on my lower back pushing me towards the desk.
I nervously shuffled to the other side of his desk and bent over the large wooden structure and felt the instability of his papers and files under the weight of my body.
My legs were slightly parted as my panties began falling below my knees and down to my ankles.
I looked over to the right towards the bookcase and Master stared down at me with a sweet smile.
“I’m sorry, Charlotte but your ass is incredibly enticing. I wanted to spank it the minute I saw you sitting at that bar and now I will, but there’s a problem.”
My eyes widened, I had disappointed him.
“Your panties fell down, step out of them,” he said walking towards me and bending down. I felt his breath on my ankles as I stepped out of the wet satin. He leaned over the desk, his face close to mine.
“Don’t worry its okay. It’s a treat for you now that they’ve fallen. You learned a new taste tonight so I’ll give you some more,” he said softly as the satin garment came closer to my face.
He pushed the crotch of the panties against my mouth and I tasted the same tang on my lips that I had tasted twice already tonight.
“Open,” he breathed into my ear.
I slowly opened my mouth and the panties brushed over my lips and teeth until they were almost entirely in my mouth.
I breathed heavily through my nose and closed my eyes, smelling the excitement of my sex while simultaneously tasting it.
My pussy ached for attention, my clit was throbbing and I delicately began to rub it against the wooden edge of the desk.
Master stood up over me, running his right hand over my exposed naked ass, his fingers were warm to the touch and I humped the desk harder.
“Uh,” the moan escaped against out of my mouth, through the panties and Master looked down at me.
His hand came down hard against my bare skin and I jumped, the panties nearly falling out of my mouth.
“Ahh!” My scream muffled by the gag.
“My little slave is humping my desk without permission; it’s time for a spanking not for you to cum.”
His right hand landed loudly against my ass again and my hips involuntarily rubbed against the desk, but my clit was thankful.
Master moved around to my left side and stood there without talking or moving for several seconds.
“Ugh,” I gasped again through the panties.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
He was going back and forth between my two ass cheeks.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
Oh god, my ass is on fire already but so is my pussy. Please let me cum!
Smack! Smack! Smack!
“Does Charlotte like her spanking?” Master asked me as he brought his hand down three more times.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
I nodded my head in agreement.
“The slave loves her spanking.”
Smack! Smack! Smack!
“Ugggg, hmmm,” I screamed through the panties and the juices spilled from my mouth and down onto the desk.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
“Have you enjoyed your spanking?” He said bending down and licking my ass cheek.
“Ye-yes,” I managed to say.
“Good girl, I loved giving it to you.”
Master reached around and pulled the panties from my mouth.
“Now, that was very enjoyable. Be a good girl and go drop these into the laundry room by the kitchen, you can do the laundry tomorrow. Then change into the best set of lingerie you have in your bag upstairs. I’ll be upstairs in ten minutes; I’ll expect you to be dressed and kneeling by my bed.”
I was getting ready to ask him where his bedroom was when he spoke again.
“Up the stairs, turn left the door at the end of the hallway. I’ll leave you to it then. You’ve been a very good slave, I’m proud of you so far.”
I smiled and he helped pull me up off the desk.
I stood with my skirt half up, exposing part of my ass as he leaned into my mouth and kissed me again, his tongue pushing into my mouth as we intertwined.
He pulled away and gave my ass one more smack.
“Hmmm,” I cried out in a muffled noise and smiled. “That hurts Master.”
“Ha, I know Charlotte, but you’re ass is too perfect not to spank. You taste like pussy, I love it.”
He smiled again and walked out of the room, leaving me in the office alone with his two Tiffany lamps.
“Be sure that the desk is neat and the lights are turned off,” he said from the kitchen.
“Yes, Master,” I replied.
I quickly stacked his papers and files into neat piles and rearranged them on the desk, all while resisting the urge to read his computer screen.
I reached down taking my heels off and holding them in my hand before reaching to the light switch and turning the lamps off.
“Eight minutes,” I heard him say from the living room as I walked quickly down the hallway through the kitchen and into his laundry room.
As I dropped my panties onto the washing machine I looked up noticing several bras and panties hanging down from the rack above the washer and dryer.
My heart stopped and I looked over to see Master sorting mail in the kitchen.
“Is there a problem, Charlotte?” He asked casually.
“No, Master. I’m hurrying, I have to change,” I said flustered as I looked up at him smiling.
“Your ass is too gorgeous to be covered, Charlotte. Seven minutes,” he said looking down at his watch,
I practically ran past him in the kitchen and bounded up the stairs and turned to the guest room. I yanked my skirt off and unbuttoned my shirt before throwing my bra into the corner.
My bag was still resting on the bed as I jerked it open and looked through the different lingerie I had.
There has to be something good in here, six months of fucking Grant. Where are those black sheer panties?
“Ahh,” I said in response to finally finding the black sheer panties and matching bra.
I had gotten them for Grant’s birthday and even though I never bought expensive lingerie. I broke down for his birthday and ordered it online from Agent Provecator.
I slipped into the panties and fastened the bra and then grabbed my makeup bag and brush as I hurried out the door.
I looked down the stairs and could see Master had returned to his office, the light was on and I could hear him typing on his laptop.
I continued down the hallway and opened the door slowly, suddenly confronted with a 100lbs German Shepherd sleeping casually on the bed.
Wow, glad he’s on the bed and not on the floor; I wouldn’t want to step on him while he sleeps…
I looked to the left and noticed the same large windows in his room that were in all the rooms facing the front of the house. To my right I saw the bathroom and quickly jumped into it, turning the light on.
I brushed my hair out and applied a little makeup, took a few turns to check out my body and turned the light off, leaving my stuff on the counter. My body trembled as I knelt down on my knees next to the bed, facing the door.
Two minutes later the door opened again and Master stood there silently, I could make out the silhouette of his body by the lights from down the hallway.
The lights turned on suddenly and my eyes again had to readjust to the lighting.
“I see you met Indy,” he said to me nodding towards the dog.
“Yes, Master. He is very beautiful, I’m glad I didn’t step on him he looks a little dangerous.”
“No, he’s not dangerous. But he doesn’t like strangers, usually. I see he’s still asleep so that means he doesn’t mind you.”
“Indy, down,” Master commanded and the dog looked up suddenly and jumped off the bed landing in front of me and then scurried out the door into the hallway.
Master stood next to me as his hand brushed my cheek.
He was loosening his tie and I looked up to him as he tossed it onto a chair in the corner.
“Have you thought about what you want?” He asked me continuing to undress.
“Sure you have,” he replied to his own question.
I squinted in concentration watching him remove his shoes and unbutton his suit pants.
“Will you fuck my ass, Master?” I said looking back down to the carpet.
He walked towards me and stood directly over me wearing only his boxers.
“Yes, what else do you want?”
“To suck your dick, Master,” I said reaching up to lightly touch the outline of his cock hiding beneath his boxers.
This was like opening Grant's box earlier today, only this time I was excited, not scared
He reached down holding my chin up. He didn’t need to tell me, I knew what he wanted.
I reached into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down slowly revealing his shaft; it was at least eight inches and very thick.
I stroked it gently with my right hand, bringing it closer to my mouth as my tongue darted out licking at the tip.
I felt him shake slightly as the warmth of my mouth slowly engulfed his cock, consuming it. I was sucking it furiously within seconds as I tried to please my Master.
“Uh,” he moaned out loud and his hands quickly grabbed at my hair and he jerked my mouth further onto his cock.
“Open your mouth and put your hands behind your back,” he said quietly.
I complied by holding my hands behind my back, pretending I was handcuffed.
Master grabbed my hair with both hands and began forcefully shoving his cock into my mouth, ramming the back of my throat as I instinctively coughed at the invasion.
“Ugh,” I gasped between breaths, the cock slamming into my very wet and warm mouth.
He stopped suddenly and pulled me off of my knees, kissing me deeply and I felt his tongue swirl against my tongue in a passionate dance.
“You haven’t tried resisting me yet, Charlotte. Are you this good of a submissive? I’m beginning to think that you are kinkier than you let on at the restaurant.”
“I don’t know, Master.”
“Have you ever had anything in your ass?” He breathed into my mouth, his face almost pressed against mine.
“Only a finger, Master.”
“Lay on your stomach on the bed,” he said.
I complied and gracefully slid onto the bed, shaking my long hair out of my face and looking over at him as he stood over me.
“Beg me, slave.”
“Master, please fuck my ass.”
“You better do better than that.”
“Please, Master this is your ass and it’s never been fucked, take my virgin ass,” I said more seductively.
“Are you sure you’re only available for 24 hours?”
I stuck my ass up in the air, lifting my hips off of the bed.
“Take it Master, it’s yours.”
With that last comment he pulled his boxers off completely and placed his hands on either side of my body as he brought his body down on top of me. His warm stomach and chest burned against my flesh.
“Do you want me to fuck your ass, slave?”
“Yes, Master,” I replied pulling my black sheer bikini panties down my legs and they fell nonchalantly onto the floor.
I felt him reach over me to his nightstand; he was lubing his cock up. Then I felt him drop some of the cold liquid down on my ass, it fell directly onto my ass and I winced from the cold liquid now trickling down the crack of my ass.
He slowly rubbed the cold slippery liquid between my ass cheeks and I felt his thumb begin to press against the tightness of my hole.
“Mmmm,” I moaned out load and Master’s hands pressed down against my hips, his other thumb now pressing against my asshole.
“Are you read, Charlotte?”
“Yes, Master, fuck my ass now,” I arched my back and looked toward the ceiling.
His thumb penetrated me and I pushed my ass back into his hand.
“Umm, yes,” I moaned throwing my face down into the pillow below me.
“Grab the bed,” he told me placing each of my hands against the bars of the head post.
I grabbed one of the many poles of the head board with each hand and my head pressed between two of them.
My knuckles were turning white; I tried not to clench in anticipation.
His cock was sliding between my ass, it was slippery, but now it was warm and sensual. The cold of the liquid had subsided as the warmth of his cock seemed to invite itself into my ass.
“Are you ready?” Master whispered down to the back of my head.
“Yes,” I exhaled into the pillow through my teeth.
I felt his cock pressing against me and then slowly pushing into me.
“Uhh,” I breathed in deeply as he penetrated me.
His hands ran through my hair, tugging it lightly as his body began to press down against me. It hurt for a minute until my muscles relaxed and the rhythm of his body felt comforting, his cock filling me to what I felt was maximum capacity.
“How does it feel?” He asked me softly.
“Mmm, good Master. You’ve taken my virginity,” I said between short gasps of air as his motion increased and my head hit the wooden posts of his headboard.
His quickened rhythm continued as my ass easily allowed his cock to penetrate deeper and deeper inside me, his balls slapping against my throbbing sex.
He slapped my ass and I whinced from the unexpected sting.
“Where do you want me to cum, slave?” He asked me after several more intense minutes of fucking me.
“Anywhere you want, Master,” I moved my face away from the pillow and saw him in my peripheral vision.
His breathing was getting heavy as he withdrew from my ass and I felt my muscles relax. He pulled me off of my stomach and onto my back.
Where do you want to cum, Master?
Master sat up on his knees as his left hand brought my face closer to his cock, his right hand stroking himself inches from my face.
“Where do you want me to cum, slave?”
I could hear his voice but could not see his face as his cock gyrated in front of me.
“On my face, Master,” I replied knowing this is what he wanted.
He grunted quietly and I felt the first stream of cum land on my nose and cheek, he pulled my face closer as the next streams of his orgasm made my lips, mouth and face glisten in the soft light from outside his window.
“Uhhh,” he said in one final verbal exclamation.
I collapsed against the pillow, his cum still slowly running down my face.
I feel so dirty and used…I love it
He leaned over to face me, propped up on his left elbow. I looked over to him as my tongue licked my lips and mouth gingerly, taking time to savor the taste of his cum.
His right index finger slid over my cheek and nose, pushing the cum towards my tongue which was twirling aimlessly out of my mouth towards his hand.
“Mmm,” I moaned, sucking his finger into my mouth.
“You are an absolute joy to fuck, and just as enjoyable to play with. I’m sorry I only have about 20 hours left,” he said looking over me to his bedside clock.
It was nearly four in the morning and I realized how much I had to drink that night and I felt exhausted, sexually, emotionally and physically exhausted. Despite that I hoped I could fall asleep, it had been such an incredible day.
His slippery cock still had traces of cum as he pressed delicately on my hip. I leaned my mouth down and licked at the cum before finally inhaling his cock fully into my mouth, sucking at the juices coating him.
"Hmm," he said softly as his right hand brushed my hair tenderly.
When I had satisfied myself that he was clean I leaned up again.
“What time will you get up Master?” I asked now sitting up on the edge of the bed and searching the dark floor for my panties with my foot.
“I’ll be up by nine or so,” he replied.
I found my panties and stood up, pulling them up my legs.
“Yes, Master,” I replied leaning over to kiss him. “Would you like coffee or something?”
“Sure, but don’t worry about that, Ashley will take care of it,” his voice said quietly into my face, he spoke as my tongue penetrated his mouth.
“Ashley?” I pulled away suddenly, startled by what he had said.
“Yea, the maid. She’ll be here in the morning,” he said casually.
“Wha-what does…” I didn’t finish my sentence.
“Hmm, are you jealous?” I could hear his smile even though I could barely see his face, his teeth slightly visible. “She’s a little like you, I think you’ll like her.”
I started to turn to leave the room when he spoke again.
“You probably want to wash your clothes, you can do that in the morning, and Ashley can help you. Get that done before I’m up and we’ll go shopping.”
I had turned around and heard what he said but was too distracted by his bare chest, the soft white sheet barely covering his hips.
“I’ll get my laundry done, Master,” I said with a smile.
I can’t wait to see what we are going shopping for
“Good, tomorrow you’ll find out just how dominant you really are.”
I smiled again, walking out of his bedroom and quietly shutting the door. I felt too excited to sleep, but I knew I’d have to try.
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