Innocent Emma part 2
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Having just watched my sister’s best friend, Emma, masturbate herself to a shuddering climax, I was feeling as horny as hell and took my rock hard cock from my boxers with every intention of relieving myself.
You see, I had installed a hidden camera and a two way mirror in my apartment, and then got Emma over to look after my puppy dog for the evening. The minute Emma was out the door after I had returned home, I made myself comfortable and played back my handy work on the wide screen TV.
Emma, thinking she was alone (and I suppose technically she was) sprawled herself out on the sofa and put on a spectacular show for me, which was now the reason for my desire to give myself a nice slow hand job.
However, Emma had told me before she left that a school friend had popped round for a discussion about their homework, and just as I began stroking my cock, I heard the buzzer sound in the apartment which told me that her friend had arrived.
I froze the playback and went to the fridge for a beer. Might as well make myself comfortable for what I hoped was a sizzling part two to the evening.
I hit the play button and watched as Emma got up to admit her friend into the apartment. Emma was dressed in a casual woollen sweater and jeans and she was barefoot. She had a fresh innocence about her and at times it was easy to guess that she was only sixteen years old. However, I had also seen her dressed in tight mini skirt and high heels with skilfully applied make-up which made her look much older. Either way, she was hot and sexy and I would love to fuck the arse off her.
Emma answered the door and Tom Harris walked in. Tom was a school friend of both Emma and my sister, Katie and I took him to be the same age as the girls, or maybe a year older. He was dressed in a t shirt and baggy shorts and trainers, which he kicked off as soon as he was in the room. I noticed he wasn’t wearing socks.
Tom had not brought any school books with him, which I thought was strange if they were going to tackle their homework together, but which I also thought was a good thing, given my dirty mind.
Tom sat down on the sofa and asked Emma what she had been watching on TV. Emma came and sat beside him and told him nothing much, but there was a movie about to start that she’d like to see. They were both looking at the TV screen and they settled down as the film started.
They were both soon captivated by whatever was being shown and Emma, who was sitting on Tom’s right placed her arm across his stomach and gave him a cuddle. Tom looked down on to the top of Emma’s head and was obviously taken by surprise by this move. He tentatively placed his arm over Emma’s shoulder and a look of relief crossed his face when Emma did not object.
Emma suddenly placed her hand on Tom’s thigh and lifted herself up and said, “Fancy a beer? I was told to help myself so we are allowed.”
“Yeah, why not,” said Tom. And Emma quickly jumped up and disappeared into the kitchen.
As soon as Emma was out the room, Tom pulled at the front of his shorts in an effort to hide what appeared to be a fairly sizeable erection. He had to quickly pull his hand away though, as Emma re entered the room holding two bottles of my beer.
She sat back down and they clinked bottles and they both took a pull and resumed watching the TV.
Soon, Emma replaced her arm across Tom’s tummy but now I saw that it was lower down than before and her elbow was gently touching the front of Tom’s shorts exactly where the tip of his erect penis would be.
Emma was obviously teasing Tom on purpose but was pretending to be totally unaware of what she was doing. Tom meanwhile was hardly moving. His hand was perfectly still on Emma’s shoulder.
Then, Emma looked up into Tom’s eyes and Tom took the hint and leaned down to kiss her. The kiss began slowly and I could tell that Tom was unsure of how to proceed, when all of a sudden Emma placed her tiny hand right on top of Tom’s rock hard cock.
Tom let out an involuntary groan and moved his hand round to cup Emma’s breast through her jumper. Emma mover her hand lower onto Tom’s bare skin and slowly worked it upwards under the leg of his shorts.
I could see the outline of her hand fumbling with the material of Tom’s underwear, but then Tom pulled Emma away and pushed her so that her back was now being forced into the back of the sofa.
They were still kissing and now Tom pulled the zipper of Emma’s jeans down and shoved his hand down into her crotch. Emma found the opening in Tom’s shorts and pulled his cock free. She pushed him back and stared down at his erection. “Christ, it’s so big,” she said. “Fuck me. I want it inside me, Tom. I’m on the pill.”
Tom was speechless and remained that way as Emma took him (and me) completely by surprise as she leant down and took him in to her mouth. Tom leant back with a look of anguish on his face and it was obvious that he was trying not to come on the spot.
Tom managed to get himself under control and he pushed Emma’s jeans down so that her lovely backside was pointing straight at me. He pulled the material of her wet panties to one side and slipped his fingers along the crack of her pussy. Emma was absolutely soaking wet and I could clearly see the liquid trickling around her labia and onto her thighs. Tom was expertly massaging Emma’s very visible clit and then he sneakily gently shoved his little finger into her bottom.
Emma gave a little squirm and took her mouth off of Tom’s cock and said “Mmm you are such a naughty man. Stick that big thing in my cunt right now.”
And with that Emma got to her feet and with her back to me and right in front of Tom’s eyes she quickly removed her sweater and bra. She was now stark naked and she grabbed Tom’s hands and made him stand as she got down on her knees and pulled his shorts and boxers down and then off as he frantically pulled his t shirt up and off and chucked it on the floor. Now they were both naked.
Emma then pushed Tom back down on the sofa and then placed her hands on Tom’s shoulders as she straddled his thighs. She the told Tom to be still as she expertly felt behind her and with the tips of her fingers pulled Tom’s cock towards her so that it was just brushing the opening of her pussy.
Emma then lowered herself gently and slowly onto Tom’s throbbing cock and I watched in disbelief as it disappeared up inside Emma’s wet vagina. I could almost hear it squeeze in to her as she moaned, “Oh my God.”
For a second or two, neither of them moved, but then Emma began a rocking motion that quickly turned into the most frantic fuck session that I ever thought possible.
Tom had a hand on each of Emma’s buttocks and he was bouncing her up and down so that his cock was almost coming out of Emma completely before she bounced back down again to be penetrated to the hilt by this lucky so and so’s hard young cock.
Suddenly Tom was on the verge of orgasm and despite what Emma had told him about being on the pill, he lifted her up one last time and shot a huge load of sperm all the way up Emma’s naked back and onto her shoulder and into her hair. Several more spurts followed and Emma was screaming in ecstasy as she obviously orgasmed at the same time. There was spunk all over Emma’s back and all over her bottom and Tom’s legs and Emma leaned forward to give Tom a passionate kiss on the mouth and then she pulled away and I was just able to hear her whisper, “Tom, darling. You are my first, and I hope only lover.”
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