Sailing out of Osyter Bay part 3
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We took the dingy over to the other boat and stepped aboard, this time without any clothes on. We figured what’s the point? We’ve become very comfortable with our new friends Frank & Cyn and Dave & Carol. We were welcomed with cheers, glasses of margaritas and a big hug from both of the ladies, one of whom rubbed my ass and the other flicked my dick quickly. Not to be outdone, Frank & Dave gave Anne a big hug, at the same time squeezing her between their bodies. Anne’s eye’s opened wide and she had a greasy grin as she playfully grabbed their two growing cocks. What a welcome!
Seeing we were the guests we had our choice of the events for the afternoon. I just smiled and visualized one of my fantasies: having two fine ladies at once, then I thought, would Anne be bold enough to go through with her fantasy? After all, she’d been drooling about Frank’s cock all afternoon.
I suggested we have another drink and chat for a while to get everyone loosened up (as if we weren’t there already. But I wanted to give Anne a little more time.
I helped Frank down below to mix up another batch of drinks. While we were preparing them I hinted that he should come onto Anne and see what happens. With the plan in order we made our way topsides.
I sat between Cyn and Carol while Frank worked his way around so Anne was between Dave and himself. The drinks and laughter were flowing freely as I caught Frank starting to work his magic on Anne. His arm was around her casually playing with one of her breasts. She became quiet but didn’t protest. I casually put my arms around both of the ladies as we continued to chat. The conversation became about erotic stories about each other's past adventures.
The telltale signs of being turned on were showing as the guys cocks were now at half mast and the ladies lovely nipples became very erect. Dave got into the action with Anne as well. He started stroking her back and ass while Frank worked on her breasts. I sat back and watched while Cyn and Carol started to rub their hands all over my body. I was in heaven, watching Anne getting turned on and being pleased at the same time. I loved the feeling of two sets of hands on me.
Dave shifted position and had Anne lean back onto his chest so he could have full access to her breasts from behind. Frank dropped to his knees and started licking all the way along her leg up to her pussy. Anne willingly opened her legs for her new lover and leaned her head back onto Dave’s chest. She turned her head to me and raised her arm, I leaned over and kissed her hand and smiled.
She then focused her attention on the special treatment she was receiving. God what an erotic show! I hardly noticed that both gals where playing with my dick at the same time but I did notice that they were also enjoying the show and were starting to play with each others pussy by causally stroking each others very wet pussy lips.
Frank was going to town on Anne’s pussy with gusto making her moan like crazy. Dave had to hold her down as she was moving around so much. All of a sudden she let out a yell and started to shake all over and squirted on Franks face. What an orgasm! It took her quite a while to calm down and catch her breath.
Cyn indicated Anne should be ready for the main event. Anne looked puzzled until Frank took her by the hand and brought her up to the bow of the boat. There was a good sized air mattress already set out and Frank lay down on his back and motioned for Anne to straddle him. She squatted over him, grabbed his cock and started to rub his head across her pussy lips and then she started to impale herself on his large cock. When she reached the bottom, she closed her eyes and started to rock back and forth. The expressions on her face were out of this world. Frank had a shit eating grin on his face as he looked back at the audience.
Carol motioned for Dave to join in so he went up to the bow and stood in front of Anne and started to rub her shoulders. Anne kept her eyes closed and reached out for him, grabbing is hard-on and wrapping her lips around it. As she fucked Frank, she pulled Dave into her mouth, keeping a wild rhythm going. It looked like Anne couldn’t get enough of that piece of meat and continued to impale herself over and over.
We could hear the moans and groans coming from the foredeck over the music that was playing in the cockpit. I was never so turned on in my life just by watching Anne enjoying these two fine specimens! Anne started to really get into the spirit of things and was clamping down on Dave’s meat, sucking him to the root and holding his ass with her hands, gripping them tight.
Frank was clearly enjoying himself as he played with Anne’s breasts, twisting her nipples and watching her ride him while he pumped his massive cock into her. All of a sudden a chain reaction occurred, Dave groaned loudly and went off in Anne’s mouth, Frank started to fill her pussy with his cum and Anne started to shake all over again, top to bottom. She let go of Dave and was having a hard time catching her breath with what was going on and cum dribbling from her mouth. She fell forward and lay on top of Frank and rested enjoying the afterglow of probably the best romp she ever had.
After a while someone mentioned it was time for another round of drinks and then it was my turn, after all I was a guest as well….
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