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This is a story about my ex girlfriend and myself one drunken night. Her name is Jessica and was about 5’8” brunette athletic and toned 130 lbs B cup boobs that were very nice and a really nice tight ass. I myself am 5’9” 165lbs athletic and fit brown hair and I have a good 7” cock. I had to show Jessica a lot since I had taken her virginity and she really came to love my cock. She always wanted to touch it or play with it at any time of the day. I had done a lot with her and showed her a lot about sex.
Jessica and I went to a friend's party one night. We were both drinking a lot and enjoying our time out with our friends. Every now and then she would come up to me and whisper dirty little things in my ear such as, “I want your dick” or“You are making my pussy dripping wet.” Hearing these sayings from her was making my dick hard and the alcohol was helping to make me hornier and hornier.
Finally it was getting late, or we were both really turned on, but we decided to leave and go home for some more fun. We ended up back at her apartment. We walked into her room and I walked up behind her and began kissing her neck while my hands went around her to massage her boobs through her shirt. She leaned her head back on my shoulder to give me more access to kiss her neck and gently bite her ear lobe. My dick was getting harder and harder and I was pushing it into her ass, with only our jeans in the way. Her breathing was getting heavier and she was starting to moan a little bit louder. I moved my hands down her sexy stomach and then went under and up her shirt to take it off. Next I unhooked her bra giving me free access to her breasts.
As I was able to feel her breasts without any clothing in the way for the first time this night, she reached back with both hands and undid my belt and jeans. She reached her hand into my boxers and pulled my cock out to start playing with it. Jessica was slowly stroking my dick and I was pinching her nipples.
Jessica said, “I want to do 69 with you now.”
So I laid down on my back and she got into position over me. I started by flicking my tongue over her clit a couple times and then running my tongue from her clit to the end of her pussy. She tried her best to moan but it was difficult with my dick in her mouth. I started to push my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could to taste all of her sweet juices, and then I felt her hand massaging my balls and playing with them between her fingers. I knew she wanted something hard inside her so I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her rather fast. It was such a shock to her at first she had to take her mouth off my cock and just try to pump me with her hand. While I was fingering her, Jessica whispered, “I want to have anal sex tonight.”
I was so shocked, all I could say was, “Are you sure?"
She replied, “Yes I’m sure! Now just get my ass ready.”
I was so excited to fuck her ass. We had done anal a couple times before but she only liked it when she was intoxicated so this time was perfect. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and spread her juice around her tight little asshole. I dipped my fingers back into her pussy and repeated the same procedure. I loved the way she moaned when I touched her dark hole. I slowly started to push one finger into her asshole. She stopped sucking on my dick and just moaned and pushed back a little. Once I had my finger in her, I pushed a second finger into her ass. I began to finger her ass hard and fast. She was getting out of breath and stopped sucking my dick.
“I can’t take it anymore. I want your dick in me,” she finally said.
“I cannot wait to fuck you in both holes,” I replied.
She got on her back and spread her legs wide, giving me an awesome view of her wet pussy. I put her legs up over my shoulders and took my shaft into my hand and guided it to the opening of her lovely hole. She was so wet, I was able to slide in on one thrust. I started out with slow deep thrusts into her pussy. I really enjoyed watching my dick disappear into her love hole. Slowly and deliberately teasing her hungry pussy, I looked up and saw her face with her eyes closed enjoying the sensation of my cock moving in and out of her. She had one hand gripping the pillow tightly and the other massaging her breast and pinching her nipple.
“Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!” she finally told me.
I proceeded to pick up my pace thrusting into her harder, deeper, and faster. She was loving the sensation.
“Play with your clit for me,” I instructed her.
Instantly her free hand went to her clit and started rubbing it. Almost immediately she became really close to cumming.
“Fuck me, fuck me! Oh my god, harder! I’m gonna cum, Joe. Keep fucking me.”
Her pussy started to spasm. The inside walls were gripping my cock tighter and tighter as she came. It was wonderful to feel her juices flow out of her pussy making my cock wetter and wetter. When she was done climaxing I pulled out of her pussy, quickly thrust two fingers into her pussy and then drug them out pulling juices to lube up her asshole. I slipped my two fingers into her ass to loosen her up.
“Play with your pussy to make it easier.”
She moved one hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit a little and then slipped one and then two fingers inside. I was mesmerized with her fingering herself but I wanted her ass so I watched only for a bit. Then I placed the head of my cock at her forbidden hole. I slowly began to push into her. It took sometime but finally I got the head inside and I was able to slowly thrust the rest of my dick into her. She was in pleasure heaven with my dick in her ass and her fingers working on her pussy. I started to really fuck her ass hard and fast. She began to cum again and just rubbed her clit. When her orgasm subsided, she pulled her pussy coated fingers to her mouth and licked them off one by one.
Watching her lick her fingers spurred me on and I really began to fuck her ass. She was screaming with pleasure.
“I am going to cum. Where do you want my cum?” I asked her.
“Cum in my ass. Fill my ass with your seed.”
Hearing her say those words to me made me go over the edge and I started to cum in her ass. I pumped as deep as I could get into her. I let loose a good 4 or 5 good jets into her ass with my hot sticky cum.
We just stared at each other as my dick was slowly softening and falling out of her asshole along with my cum.
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