Rachel's Ravishment - Pt V
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As I knelt, naked, next to the table scattered with the remains of the evening’s refreshment and picked through it for something to still the gnawing hunger in my stomach, it occurred to me that these people had no more regard for me than the lowliest slave who only ate after her betters and then only what they’d deemed not suitable for themselves.
I’d seen myself in the small bathroom mirror, smudges of drying semen under my lower lip, my breasts reddened from being slapped and squeezed, my hair tousled from Alex and Maitena’s hands. I looked like I’d been thoroughly used, and roughly at that, but as I remembered Maitena’s words to me I felt a thrill of debased wantonness flutter to life in my belly. “You’d best be quick. There are a lot of hours in the night and your evening has just begun.”
The thought of hours of sustained sexual degradation made my head light with trepidation and excitement. I emptied Maitena’s wine glass as I watched the trio on the couch, before refilling it to drink thirstily again and felt the euphoric surge of tipsiness mix with anticipation flood through my veins. Alex sat between Maureen and Maitena, as neat as a pin, giving nothing away as to the fact that he’d been up to his nuts in my throat not ten minutes before. He absently stroked the smooth skin of Maitena’s inner thigh while they chatted quietly, his wife’s leg hooked over his knee as she sipped her Champagne, listening to them.
I sat, marvelling at Maureen’s earlier lightning change from seemingly placid “lady next door” to borderline sadist, when she noticed me watching her. Her eyes narrowed and I wondered if I’d broken an unspoken rule by openly watching them. I was trying to recall if Maitena had specified a “don’t look” policy when Maureen’s lips twitched in silent amusement and I froze, my earlier ardour cooling rapidly, suddenly realising how a rabbit feels in the beam of a hunter’s spotlight.
“I’m peckish,” she announced to no one in particular. “You, Slut,” she called imperiously, “bring that plate to me.” Her languidly waving hand didn’t point to any of the ravaged dishes in particular so I quickly scanned the table for anything that looked remotely edible and chose a small silver server with the dregs of some dip in the middle surrounded by drying carrot and celery sticks.
I stood silently next to her, painfully aware of my lack of clothing, as she perused the plate’s contents as if there were a dozen selections on it instead of two. She finally took a stick of carrot and carefully studied it before looking me squarely in the eye. “Bend over.”
I blinked at her, not understanding. Does she want me to act as her table? I thought. “Um…sorry, but I don’t understand,” I whispered in confusion.
“I said,” she enunciated, “Bend. Over.” I bent slowly at the waist, the tray held in front of me, my eyes seeking out Maitena to see what she thought of this woman’s odd demand. I felt a stab of jealousy shoot through me when I saw Alex’s hand moving lazily between her thighs as she listened quietly to what he was telling her. She watched me and I could read her thoughts as clearly as if she had spoken. Obey.
My attention was brought back to my own predicament by Maureen’s voice. “Further,” she ordered as she took the tray from me and placed it next to her. “Hold onto your ankles, I want to see your tits squashed against your legs.” I folded myself over, thankful that I was quite flexible and grasped my ankles. My hair swept the floor and the blood began to pound in my head due to my upside down position. I felt her hands on my hips, manoeuvring me around slightly so that both she and her companions had a full, eyelevel view of my arse and sopping cunt and I shook with titillation at how exposed I was given the position I was in.
I felt her rub at the pouting lips of my pussy over and over and I tilted my hips to push it out at her more. I heard myself whimper as she probed at my glistening hole and listened to her remark at how wet I was. “Oh, you like that, don’t you?” she cooed, pushing slightly deeper but still only a few inches inside me and I panted, wanting more, but she abruptly withdrew and I nearly came on the spot as I heard her bite one of the carrot sticks, humming with pleasure as she crunched slowly.
“You make much better dip than that rubbish you brought me,” she said as she slid another carrot stick into my clenching tunnel. “And, you’re completely organic.” They all tittered at her wit and I was at once humiliated at being the butt of her joke while unbearably enflamed at the thought of someone inserting things into me. The thought of Alex’s cock sliding in and out of me had made me squirm but I was galvanized by the idea of being fucked by an inanimate object; something so mundane and everyday instantly transformed into an object of pleasure. As if her approval was all they’d been waiting for they were all three shoving celery and carrot sticks into my cunt, sometimes singularly, sometimes in pairs, feasting on my juices and I exalted in this new level of perversion I had been submitted to, until they had run out of vegetables to dip into me.
I felt fingers pushing into me and I didn’t care who’s they were, I wanted them all driving into me, wanted to come and come until I fell exhausted to the floor. I was close, so close, oblivious to any movement not directly centred on me, when I found myself sprawled on the couch, my back against Alex’s chest. Maitena had divested herself of her waistcoat and knelt, bare breasted, next to us and fed both Alex and I an erect nipple to suck on. She grabbed my hand and held it between her legs, sliding her wet cunt against my forearm.
Alex spread my legs and pulled them back until my knees touched my shoulders and out of the corner of my eye I saw his wife approaching with a distinctly savage look on her face. She knelt on one side of us and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a very impressive pair of breasts. She grabbed my hair and dragged my mouth away from Maitena to suck on her tits, a direction I greedily followed, licking, sucking and biting at them as Maitena had taught me to do with her own. Her nipple pebbled readily against my tongue and I held it firmly between my teeth and flicked at it, lashing it furiously with my tongue as she panted.
I could feel the thick ridge of Alex’s cock under my arse and desperately wanted it to fill me. I felt empty and endless and experienced a moment of panic, thinking all the dicks in the world couldn’t satisfy the raging hunger I felt. Frantically, I tore my lips away from the nipple in my mouth and cried out, “Oh, God, just fuck me.”
Immediately Maureen began furiously spanking my cunt, the repeated stinging slap of her hand between my thighs making me scream with the simultaneous pain and crushing pleasure of orgasm. Held firmly by Alex, I writhed in the aftermath of her treatment and she squeezed my throat, hissing in my face, “I never want to hear a demand come out of your mouth again.” She shook me. “You will be fucked when we say so.” She turned to Maitena, “I want to see her tits displayed better.”
Maitena smiled as she moved away and returned with a handful of silken ropes that looked like the tie backs on my curtains at home. Alex pushed me into a sitting position on his lap as the two women wound the ropes three times around each of my breasts, around my torso, up between my suspended globes and around each side of my neck, tying them firmly behind me. The end result resembled a type of harness in which each of my breasts were firmly bound and squeezed, lifting and projecting them.
They stood back to admire their handiwork as Alex began to fondle my bound breasts and I noticed that they were more sensitive now, every stoke amplified, every flick exquisitely magnified, each tug or pull on my nipples intensified to the point of mindless ecstasy.
While I pushed my tits firmly into Alex’s hands and watched Maureen pick up a wine bottle from the table, somewhere in the recesses of my mind I knew was reaching a point where I wouldn’t care what they did to me, or what they did it with, just as long as I reached some sort of sexual release at the end of it. I was rapidly shedding my outer identity to enthusiastically embrace what they wanted me to be. Not a friend or a student or a daughter. Not a well adjusted member of society or even a clandestine lover but an object, a thing, something with no reason for existence but the one they’ve given it. A toy to be played with, a body to be used, a hole to fuck.
Maitena leaned down to kiss me, her hand rubbing between my legs as her teeth nipped on my lower lip. I tried to push my tongue into her mouth but she stood instead and to my great joy, guided my lips to her breast. I circled the nipple with my tongue with abandon, finally sucking the taut bud into my mouth to rub my teeth and tongue against it.
“How do they feel, Alex?” Maureen asked as he continued to knead my breasts. “Are they nice and tight yet?”
He gave them an assessing squeeze, causing me to inhale at how full and firm the ropes binding them had caused them to become. “I think they’re as ready as they’ll ever be,” he answered. He stopped rubbing them and held my arms in much the same way Maitena had when he’d been plunging his thick rod down my throat; fingers curled above my elbows, pulling them behind my back, making my tits thrust out like the prow of a ship.
“Wonderful,” Maureen purred. She replaced the wine bottle on the table and bent to pick up a Gucci handbag from beside the couch, her eyes on me the entire time, a smirk curling her lips as she slowly took a miniature cat ‘o’ nine tales out of it. She held it in her right hand, relaxed next to her thigh as she reached out and teased my erect nipples with her other hand. She twisted them, pulling and pinching, making me squirm against Maitena’s sliding fingers. Her actions became increasingly rougher, my nipples throbbing with pain but longing for more, when Maitena fisted my hair and drew her nipple from my sucking mouth and turned me to face Maureen.
I quickly saw why as I watched Maureen’s arm circle almost lazily, dragging the tips of the small flail over my breasts softly a few times before her wrist finally flicked at the last moment to bring the leather thongs into shocking contact with my over sensitised breasts. I saw the satisfaction on her face at my sharply indrawn breath and watched her enjoyment increase as the whip flicked again, slightly sharper and faster than previously, drawing the breath from me afresh. Stroke after burning stroke, each strike barely registrable as more intense than the last, administered by a master of her craft. Restrained and controlled, first one breast then the other, causing just enough pain to make me call out but not enough to override the mental and physical pleasure I was experiencing.
Lash. I moaned, rubbing my thighs together mindlessly.
“I think she likes being punished,” Maureen commented. She drew her arm back further, bringing the whip into more forceful contact with my skin. Lash, gasp. “Have you been disrespectful to your Lady? Do you need to be punished, Slut?” she asked me, striking again. I could only whimper with ecstasy as the stinging pain she delivered to my engorged breasts mixed with the throbbing ache in my cunt, intensifying it. “Answer me, you pitiful whore.”
“Yes,” I cried. “I do.” She pinched my nipple and I tried to shift on Alex’s lap. If I could just get his leg between mine, I was sure a few rubs would send me plummeting over the edge, but he felt me move and spread his legs wide, mine on the outside of his, denying me with his actions.
I thrashed my head from side to side in denial. “No, no, please,” I sobbed as I frantically thrust my hips, disappointment at having nothing solid to relieve myself against struggling with the hope that someone would rub or touch or even slap me simply to trigger an orgasm and bring me a reprieve from my mounting frustration.
Maureen leaned down and positioned her mouth next to my ear, her breath tickling as she whispered, “Is there something you want?” I tilted my head, eyes closed, unable to answer as she lightly sucked on my lobe. “Is there something you need? “ I nodded helplessly. “Tell me,” she urged. “Whisper it in my ear and it will be yours,” she assured.
I was on the brink of tears and swallowed what little pride I had left, fully prepared to beg Satan himself if I had to in order to get what I so desperately wanted. “Please. I can’t. Fuck me,” I breathed brokenly. “Somebody, please fuck me. I need someone to fill me.”
Her hand slid down my body to rest over my mound and she answered quietly, “We can fill you up, little one,” and I sighed as I anticipated the sensation of Alex’s substantial member sliding into me, stretching my clenching walls, filling me to capacity before forcefully driving me to fulfilment.
She moved away and I watched her actions through passion -dazed eyes, waiting for the man beneath me to free himself and enter me, as she picked something up off the table and moved over to Maitena. Alex had made no move as yet and confusion began to crowd my mind as I wondered what he was waiting for. I was open, gagging to be fucked to unconsciousness, promised by Maureen that I would be. What was he waiting for?
Maureen smiled and offered Maitena the wine bottle. “She wants to be fucked,” she said with amusement.
Alex roughly hauled my legs up as Maitena held the wine bottle a few inches above my snatch. I stared at her from my prone position as she slowly tipped the bottle and I gasped, my back arching, as a cold rivulet of fizzing wine streamed onto my clit and trickled over and between the lips of my pussy. Maureen pushed her head between my legs to lap at the liquid and the sensation of cold wine followed by her hot tongue made me thrust against her face.
Again and again Maitena dribbled the Champagne onto me to be eagerly licked at by the older woman until Maureen said, “Shove it inside her, I want to drink it out of her hole.”
My body tensed as I felt the hard, cold rim of the bottle part my lower lips and I panicked as I felt the pressure of Maitena pushing past my tightened muscles until the neck of the bottle was inside me. Disbelief warred briefly against debauched exhilaration at the deviant nature of her actions and I felt myself jump headlong over the precipice of moral acceptability. She watched me, as always carefully gauging my reactions, waiting to see if I would accept her treatment of me and in doing so, finally embrace the dark nature of my own sexuality.
I gifted her with a feral smile. “More,” I murmured and her answering smile was blinding. As Alex tipped my hips up, euphoria swept over me at the thought of having pleased her and I could feel the threat of another orgasm riding me as the chilling liquid flooded my cervix.
She moved the bottle back and forth, gently at first, her movements becoming stronger and deeper as I stretched to accommodate its size. I no longer felt empty, the rapidly warming glass filling me beyond any previous experience I had and within moments I was moaning as it sank into my lust fogged brain that she was literally fucking me with a Champagne bottle and I was letting her. My emotions became primitive and carnal, rational though and care for social taboos were damned and thrown to the winds in the pursuit of gratification.
From her position between my legs, Maureen urged her on, her fingers rimming the tight bud of my arse, pushing to gain entrance. “Deeper, Maitena. Look at her take it. She’s nothing but a mindless whore.” I could feel her fingers, wet with Champagne, inching further into my arse as Maitena plunged the bottle into me.
I thrashed my head from side to side, my inner muscles clamping as I tried to keep pace with all of the sensations that were trying to overtake me, nearly sobbing with the need to come but it just kept building up and up inside me, never quite peaking but growing until it became almost painful. I could hear Maitena saying my name over and over as Maureen’s invading fingers, sliding in and out of me, added another layer of sensation to that which I was already experiencing, and I tried to detach myself, to focus on what she was saying.
“Rachel. Rachel,” she called. “You may come. Did you hear me? I said you can come now.” And as if she’d uttered a magic word, the floodgates of my release opened and I was inundated with a veritable tsunami of relief as wave upon wave of my orgasm crashed over me. Maitena pulled the bottle from me with a flourish and sparkling wine, shaken within the confines of the bottle as it surged in and out of my body, frothed from my uptilted cunt before Maureen clamped her eager mouth over me to swallow it, wriggling her fingers in my arse, drawing out my climax until I feared it would all become too much and I would pass out.
My senses were still reeling as Alex surged forward, pushing me to the floor before him. He lifted my hips until I had my knees beneath me and fumbled briefly before thrusting himself into my recently vacated hole. I backed up to his gliding assault as he rekindled my arousal, the blunt head of his cock butting up against my cervix.
Maureen stood in front of me and presented her neatly trimmed snatch, not bothering to remove her skirt, simply lifting it before wrapping her hands in my hair and pulling my mouth to her. I pushed my tongue between her folds, eagerly searching out her musky juices, keen to taste her, wondering if her flavour would be different from Maitena’s. She tilted her pelvis to allow me greater access and I pushed my tongue into her opening as far as I could, retracting it and stabbing in again in time with her husband’s thrusts into my body.
Maitena’s hand snaked under me to rub at my clit, her fingers occasionally curling into my occupied tunnel to join Alex before returning to manipulate my nub and I moaned into Maureen’s succulent twat as I felt pressure building inside me.
I backed into Alex harder as he pumped strongly into my accommodating orifice and I could feel him swelling with his own imminent orgasm. Maitena pushed her fingers, slick with my own fluid, into my arse and pressed down on the thin wall separating Alex’s dick from her fingers, pushing him down firmly onto the front wall of my pelvis, increasing the friction there and causing an intense climax to begin unravelling inside us both. As Alex grasped my makeshift harness to anchor himself for his final driving onslaught, Maureen held my head still as she bucked wildly against my face, smearing her essence from my chin to the bridge of my nose as I held my tongue tense for her to pleasure herself against.
It was me who exploded first, my abandoned screams muffled against Maureen’s folds, the vibration triggering her climax. I lapped up the creamy evidence of her satisfaction as I had swallowed her husband’s earlier and felt her hands relax in my hair as she quivered against my gently sucking lips in the afterglow of her release. Maitena removed her fingers from my arse as Alex’s short, frantically jerking thrusts signalled his orgasm and he suddenly pulled out to spill a stream of hot come over the parted globes of my arse.
I stayed propped on my knees and elbows, head bowed, exhausted and panting, as Maitena wiped semen off of my buttocks and lower back. Maureen moved away to collapse next to Alex on the couch and although I could hear them talking quietly to each other between breaths, I couldn’t make out their words, just the pleasant hum of their voices filtering through the cotton wool haze that my brain had become. I was happy to just rest in that benumbed state, similar to that between waking and sleep, to recover from and process the intense initiation I had just undergone without interruption and felt a stab of annoyance when Maitena spoke.
“Are you enjoying yourself over there?” she asked lightly. I raised my head to look at her but as I did, I noticed, with shock, the soles of a pair of pointed boots I’d briefly lusted over earlier in the night, propped up on the table. My delicious feeling of laziness evaporated immediately as my eyes collided with the amused gaze of Maitena’s brother, Cesare.
To be continued...
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