Her Football Coach
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She never thought much about it but her attire never changed that much. Theresa, the slightly attractive young woman, had always worn long dresses, and tops which always covered her up. She got by. She got along with others. Nothing anyone else ever did or wore made her feel as if she should “change” herself in any such way.
Now there was a guy she’d gone to college with by the name of Richard. He wasn’t fancy but he kind of always stood out to a degree. The reason for that was due to he was one of the small school’s highly regarded Defensive Backs.
He knew her. She knew of him. They’d talked here and there but for the most part neither had classes with one another. She was a step ahead of him in fact. He was in Athletic Management but his goal was to be a head football coach somewhere and it began at the areas small NAIA school as an assistant. Right out of college, he got the job. He was good. His name floated around. It was circling in and out of other schools and before he knew it a Division II school was coming to call on him.
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