A new start: The love story of a sub pt6
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Thank you NaughtyAnn, for your priceless help.
I suggest you read the previous parts first. Any comment is greatly appreciated.
Over the next few months ourrelationship grew stronger. Mistress Serena took me several times to the Club; and also she wasn't using the blindfold on me anymore. Gradually I learnt the route to the club and what street it was in.
A couple of times she told me we would meet there and gave me instructions for my behaviour. The gate guards were instructed to let me pass, even if I had my mask on. It was easy enough for them to recognise me, as there wasn't another woman as small as I am.
One particular evening my orders were to enjoy myself but not to cum, I wouldn't have to obey anyone, and I was free for the evening until her arrival. She even allowed me, if I so wished, to remove my collar so that I felt safer. However I knew that I wouldn't remove my mark of submission to her, in a place that was ruled by slave-masters. In fact, I realized I wouldn't even have removed it in real life either.
I began walking through the rooms, until I found one that was full of women. I watched them, and none had slave marks on them. I was puzzled by this and as I turned to walk away a warm male voice spoke from my behind me.
"They aren't into our type of thing; it’s a private party. All of them are women, and they like to be watched. They would welcome any other willing woman to join them, but no man is allowed. Do you want to join?" he said.
I turned and stared at him. He was a grey haired man, well built, with a scar on his cheek and a wicked look in his eyes which I didn't like at all.
"I think I'll pass, thank you,” I replied, “it seems to be quite tiring, and I don't think they'll be too happy to have a masked woman amongst them. It wouldn't be polite."
"What do you think you are going to do, instead?" he asked.
"I don't know, I think I will have a look around for a while before I decide."
"What if I order you to kneel before me?" he said.
"Try and you'll see,” I retorted, “although I don't think you will be fine with that."
"You think so? Slavery is a mental condition. You slaves need to receive and obey orders” he replied.
"Now I am sure you won't be fine with that,” I told him. “I have only one person who can give me orders and that is not you. My Mistress’s orders are the only ones that will be followed by me, and I have never broken that rule, unless she orders me to obey."
"Ok, I see. I must obey Club’s rules, but I'll ask your Mistress if I can borrow you for a while. Then you will obey anything I want,” he informed me.
I didn't reply and moved further along the corridor until, a couple of rooms away, I found what I was looking for. Several men were around a single she-slave, who was trying to manage at least ten men all on her own.
"May I join you, men? I think your slave is in need of help!" I asked.
They all turned to me and one of them told me that I could, and then asked who my Master was.
"My Mistress isn't here,” I explained “she allowed me to be free until she arrives. Before I join you could I ask one thing, to do not allow the scarred, grey haired man here until I am in?"
They agreed to my request, stating that they did not like him either. Then I knelt next to the slave, who gave me a grateful glance before she took a cock in her mouth again.
I started giving head to another, and my hands took possession of another two. This was going to be quite a pleasurable evening!
Soon I had swallowed two men's cum, my ass and pussy were dripping cum from another two, when I noticed that my Mistress had arrived. She allowed me to finish the one I was jerking, until he spurted it onto my breasts, and then she signalled me to follow her. As I thanked the men, I turned and followed Mistress Serena into the nearest bathroom.
"Did you enjoy the evening, slave?" she asked.
"This slut enjoyed it very much Mistress,” I replied, “only this slut was missing Mistress’s presence."
"You are such a slut!" she said.
The tone was neither of anger nor disappointment; it was so warm that my heart was melting. I knew that she was pleased by my behaviour and then she asked if I had cum.
"Of course not Mistress! This slut wasn't allowed to!" I told her.
"Very good, now we have to clean up the mess that you are in," she said.
After cleaning myself I had expected to be taken somewhere else and to be used for Mistress’s pleasure but instead I was taken home. My puzzled look had been noticed by Mistress Serena, she never missed a thing!
"Don't you trust me, slave? Don't worry, go to sleep, and cum if you need to!" she said.
"Slave is not worried about needing to cum, a pussy will cum when her owner wants it to. Slave is worried about Mistress cum. She is not cumming. Has Slave done something wrong, that Mistress doesn’t want to be touched by her?" I asked.
"No, Kelly, you haven’t done anything wrong. I just have to think straight, and cumming is not a good thing for that. We'll talk next time about this, but now go to sleep, you need rest, dear," she replied.
"Yes, Mistress," I answered.
My voice showed a shade of concern, but I obeyed and entered my home. What hit me as I cleared my mind was her tone, warm, soft, not commanding, but asking. Also she had called me by my free name, not by my slave names. Now my heart was fighting between fear and joy. What did that mean?
Was she releasing me as slave, keeping me away, or worse, was she thinking about giving me to someone else? Was she tired of me? Or she was starting to be fond of me somehow? This strange behaviour and the endless questions kept me awake for a while, but I was worn out, and slowly I fell asleep.
The next week at work was really busy. Mistress didn't call and didn’t email me or show up at my home. I was getting home late each night from work, my heartbeat fast in expectation, and I was disappointed every single time to find no sign of her.
I was sure that she knew how my busy my days were; she always seemed to know everything about me. My sadness in those evenings was softened by trying to convince myself that she didn't want to tire and distract me from the important work we were doing. Now I was looking forward for the week-end.
Late on Friday, after the workwas completed on time, my boss called me into his office. He complimented me about the quality of everything I had done since they hired me. The past week had been the final test for me, so that they could make an important decision. I passed the test with flying colours, fulfilling their expectations and so I was offered a promotion. If I accepted I would have move to another city to be the chief of staff in their new office.
Looking at him I asked how long I had to think about it, since changing my whole life was a big decision. The usually hard boss, who would always ask for an immediate yes-no answer in everything, astonished me by giving me the following week off to ponder the decision. I knew then that he really wanted me to accept the new job.
Thanking him very much, my mind was racing, and not in the direction everyone thought. Going home the only thing I could think of was Serena, what I would do without her, if I should accept the promotion. At home, there was still no sign of her, but it was past eleven in the evening, so I went to sleep.
The next morning as I woke up I found it strange to be still alone, the house was empty and no sign of what had been filling my weekend days in the past year. I couldn't resist anymore, after a week of silence, and breaking the rule of not being the one to contact her, I sent her a text message, saying "Serena, I need to see you asap". This wasn’t the message she would have normally received from me. Less than an hour after the message, I heard her SUV enter the driveway, the car door slammed, and she rushed inside my home with a worried look.
"What's happening, are you ok?" she asked.
Those were her first words, warm and full of worry. Then she saw me sitting in the slave position she taught me. She sighed, and slowly she sat on the couch in front of me.
"Kelly, what are you..?" she started whispering.
"This slave felt forsaken. Why has Mistress ignored her? Did slave disappoint Mistress?" I asked her as tears appeared on my eyes. "Did Mistress decided to split up with her slave?" I sobbed.
"Kelly, I know about the offer of promotion, I didn't want to influence your decision. I think it is a good opportunity for you, for your life!" she told me.
"So, slave is alone now?" I whispered as the tears start sliding down on my cheeks.
"I know a good Mistress there, if you want I can give you her contact and call her... so you will have someone else caring of you," she told me.
"Slave doesn't need someone else caring for her; she needs Mistress caring of her. If it is the wish of Mistress then slave will obey to another Mistress. Slave will be the best mindless puppet she could have, but please do not ask slave to be happy," I said.
"Kelly, come here,” she said.
As I approached her, she put her hands behind my neck and unlocked my collar! I was shocked, while my tears now were flowing freely down my cheeks. I tried in vain to stop my sobbing.
"So Mistress doesn't want her slave anymore?"
"Kelly, stop. I can't be your Mistress anymore!"
I asked her why and said that if I couldn’t be hers then I didn’t want to be the slave of anyone else. By now I was really sobbing as I told her that I loved her more than everything else in the world and I wanted to be hers and only hers.
“Without you, my life is meaningless, my life started on that evening when you pulled me into the cab and took me home... I want to be yours not only at the weekends during the playing. I want to be your slave, your property every second of my life. I can't hope to be your lover too, but at least I would be with you. If you don't want me, then I'll be alone, no more slave playing, no more Mistress," I told her.
As I hid my face on her thighs she started softly caressing my hair with her hand. I heard a sigh and something warm dropping on my head, and so I looked up. She was crying too, my heart skipped a beat and I dared to kiss her lips. Returning my kiss with a passion I had only dreamed about every single moment since I had fallen in love with her. After a while she broke the kiss, and then told me that I ought to start preparing my things for when I moved to my new job.
"I'm not moving anywhere, I want to stay with you, I don't want to lose the best and most important part of my life to a job. I can see I am at a turning point in my life, where I have to choose between love and a career, and I know what life is without love. I have found it now, even if it is not reciprocated, and I'm not giving up from it for a job.” I told her “Would you accept me, if not as your lover, at least as your slave, as your pet... whatever you want, but just would you keep me with you?"
Then she said the words that for months I had been craving to hear.
"I love you Kelly. I love you more than anything. I tried to get away, and to forget you, to let you taste freedom from me, to be on your own. When I read your text today, I was scared something had happened, and couldn’t help but run to you. I will be happy to accept you as my lover. No more submissions, you are free; I am yours."
"Serena, you said what I was only dreaming in my more daring dreams, I love you too. I'm happy to be your slave, to be your slave every second of the day."
I took the collar and I handed it to her, and said, "Accept this mark of my love and submission to you, please".
She took the collar, but she didn't put it back on my neck.
"I have to think about this, please forgive me, I need time. Meanwhile, do you want to simply be my lover?" she asked me.
Telling her that I did we headed to the bedroom, where she took my head in her hands and started to give me the sweetest kiss of my life. Softly touching my lips with hers, many times, each one lasting a little more, giving me the awareness of how deep her love was. Then our tongues entwined in our mouths, teasing, dancing together and fighting each other. Her mouth left mine and kissed my neck, licking it where my collar was, with her hands fondling my breasts, without touching my tense nipples.
My moaning was rising at every caress she gave me, and became louder when her mouth left my neck. She started kissing between my tits and down to my belly, and her thumbs teasing my nipples. After a few minutes of this, when she finally applied her mouth to one of my nipples I almost screamed in delight. Her tongue on my nipples was so good I was shaking in pleasure, and when her hands started fondling my thighs I was soaking wet, my juices dripping from my pussy.
I never thought such pleasure could exist, and she hadn’t even touched the core of my sexual feelings yet. Her mouth went back to my belly and her hands to my breasts, fondling again them and my nipples. Then her kisses approached my clit, and my back arched towards her mouth, while I held my breath in expectation.
A loud moan of disappointment escaped my mouth when her mouth avoided my clit and my pussy, and went down to my thighs. She covered my thighs in kisses, with brief teasing licks from her tongue. I was in desperate needing of cum, and I couldn't resist anymore.
"Please, Serena, please!" I begged her.
Her mouth started rising again, approaching to the burning fire between my legs. This time she skipped it to go back to kissing my belly, and licking my navel. As her lips started to pinch my nipples, my body seemed to give up and the fire inside me subsided, retreating somewhere in the hearth of my body.
Suddenly my whole body was now hypersensitive; every single touch was sending waves of pleasure to my entire being. I was aware of anything touching me, from the duvet under my body; to the silk of her skirt and any single touch of her lips, tongue, hands, her rigid nipples under her shirt... everything. As she could see I was now calm, savouring every single moment, so she slid down and gave a deep and slow lick to my pussy. I suddenly started to cum, the fire that was waiting hidden inside me exploded, with an intensity I have never felt before.
My throat muted for it and my body arched for pleasure and so hot it seemed that it was about to ignite, then my mind went completely blank. After what seemed an eternity, the orgasm subsided, and I fell on the bed completely exhausted. She was still dressed, and gave me a kiss on the lips.
"I love you Kelly," she whispered in my ear.
Lying next to her in the bed and hugging her I replied "I love you too Serena," that was all I had the strength to say, before falling asleep.
I woke up few hours later, seeing I was alone in the bed now. I feared it had been a dream, and timidly moved to the living room. She was there, her dress perfect as if it had just been taken from the laundry, and she felt my eyes on her and turn her head to me, then stood up and hugged me, giving a sweet kiss on my lips.
"Hey my love, did you rest well?" she asked.
"I did, thank you. Do you know how much I love you?" I replied.
"I know, I love you the same,” she told me.
"You didn't cum, again!"
"I told you, I need to think," she said.
I sat with her on the couch and we cuddled for a little while, then she spoke.
“Kelly, are you sure you want to refuse the promotion for me?" she asked.
I removed my nightgown, dropped on my knees in front of her and told her that I wanted to be her slave.
“Serving you was the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed my life. I serve you, with all my heart and soul, loving every second, and I can live my everyday life in full serenity, feeling so complete as I have never felt in my life before,” I told her, “even serving you, in this year I felt complete, loved, I knew someone was caring for me. Yes, Serena, I want to serve you and love you, and stay with you every day of my life.”
I went on to say that now I knew that she loved me too, it made me stronger in my decision, however it was up to her to decided whether she wanted me or not.
She thought about this for some minutes, and then put her hands on my cheeks, and kissed my lips.
"Ok, Kelly. I have to think alone for a while; I'll drive around for a little. I am now going to ask you something. Remember, I am asking, not ordering. You are free to do everything you want. Would you like to stay there and not move until I return?"
"Yes Serena, I'll be here, waiting for you.”
With that she left the house and drove away.
to be continued...
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