A little game of Poker
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Kim and Steve are a married couple in the mid 20’s. They have been married for 4 years with a very healthy sex life. The both enjoy watching porn but have never considered playing with others. Kim is about 5’4” with long blond hair; she is fit with nice but not big tits. Steve is 6’1” also fit with short brown hair. They live in a typical suburban neighborhood.
Their back yard neighbors are Sheri and Rick. Sheri and Rick are also in their mid 20’s. Sheri and Rick had been married for just over 5 years. Like Kim and Steve they were very sexual but had no experiences with others. Sheri is a cute redhead with shoulder length hair, about 5’2”. Rick is a little stocky about 5’9” with black hair.
The two couples have been good friends since they moved to the neighborhood about the same time. Rick and Steve would play golf and go to ball games together while Sheri and Kim enjoyed shopping together. The four would get together for BBQ’s and neighborhood parties. They would usually end up drinking together and many times to excess. As they would drink the conversations would always lead to the guys talking about sex and the girls telling them to stop. Steve had always had a thing for redheads. Kim knew this and even dyed her hair red to give Steve his fantasy of a redhead. Rick was always trying to get a look at Kim’s tits as he flirted with her. The closest they had come to anything was on New Year’s Eve they were all pretty drunk and at midnight each was kissing the other’s spouse. Tongues started exploring and so did the hands. Nothing was said but everyone was very turned on.
The annual neighborhood party was being held at the club house that was down the street from their houses. Kim, Steve, Sheri and Rick all walked down to the party together. After some hamburgers and lot of beer, the party was breaking up. Rick suggested they continue the party back at their house and play some cards.
They stumbled back to the house as they were all rather drunk. Steve got out the cards while Sheri and Kim got out more beer. Sheri asked what game they were playing.
Steve told her they were playing poker. Steve passed out chips and then dealt the cards. After a few hands Steve announced that the game was boring, the chips had no meaning and it wasn’t fun he said.
Sheri asked him if he wanted to play for real money.
Steve said no he wanted to play for something else. He said “let’s play strip poker.”
Kim quickly hit her husband and told her husband to stop being a horndog.
Sheri chimed in slurring her words saying that it could be fun and that they should try it. Rick with a very surprised look on his face, looked at her and said “really?”
Sheri said sure, it would be fun and they could stop before things got out of hand. Rick said that if Sheri was in he was in. The three of them looked at Kim and she shrugged her shoulders and said “what the hell I’m in.”
Steve dealt the cards and said that winner of the hand picks who loses clothing, shoes count together. They all had on flip-flops or sandals so it really didn’t matter.
Steve won the 1 st 2 hands and had both girls take off their flip-flops. They both did their best striptease move with flip-flops. Sheri won the next hand and pointed to Steve to take off his shoes.
Rick won the next hand, after a little hesitation Rick points to Kim. Kim thought about it for a second, if she takes off her shirt her bra will be exposed and if she takes off her shorts then everyone will see her panties. She chooses her shirt, pulling off her shirt showing her black bar covering her tits. Rick and Steve hooted with approval.
Sheri won the next hand and pointed to Rick to take off his shoes. Rick made a big production of taking off his sandals dancing in front of the girls. Kim won the next hand and pointed back at Rick. Rick quickly pulled off his shirt and then said that it wasn’t fair because the girls each had one more piece of clothing than the guys.
Kim with just her black bra covering her tits said that they could quit if the guys didn’t think the game was fair. Steve told him to shut up and deal. Rick won the next hand and pointed to Kim telling her to take something off. Rick’s eyes got real big as Kim moved her hand up to her bra but just as she was pulling at the clasp she reached down and pushed her shorts off, exposing her little white panties. Both guys were obviously excited both their shorts had tents in them.
Sheri won the next hand and pointed to Steve. Steve stood up and pulled off his shirt. The girls did a few cat calls for Steve as he stripped his shirt off. When he got done, Rick suggested that they move to the floor so they were not sitting around the table. He said the view would be better without the table in the way. Steve got more beers as they moved to the floor.
Steve won the next hand and pointed to Sheri, now it was Sheri’s turn to pull something off. She choose her shirt and pulled it off showing a little pink bra cover her tits. Her tits weren’t as big as Kim’s but her fair skin with the pink bra enticed Steve. Steve stared at her tits till Kim elbowed him. Kim won next pointing to her husband as a little pay back for ogling her friend. Steve got up and slowly pulled his shorts down. His boxers were pointing out, still hiding his hard cock. Sheri whistled loudly telling him to take it off. Steve sat down and dealt the next hand.
Sheri won the hand and took a long hard look at her husband Rick. Rick started to get up when Sheri pointed at Steve and said let’s see it big boy. Rick knew his wife was drunk but surprised how bold his little redhead was. Kim joined Sheri in clapping and hooting at her husband. Steve stood up again and slipped his boxers down his legs, his 8 inch cock was hard as a rock. As Steve sat down Sheri reached out and slapped Steve’s butt. Kim asked then “Is Steve out?”
Sheri said “Oh no, if Steve loses then we can make him do what we want.” Steve dealt the next hand and this time Steve won. Steve pointed to Sheri and said take it off. Sheri stood up and pulled down her shorts exposing her matching pink panties. She tried to hide it, but everyone saw the little wet spot on the front of her pink panties. Sheri sat down but her gaze kept going back to Steve’s hard dick. Sheri dealt the next hand and Kim won. She quickly pointed to Rick and told him it was his turn.
Rick stood up and pulled down his shorts showing off his white briefs that barely contained his hard on. Rick sat down to more cat calls form Kim and Sheri. Kim looked over to Sheri and told her that “it looks nice” slurring her words a little.
Steve said that he needed another beer and would get a round for everyone. Kim got up and said that she was going to help him. When they got in the kitchen, Kim asked Steve how far he wanted to take this. Steve leaned in and gave Kim a little kiss and told her that they all got to see him naked and it was only fair that everyone else got naked. Kim said ok if you don’t mind Rick seeing me naked. Steve told her they were all friends and any way they can almost see everything now. She reached down and gave his cock a little squeeze and said let’s go get naked then. They grabbed the beers and walked back into the living room.
Rick dealt the cards and won the hand. Rick pointed at Kim and just smiled. Kim looked over at her husband for approval, who just nodded his head. Kim stood and slowly unclasped her black bra letting if fall away from her tits. She shook her tits at Rick and asked him if he was happy. Rick glanced down at the tent in his briefs and said “oh yeah can’t you tell.”
Sheri won the next hand; she looked right at her husband and then pointed to Steve. Steve looked puzzled for a second pointing to his nakedness and said “what?” Sheri told him to go over to his wife and kiss and lick her tits till she told him to stop. Kim hooted her approval. Steve looked at her and said “is that a punishment? If so I love it.” Steve walked over and stated kissing Kim’s hard little nipples and fondling her tits. Kim moaned her approval till Sheri called times up. Sheri gave Steve a little swat on his naked ass as he sat back down.
On the next hand Steve won, he pointed to Sheri and said let’s see them. When Sheri stood up the little wet spot on her pink panties had clearly grown. She seductively took her bra off and threw it to the floor. Her little pink nipples were hard and pointy. Steve won again and looked at Sheri telling her it was time for her to get naked. Sheri look at her husband just for a second then the she slid her panties down her legs showing her pussy for her friends. She had just a little bit of red muff to prove she was a true redhead. They all just stared for a minute till Kim asked if they should keep playing. Steve chimed in saying “oh yeah, there are still some who have cloths on so deal the next hand.
Kim won the next hand and quickly pointed to Rick, Sheri said finally. Rick stood up and lowered his briefs. His dick wasn’t as long as Steve’s but it was fatter. Kim let out a big “mmmmm.”
Kim won again. Kim got a sly grin on her face, she looked at Rick and then Sheri. Kim then pointed to Steve, she told Steve to go over to Sheri and kiss her tits like he just did hers. Steve looked at Kim and Rick and said are you sure? They both said to go on do it. Sheri leaned back as Steve walked over to her. Steve looked back at his wife and Sheri’s husband one more time and they both waved him on. Steve leaned in and gave her nipples a kiss. Sheri now moaned in approval. Sheri had her eyes closed enjoying Steve’s kisses on her tits expecting at any time for Kim or Rick to call time.
After a short time she opened her eyes to see Rick had moved over to Kim was kissing her tits. She looked down further and saw that Kim had her hand wrapped around Ricks cock. Sheri decided that she didn’t want to be left out and reached out to grab Steve’s hard dick. Sheri lost her grip on his cock as Steve kissed his way down Sheri’s body. Sheri opened her legs as Steve moved between her legs. He kissed the little fluff of red pubic hair. Sheri moaned loudly as Steve kissed her very wet pussy. She looked up to see that Kim’s lips were wrapped around her husband’s cock.
Kim took Rick’s cock into her mouth as now Rick was moaning. Rick was truly enjoying Kim’s blow job as he was watching his wife have her pussy eaten by his golf buddy. Kim’s panties were still on and Rick wanted them off so he could taste her. He didn’t want her to stop sucking him so he guided her ass more toward his head. Kim let out a moan into Rick’s dick when Rick hand first rubbed her pussy over her panties. Kim was very wet and so were her panties. She reached down without taking Rick’s cock out of her mouth and helped Rick slide her panties off. She scooted around to wrap her legs around Rick’s head. Rick reached his tongue up to her dripping pussy and started licking.
Sheri started to breath heavily; she grabbed Steve’s head and pushed it into her pussy. Sheri started to cum hard into Steve’s face. Sheri really wanted to taste Steve’s cock. She moved over him and took his cock into her mouth. As she was sucking Steve’s cock Kim and Rick were still 69ing. After a short time sucking Steve’s dick Sheri kissed her way up to Steve’s lips and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Sheri swung her leg over Steve laying on him as he kissed him. They had crossed many lines that night and knew she was about to cross a big one. She lined up her pussy and reach down to guide Steve’s cock into her pussy. Kim looked up from Rick’s dick, when about 3 feet from her, she watched as her husband’s cock disappeared into the redhead’s pussy. Rather than jealously; she was craving Rick’s fat dick in her. She rolled off Rick to lie next to her husband. Kim spread her legs. Rick didn’t need an invitation; he moved over her and shoved his cock into Kim’s soaked pussy. Kim leaned her head over to give her husband a kiss as Rick’s cock entered her.
Steve didn’t last much longer and announced he was cumming. Sheri road him harder as he shot his load into her. Hearing Steve cum into his wife seemed to put Rick over the edge. Rick grunted shooting his cum into Kim.
The four lay there with the guys softening dicks still in their pussies. Sheri looked down and said “Well that was quite a game of poker.” They all laughed and said that they would have to have to play again.
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