Steamy Waters
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He lies on the concrete deck until he hears a small splash and realizes he has missed her sensual diving entry into the slowly rippling pool beside him. Quickly jumping up, taking his shirt off and dropping it to the ground, he jumps into the pool. She floats on her back on the other end of the pool, still and staring at a deeply blue sky. He enters stealth mode, and taking a deep breath, swims underwater to her. The strings of her bathing suit bottoms effortlessly float in the water. Taking a string in each hand, he unties the left side without coming up for air or touching her. Slyly swimming under her to her right side, he unties those strings, as well. Given the necessity of oxygen, he decides to surface for air between her floating legs which are widely spread. Slightly less wisely, he grabs her around the waist, pulling her away from her daydream. She screams in surprise, dunks him under the water, and then swims to the side of the pool. Her untied bottoms float to the surface of the water. He swims to her side of the pool and places his hand on her bottom. She turns to him and he holds his hands up as he walks and enters shallower water. He promises to not surprise her again. She considers the veracity of this statement, and decides to go with it.
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