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Her heart rose in her mouth but she said nothing as he shut the backseat passenger door lacing his hands around her waist pulling her in for the kiss that she had waited all week for.
She didn’t even care that he hadn't noticed the new black lace under his fingers. All she wanted was the damn kiss; as if he read her mind he caressed her toned bottom and pulled her forward as she wrapped her hands around his neck. Like a paintbrush sweeping a canvas his lips enveloped hers and she tasted the sweet scent of his breath as her tongue brushed against his.
The immediate effect it had on him was evident as it rubbed against her leg asking to be released. Running her hand along his hardening cock her fingers found the zip and began to fumble with the button on his jeans. She wanted him and she didn't care if it was in the back of an off road vehicle.
Pulling down his jeans and boxers she got on her knees beside him, licking his inner thighs all the way up to where his balls hung. Kissing them softly she took her hand and grasped the rock hard shaft, enjoying how it pulsed in her hand. His hardness for her always made her wet even when he hadn't touched her and now was no different. Seeing his swollen head ooze with pre cum she could not help but lap it up with her tongue.
He always tasted so good, she thought to herself as she continued rolling the tip of her tongue on him mixing her saliva with his liquid nectar. Suddenly he shudders as she parted her lips and took the first two or three inches of his cock into her mouth, sucking gently and continued circling the head with her tongue. Her hand continued to stroke the shaft as she wanked him off into her mouth.
He always told her she was so naughty when she sucked his cock like that and was about to do so when she surprised him by taking him further and further into her mouth until her nose was touching his stomach. He didn't understand how she could do that even when he was as hard as he was now. He could feel her throat muscles tighten around him and God it felt amazing.
He couldn't take anymore and had to have her on her back. Pulling her up he again kissed her and lay her back on the leather seats where he was going to drive her insane through his incessant teasing like he always did.
Hearing a strange noise she looked out of the tinted window behind her before she relaxed and lowered her head to face him. She looked dead into those beautiful eyes that she couldn't help but love and saw that in turn, he was looking at her like he was about to devour her. Pushing her down off her elbows he lifted her arse towards him and began to lick her swollen clit over her lace panties. He loved the way her body reacted to his touch. The lightest featherweight kisses had her clutching her swollen breasts and nipples and made her breath shallow. He knew what she wanted but he wasn't going to give it to her that easily. Using the thumb of his right hand he pulled her panties down to her knees and began to feast on her pussy.
She didn't know what he did to make her feel like this but the feeling rushing through her body caused her to do nothing but moan in pleasure and arch her hips back and forth across his tongue. She knew that she would cum if he didn't stop and tried to wrestle her way from underneath him failing miserably. There was only one way she would get him to stop.
"Baby please take me" she panted and flipped herself onto her knees with her arse in the air waiting. She felt him rub her pussy collecting some of her juices on his finger before lubricating her tight rosebud. She smirked as she knew he understood her. Now she was going to get what she wanted.
She felt the head of his cock as he stroked it up and down between her cheeks stopping every now and again to play with her beckoning hole and clit. She moaned into the leather upholstery wishing he would just slide himself inside her. Just as she wished it to happen she felt the pressure behind her as he moved to slip his head into her heart shaped chocolate backside. He knew she trusted him because he never had a problem sliding inside her. It was as if she wanted him there. Feeling it give way he bottomed out and felt her contract and purr in pleasure.
“Oh baby”, she cooed pushing back on him trying to force him even deeper. Grabbing onto her shoulders he fucked her with deep long strokes. She was his and he had to show her that. Picking up speed as he kissed her along her spine caused her to call his name. Gently at first but it got louder and more guttural with each thrust. He knew this meant she was cumming. Not letting up on her he felt her arse muscles contract around him.
She yelled all mother of bad language as a torrent of cum erupted from her soaking his balls. He loved how much she squirted and didn't want to stop knowing he had that control over her. Hammering away she begged him as the last orgasm was still washing over her. But he teased her and spread her legs wider so he could go deeper still.
The pressure from her arse caused the hot load of cum to begin rising in his balls and he knew he too was close to climax. He needed to kiss her, knowing the urgency of her kisses and softness of her lips would help him reach that point. Pulling her back so she was sitting upright on his cock he found her panting mouth and kissed her deeply at the same time hot streams of cum painted her shuddering walls. She collapsed forward breaking their kiss. He sat and watched her as her stomach muscles twitched thinking that she was momentarily paralysed. It had happened to them before as he reminisced about that wonderful night. But she opened her eyes and smiled that naughty smile which he knew meant she still had a trick or two up her sleeve.
Getting back between his legs she licked the cum that continued to flow from his softening erection, cleaning the products of their vehicular fornications as he stroked her hair and neck whilst she finished. She sighed sated rising on to the seat and running a finger across the fogged up windows before giving him another light kiss. She knew she didn't need anybody else and there was probably no one that could satisfy her the way he did.
Finding her panties on the floor she wrapped them up and stuck them in his open hand.
"So you don't forget" she said as she got dressed and climbed out of the car leaving him with the delicate lace still sweet with the juices he coaxed from her.
"Never" he said as he eased them into his pocket as he watched her slip through her front door wishing he had kissed her before she got out of the car.
Next time he told himself as he started the engine and drove away.
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