Checking on the Cabin
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Every year my father-in-law, two brother-in-laws and I take a week long hunting vacation to my in laws cabin. The cabin is a couple hours outside of town on a lake, a very secluded lake. There are only a half a dozen other cabins on the lake besides my in laws.
The Wednesday before our trip I was sitting at my desk at work when the power went out. Apparently the construction company building the office across the street did something to overload the transformer and it blew. My boss got the notification that we would be without power until late that afternoon or early evening so he let us go home early.
I called my father-in-law and told him that since I had all this extra time I was going to drive down to the lake and check and see what supplies we would need for our trip next week. I ran home changed my clothes and called to let my wife know what I was doing, then headed out to the lake.
As I pulled up the long drive to the cabin I saw my sister-in-law Shelly’s SUV. I thought it was odd but figured her husband must be doing some work on the cabin that he had promised to do earlier that year. I parked my truck and walked up to the door.
When you walk into the cabin you are in the combined living, dining, and kitchen area. There are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom at the opposite end of the cabin. I opened the door expecting to see my brother-in-law, Eric working on the faucet in the kitchen or weather proofing the windows in the living room. Boy was I surprised.
What I saw was my sister-in-laws best friend, Kerri, naked on the kitchen table with Shelly’s head buried in between her legs eating her pussy. Kerri’s head was back her long blonde hair draped on the table, her hands entwined in Shelly’s black hair. She seemed to be pulling Shelly’s head deeper into her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she had not seen me.
Shelly was sitting in a chair naked from the waist up. Her hand was up under her skirt inside her panties I assumed. My dick immediately began to swell. I hadn’t shut the door and the cool breeze must have got their attention. Kerri opened her eyes and turned her head, our eyes locked and she had this look of guilt all over her face. She never made an effort to move or even push Shelly away. Then her face contorted and she cried out in orgasm. Now I knew why she didn’t try to make a break for it she couldn’t.
Shelly pulled her head from Kerri’s dripping pussy, and began to move to kiss her then she must have seen me out of the corner of her eye. She turned and the look of horror on her face said it all. She was caught. “This is not what it looks like,” she said.
I had no reply. “Please don’t tell Eric, Mike. He wouldn’t understand,” she pleaded. She began to step towards me as she asked me to keep quiet about what I saw. I could see the hardness of her nipples as she got closer, and my pants seemed to get just a bit tighter.
“I won’t say a word. This will stay between us, I swear,” I finally stammered. I turned to leave and she grabbed my arm and turned me to her. “Mike, you really swear that you won’t ever tell him, or anyone for that matter-of-fact.”
“I swear. Now I’m going to leave and pretend this never happened.”
Suddenly Kerri chimed in, “Shel, why don’t you guarantee his silence .” Shelly and I turned to look at her both puzzled. “My cunt is sopping wet and as much as I love your tongue and fingers, I’m willing to bet that his cock would feel great right about now,” Kerri continued. “So if we fuck him silly he can’t say a word because he’s just as guilty as us.”
A wicked grin grew across Shelly’s face. She turned to me and her hand reached out and began to rub my hardon through my jeans. “Ya know Kerri, you’re a fucking genius. How about it Mike? You wanna fuck us? You wanna watch as we lick and suck each others soaking wet pussies? Would you like it if I let you fuck me from behind while Kerri sucked my clit? You wanna fuck my ass, Mike? Do Ya?” Shelly kept stroking me as the words rolled off of her tongue.
I was dumbfounded and could only nod. Shelly smiled and pulled me to her and we began to kiss. Kerri shut the door and locked it before she came up behind me and began to undress me. I was like a zombie I couldn’t respond just react. Shelly’s hands began to undo my jeans as Kerri slid my jacket off and removed my t-shirt. Shelly slid my jeans and boxers down and my cock sprang free.
Kerri came around to join her and began to kiss and suck my nipples. Shelly dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck the head of my full seven inches. Kerri got on her knees and began to suck on my balls as Shelly’s mouth engulfed my shaft and began to suck and bob on my cock.
I looked down and could see Kerris hands rubbing Shelly’s clit. My hands went to Shelly’s head and I took her face in my hands and began to pump in and out of her mouth. Kerri laid on her back underneath Shelly and began to eat her. Shelly was looking up at me with her big brown eyes and that was all it took. I thrust forward and exploded deep into her throat. Her throat muscles milk every last drop out of me. I pulled out and Shelly licked he lips getting any stray drops she may have missed.
She smiled at me then dove into Kerri’s pussy. This was way too hot. I got down next to Shelly and began to lick Kerri’s clit as she tongue fucked her. Kerri must have been getting close to cumming because she moaned and whimpered around Shelly’s clit. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to suck as my tongue flicked back and forth across it. We were awarded as Kerri arched her back and flooded both our mouths with her juices. We pulled away from Kerri and let her have a moment to catch her breath.
During all that was going on my dick had risen to full length again and Shelly spied it and pulled me to her. “ Fuck me Mike,” she said rather bluntly. She got down on all fours and I kneeled behind her. Kerri’s hand encircled my cock and guided it into Shelly’s soaked pussy. I took her tiny waist in my hands and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Soon I felt Kerri’s tongue on my balls as she licked alternating between my balls and Shelly’s clit.
“Harder, Mike. Pound my pussy baby,” Shelly growled at me. I began fucking her like it was the last piece of ass I would ever have. Kerri’s tongue completely left my balls and focused on the clit above her. Shelly began to tense, Kerri sucked and licked her clit harder and faster. Shelly began to buck back into me, matching me stroke for stroke. Her intense thrusts drove me deeper and deeper into her. Then she went completely still as she cried out. Her pussy muscles contracted around my shaft and her juices began to spill out onto my balls and into Kerri’s mouth.
I barely had a chance to pull out of Shelly when Kerri pushed me onto my back and impaled herself on my hard dick. She began to ride me placing her hands on my chest for support. I reached up and began to fondle her ample breasts and rub her clit. She grunted and moaned animal like noises as she fucked herself with my cock.
Suddenly Shelly lowered her pussy onto my mouth and commanded me to eat her. I licked and sucked her snatch as Kerri started slamming herself down onto my pole. Shelly pushed my hands away and began to rub Kerri’s clit. She slammed herself down one last time and came hard.
Shelly stood and pulled me up with her almost knocking Kerri over as she did. She led me to the dining room table where she laid herself face first onto it. “Stuff your cock into my tight ass Mike. Fuck me like a little slut,” she pleaded. I slid into her pussy a few times to lube my cock up and then aimed it at her tiny anus. Slowly I slid in inch by inch. This was the first time I had ever fucked a woman in the ass and it was amazing. There was a slight resistance at first but once my head got passed her sphincter her ass seemed to pull me deeper into her.
I let her ass adjust to having my cock in her then I began to slowly slide in and out. Soon I was fucking her ass at a fevered pitch. Somehow without me knowing Kerri had gotten behind me, I only knew because her finger began to slide into my asshole. I didn’t know how to react all I knew is suddenly I could feel an intense orgasm building in my balls.
Shelly must have sensed something because she pushed me away and pulled Kerri onto her knees. Both were in front of me and Shelly began to jerk me off. My head went back and I began to shoot huge amounts of cum all over the girls tits. Shelly kept milking me until I was dry and then they licked my seed off of each others chests.
Soon after we all calmed down we dressed and kissed each other goodbye. I made a list off what we needed to bring for our hunting trip and hopped into my truck and drove home.
The next week after one night of hunting me and Eric were sitting out on the porch having a beer. The subject of our wives came up and he said,” You know I’d really like to spice up our sex life, but I don’t know if Shelly would be up to it.” I almost choked on my beer and turned and said,” You know I think if you word it right you can suggest anything to her and she might go for it.”
“You think so?” he asked
“Sure. Call it a hunch.” I said.
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