Don't tease a tease
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I knock at your door.
The bitter winter wind swirls around me, flowing up between my stocking clad legs. I shiver. Locks of carefully curled hair are tossed in the breeze. The thin red coat I have on to hide my evening attire is doing nothing to keep me warm. My nipples push against silk; the corset restraining them only creates further friction, making me shift my weight trying to ease the tingle between my thighs.
You finally open the door looking a little flustered. Apologies roll quick and fast, it seems your friend and his wife have popped in unexpectedly. I whisper "No worries" and graze my nails over your chest smiling impishly at you.
Following you through I seat myself across from your friend as you introduce him and his wife. Ever the polite host you offer me a drink; I accept. Your friend’s wife excuses herself to the bathroom as you make your way to the kitchen.
Your friend gives me a questioning glance, a raised eyebrow and mischievous smile.
I stand up; one eyebrow raised mocking him slightly. I deftly open the buttons to my knee length coat. My tongue runs over my red painted lips showing him your treat.
As you walk back in I’m sat pretending to fiddle with the top button. You look at your friend’s glazed expression and glance questioningly to me. I just smile. He stands up making excuses about leaving. His partner comes down the stairs and is quickly ushered out in a daze.
I lean against the doorframe as you say your good-byes. He whispers something to you as his wife goes out the door. Shutting the door you grin and ask what I did to him.
I grab your upper arms, nearly loosing focus thinking of biting into them as you fuck me; I spin you around and push you back ‘till you’re seated roughly on the stairs. Taking a step back, I slowly pop the buttons one by one; keeping the coat drawn together. Smiling at you I slip it off my shoulders, letting it pool at the bottom of my black thigh high fuck-me boots.
A huge grin splits your face and the bulge in your jeans increases. Warmth floods my stomach as I slowly rotate for you. Showing you it all: red silk corset, black lace French knickers, sheer black stockings topped with red lace and fuck-me boots.
Kneeling in front of you my eyes intense on yours, I unzip your jeans pulling them down to your ankles but not all the way off. My tongue leisurely licks the length of your swollen shaft. Swirling my tongue around the tip; moaning as I taste your pre-cum. Licking, nibbling and teasing just the tip until you wrap your hands in my hair trying to push me down further. I let you. Sinking as much as I can take into my mouth, then pushing further gagging slightly, you groan.
Pulling off you I dash past you up the stairs.Your jeans bunched up around your ankles hinders your pursuit. Pulling them up roughly, but leaving them undone you race up the stairs. Finding me on your bed, my underwear pulled to the side my finger circles my swollen clit. You lean against the door frame as I dip my finger into my bare wet pussy sighing as delve deep into me.
Pulling them out, bringing them to my lips to taste them but you pounce on me. Grabbing my wrist you suck them into your mouth licking them clean, your tongue dances over my fingertips sending tingles to my excited clit.
Grabbing one hand you push it above my head, seizing the other one and doing the same. Manoeuvring so both my hands are restrained by one of yours; grazing your fingertips of the other hand down the side of my neck, over the silk of the corset, my breasts heaving as lust overwhelms my senses.
My legs splayed around yours, fingers stroke across the smoothness of my pussy. Your eyes intent on my lust glazed ones, stroking gently over my wet slit coating your fingers then forcefully plunging two into my excited cunt. My hips arch to your fingers, pussy stretching around them as I groan.
Fucking me hard with your fingers, thumb playing with my excited clit, making me scream as I cum around them. Your teeth bite into my neck, prolonging my orgasm and leaving your mark on me. Juices coat your hand. You slow down your pace leisurely fucking me with them as I gasp and whimper.
Pulling them from my sensitive pussy you bring them to my lips, brushing over them I lick them whimpering for more but you take them away.
Releasing my wrists, kneeling up pulling your hard thick cock from your jeans and slathering my cum all over it. I dive for you, shoving you back onto the bed, engulfing your cock sucking on you greedily. Licking and sucking over your big cock your hips rock pushing more of you down my throat.
Having licked all my cum off you I crawl up your body, the lace of my French knickers gently rubbing against you as I rock my hips. Your fingers wrap in my hair pulling me down for a kiss I come willingly my lips lock with yours.
During the kiss I take your hands in mine, pushing them up above your head. You don’t even notice when I put your wrists through the straps attached to your bed. Keeping hold of your wrists so the pressure feels normal, I kiss down your neck over your chest and up your arms to your wrists.
My teeth grazing over the sensitive skin on your inner wrist as your teeth tease the top of my corset lips on my full breasts. Switching to your other wrist a low groan rumbles through your chest my lips travelling down I keep my hands on yours until my lips get to your stomach, then I trail my nails down over your chest as I nibble on the waistband of your jeans.
You try to move your hands to touch me but your hands jolt. A confused expression crosses your face as I look up at you. I grin my Cheshire cat smile as you realise I’ve got you bound.
Muttering a few choice words, you’d forgotten you’d told me they were there. The tables have now turned.
Teasing you, licking and sucking you with my hot soft mouth as you fight against the bonds. Relaxing I shimmy off the bed; standing before you I slowly pop the hooks on my corset dropping it to the floor. I’m left in just my soaked black French knickers, stockings and boots. Slipping the knickers off but leaving the boots and stockings on I crawl back on the bed.
Positioning my pussy over your rigid cock, you fight hard against your bonds.Placing the tip in my tight cunt, I sink onto you inch by inch. You growl and grind your teeth as I lean forwards but leaving my hard pink nipples just out of your reach. Grinding onto you, rolling my hips as I rise and fall over your now slick cock, I moan smiling at you as you try to thrust up hard but I just rise off you completely.
Sliding back down, I rock back and forth slightly denying both of us what we need. You tell me to undo your bonds. I decline grinning. I squeeze my nipples between my fingers as I fuck you, lifting one to my lips I bite and suck on it. Rocking over you faster, my breathing coming hard and fast, my head falls back as I cum hard over your thick cock.
You try to desperately to pull the bonds off so you can play with my bouncing tits but they hold. Howling in frustration you slam your hips up to mine making me scream and cum again. I reach back and slap your thigh hard! Then slip my calves over the top of them. You glare at me but I just smile back slowing down.
I reach behind me; my fingers gently squeezing your balls, rolling them in between my fingers as my pussy muscles milk your cock. I want your cum inside me, filling me. I feel your cock swell and balls contract, I keep my steady pace prolonging your orgasm as you fill me. Slowing down, both of us gasping as we come down off our high, you relax against your bonds.
Thinking it’s safe to untie you I release your hands. Your wrists red where you’ve pulled at the bonds so hard, beckoning me down to kiss you I lean forwards. Your hands stroke along my back, nails grazing over me. One on my shoulder the other on my hip
You flip me on my back quickly grabbing my wrists and securing them.
You grin at me wolfishly as I roll my eyes at you. I can’t believe I fell for it. I should have known you’d want to get me back, but I didn’t think it would be so quick. Your cock still hard inside me; you slam your cock into me, tits bouncing violently as I moan hard.
Grabbing my ankles and pulling my legs onto your shoulders plunging your cock in deeper. I try to match your thrusts but I can only push my hips up to meet yours. My mind and body is bombarded by pleasure as you slam into me, multiple orgasms rack my body.
Your sharp teeth sink into my leg taking me higher. I scream one final time then whimper my body oversensitive. You release my legs but keep yourself positioned inside me, slowly stroking gently over my clit.
You raise your eyebrow and ask if I’ve had enough.
Keeping my mouth shut I don’t want to back down.
Smirking you thrust into me a little harder and I nod.
You reach forwards and undo my wrists, softly kissing the red marks left. Pulling out and laying next to me. Still gasping and whimpering I try to smile at you but my body won’t respond.
You grin a smug smile at me. "Don’t tease a tease, baby."
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