Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK V
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It didn’t take long for me to become disoriented. Even if I’d been familiar with the house, blindfolded as I was, I’d have become lost very quickly. Without my sight, though, I had no idea of my surroundings. All I knew is that Laura still had the other end of my leash and Ally was behind me, running her hand over my ass, reminding me of my status as a sexual plaything.
She wasn’t the only one who took liberties touching me, I should add. I’m not sure if they were encouraging it or not, but once again I felt other hands on me as I was led through the crowded party. It was obvious that, as the night wore on, people were losing their inhibitions, at least as far as I was concerned. I felt my breast being grabbed, my nipple pulled, hands roaming over me from every direction, fingers trailing over my tummy, teasingly near my pussy, and then, even there as we paused, Ally’s hands on my shoulders, holding me motionless in the middle of a crowd. Helplessly, I endured it, fighting for each breath as someone teased my pussy lips open and slipped a curving finger inside of me.
“Whore.” Ally whispered, her moist lips brushing my hair.
Trembling, I nodded, answering with a soft moan as it was joined by a second finger, violating me, pushing in and out of me as I stood there and moaned like a slut, silently pleading that no one would interrupt my unseen defiler, wondering how long it would take for him, or her, to make me cum.
“What to do with our dirty little whore.” Laura mused, giving my leash a light tug, setting my feet in motion once more, whimpering as the sensation of fingers in my pussy suddenly stopped.
“Whores are only good for one thing, isn’t that right?”
I nodded, unsure if the question had been meant for me or for Mistress Laura. Either way, I knew the answer and agreed whole heartedly with it. Whores were good for fucking. Well, sucking too, but I thought it wise not to contradict the girl who held my fate in her hands.
“Through here.”
Laura led me blindly through the party. I wondered if she even had a destination or if she was simply showing me off, blushing at the comments I overheard. Hot tramp. Sexy bitch. Dirty slut. Nasty whore. Disgusting pig. I was all of those and more and I secretly reveled in them, proud of what a dirty little sex toy I’d been turned into.
“Kneel.” Laura commanded, and I knelt for her, shivering as I felt a hand on my head, between my kitty ears, fingers tangling in my hair as my face was pushed under someone’s skirt. Ally’s I thought, or hoped, that illusion spoiled as I heard her voice behind me.
“Lick it, slut.”
Blindly, I stuck my tongue out as my head was forced between spread thighs, and began licking at a stranger’s panties, the fragrance of her ripe pussy teasing my nostrils, her pussy shielded by a thin layer of cotton that was quickly becoming soaked with her juices. Pushing my tongue tip between her lips, I did my best to penetrate her through her underwear as fingers tightened in my messy tresses, pulling at my scalp.
“Good girl.” Ally rasped above me. Her hand, I guessed, holding my head under a stranger’s skirt while I did my best to pleasure an unseen pussy as she began grinding her pussy against the back of my head, trapping my head between them. Fingers brushed my face pulling the panties aside, allowing me to push my tongue into her wet cunt, lapping eagerly at a swollen clit before parting her trembling lips like a small cock, and tongue fucking her, smothered, the light down of her pubes soft against my forehead as I pleasured her on my knees, eager to swallow every drop of her tang.
“Make her cum, whore.” Laura growled, shaking my leash playfully, the soft jingle of metal exciting me, my own cunt leaking down my thighs, dripping shamelessly on the carpet as I began pumping my tongue into her her with Ally’s help, my hands reaching around the unseen girl, slipping under her panties to grasp her tight little butt cheeks as I drove her closer and closer to a climax…
I felt her shudder and let out a soft cry of pleasure as she came, smiling with pride at how fast I’d driven her over the edge. I could feel Ally’s wet pussy against the back of my head as she pulled me away, giving me room to breathe, my face covered with sweat and cunt and cum.
“Did you like that, kitty?” she asked. I nodded, my smile eager, if shy, unable to find my voice. Instead, I let out what I thought was a reasonable attempt at a purr, which made all three girls chuckle. “I think she’s accepted her role, Ally.”
Laura’s voice was thick with lust and promises, sending a chill of excitement through me. It was true, I was taking to my new role as her and Ally’s dirty little kitty whore like a duck to water. I began looking forward, with only a small amount of trepidation, to what they’d put me through next, not caring how depraved it was.
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