The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim, Chapter 2
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The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim: The Petite Asian Lover
"Dedicated to one of the sexiest and sweetest women I have ever met: a tiny Asian-American who launched a thousand obsessions and countless fantasies. Sometimes she is slut, but she is always, always a saint."
Chapter Two: "Chip Off The Old Block"
It was a sunny morning as Bobbi cruised down the 405 on her way to Laguna Niguel. It was ultra-early for Bobbi but she was actually looking forward to a quiet weekend at the ocean front mansion owned by her friend Laura’s parents. All the hustle in LA was just getting on Bobbi’s nerves and besides that, she really wanted to work on her tan. Laura had called her earlier to let her know that she would be a little late. That was no surprise to Bobbi because Laura was spacey like that.
Laura told Bobbi, just to go to the house anyway. Laura said just her father and her teen-age brother would be there. Her mother, she said, was vacationing in Europe. Weird, Bobbi thought, that Laura’s mom would go on such a trip without the husband, but she didn’t pay it too much attention. Laura’s family was super wealthy after all and who could guess why the rich do what they do. Bobbi wasn’t thrilled about showing up alone, but she drove on.
Bobbi finally made her way from the security gate and pulled in to the driveway of the large house. She didn’t know what Laura’s father did for a living but whatever he did, he was making a lot of money. Bobbi wondered why Laura even had or wanted to work at all. Bobbi went to the trunk, lifted out her suitcase and made her way to the huge front door.
She rang the doorbell and after few moments, it opened. An extremely tall, older man answered the door. Bobbi thought that he was handsome and distinguished looking. He reminded her of Harrison Ford, except he was so tall. He had to be at least 6’5” or 6’6” and to Bobbi he looked like a giant. He must be Laura’s dad , she thought, that must be where she gets her height .
“Well hello”, he extended out his humongous hand “My name is Neil, I’m Laura’s father and you must be Bobbi, I’ve heard so much about you. Come in! Come in!”. Bobbi shook his hand; her tiny hand practically disappearing into his.
Neil grabbed Bobbi’s suitcase and motioned her to come in.
“Thank you,” was all Bobbi could say at that moment because she was still overwhelmed by the huge house and surprisingly, by Laura’s huge father.
He is a really good-looking man , Bobbi thought.
“Laura called earlier and said she was running late. That’s my daughter, always running late,” he laughed.
Bobbi smiled. “I know, she called me just before I left.”
“Well let me show you to the guest room Bobbi,” he said and led her up the grand staircase and down a hallway that had framed family photos and art.
One the photographs was a large portrait of beautiful blonde woman. She looked a lot like Laura but more athletic and mature. Bobbi thought it most certainly had to be her tennis-playing mother.
In the middle of the hallway there was a large open door and inside there was a large-screen TV on the wall. To Bobbi, it looked like a video game was being played.
Neil stopped in front of the door and yelled, “Neil Jr! Say hello to our guest Bobbi. Bobbi Lim.”
A figure then stood up from behind the sofa. He was a younger, lanky, awkward version of Neil and almost as tall.
“This is my son, Neil Jr.” Neil said, almost disappointingly.
“Hello,” said Neil Jr. shyly.
“She’s Laura’s friend and she’ll be staying with us for the weekend.”
“Ok,” Jr. answered in that awkward and uninterested tone that was typical of a teenager.
Neil stepped away and continued on.
“Teenagers! When I was in high school, at his age, I was playing football. Eighteen years old and he just plays video games all day. ”
He then opened the door to the guestroom. It was beautiful. It was bigger than her entire studio in Santa Monica. The window opened to an ocean view and she had her own bathroom with a hot tub.
“Well this is it.” He looked at Bobbi. “ I hope you enjoy your stay here.”
Bobbi looked at him and smiled, “Oh thank you, I think I will.”
“You will join us for dinner tonight, won’t you?”
“Sure.” Bobbi answered.
“That’s great. I actually have to meet some friends for golf right now but I really look forward to talking and getting to know you. Laura says you’re a great friend and I’m glad she has those because I do worry about her living in LA. She’s a smart girl but sometimes she’s a little…you know…”
“Naïve?” Bobbi finished his sentence. “Aw. You’re just a concerned daddy.”
Neil smiled awkwardly. Perhaps hearing Bobbi say the word ‘daddy’ excited him.
“So Bobbi, are you Japanese or…?”
Bobbi got that question a lot. She didn’t understand why white guys always had to ask her what sort of Asian she was. Normally, she would get pissed off at such a question but she wasn’t about to start any shit now with Laura’s father. After all, he was letting her stay in this amazing mansion.
She also knew he had to be a powerful man, yet he seemed somewhat nervous around her.
”No, I’m Korean.”
“Oh I spent about two years working in Korea, many years ago of course.”
Bobbi’s next thought was that Laura’s dad was probably another white guy with an Asian fetish. That didn’t bother her though, especially since she herself had a fetish for tall, handsome white men. Yes, we was older but very distinguished.
“Well then” she smiled, “you probably know more about Korea than I do, I was born here and have never been.”
“Oh really? I see. That’s great. It’s a great country. Wonderful people…well listen I won’t hold you up, so please make yourself at home and if you need anything, just ask my son, Neal Jr. The housekeeper is off this weekend. My son’s not good for much but hopefully he can help you with whatever you need around here.”
“Okay. Thank you.” Bobbi said in her polite little girl voice.
Neil hesitated in an awkward moment and then left the room.
Oh yeah , she thought. He wants me .
Later, after finally settling in, Bobbi changed into her new black bikini, put on Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses and made her way outside to the pool. She set her glass of Diet Coke on the patio table and sat down on the reclining chair. She lay on her tummy and rested her head on top of her folded arms. Bobbi took a deep breath to relax when suddenly she got the feeling that she was being watched. She knew that feeling well and as usual - she was right. Just beyond the bushes by the pool, Neil Jr. was standing there with his hands under his shorts, watching her and stroking himself.
She looked so hot, he thought, such a great little body. He couldn’t keep his eyes off that little ass--so perfect and round. Her skin looked smooth and glistened with her suntan oil. Just watching Bobbi lying motionless, gave him a raging teenage hard on that had to be dealt with. This was better than watching porn in his room, he thought.
But then, Bobbi spotted him out of the corner of her eye.
“For godssakes!” she said loudly.
Would she ever just get a chance to relax? She thought. Not even out for 15 minutes and she’s already become the masturbatory object for some teenage peeping tom. Bobbi let out a sigh and got up, there was only one thing she could do if she wanted to relax and sunbathe in peace.
Neil Jr. become nervous and started to take his hand out his pants as he watched her get up. Did she see him? Did she know?
Damn right she did.
Bobbi had an uncanny sense of knowing when guys were watching and jacking off to her. After all, it wasn’t like this was the first time. Leering teachers and dirty old uncles, who couldn’t seem to keep their hands to themselves, had fined tuned her senses.
Bobbi marched though the bushes and went straight to Neil Jr. He was frozen.
“Okay. Let’s take care of this now so we can both get on with our day,” Bobbi said matter-of-factly.
“What…what are you going to do? Are you going to tell my sister or my dad?”
Bobbi started to move and Neil instantly started to turn defensively as he was expected her to strike him.
But instead of a slap on the face, Bobbi got down on her knees in front of him, unzipped his shorts and said, “What are you talking about? I’m going to jack you off, dumb-dumb!”
Holy shit, he thought, what is she doing?
Holy shit, she thought, what am I doing?
Before he could say a word and before Bobbi could really think about what she was doing, she was already was pulling it out of his shorts.
“Oh ma!” Bobbi let out as his cock fell out of his shorts like a big overstuffed sausage.
Already taken aback by her own actions, Bobbi doubly surprised by his size. Actually a lot surprised--his cock was at least a good eight inches with plenty of girth. It started to make her a little horny as she thought if Junior here was a chip off the old block then what did the block look like?
That was one thing about being petite, because even an average guy was quite enough for Bobbi. Seven to eight inches was about the biggest she had had, but this one was so meaty. She grabbed it and looked at it curiously. It was semi-erect already, Bobbi could feel it stiffening up in her hand, and ever so diligently, she began to stroke it.
Stroking it gently, Bobbi glanced up at him, ”Ok, you know this is only going to happen once, right?”
“Y…yes…I understand.”
He still couldn’t believe this was happening, and neither could Bobbi for that matter but this was probably the only way she was going to be able to get her suntan without being ogled at all day. Obviously, she understood this kid had some pressure that needed to be relieved -a pressure that she could well relate to.
A little hand job isn’t going to hurt anyone , she thought. It might even be a little fun and Junior…well…she was quite certain there would be no complaining from him.
So Bobbi kept at it and eventually brought up her other hand to assist. This was a nice big dick, she thought but she was almost certain this kid didn’t know how to use it. That’s it , she thought, she should start a school to teach guys how to fuck properly. She could be the dean of that school she thought. Then the quite pleased but overly eager eighteen year old broke her train of thought…
“Can…can you put it in your mouth…suck it… you know?” Jr. asked sheepishly.
Bobbi stopped mid-stroke, looked up and asked, “Hey…do you want me just to stop?”
“NO! No! Please don’t!”
Bobbi shot back, “Ok then…no requests!”
Bobbi really hadn’t thought of giving him a blowjob, but she had to admit to herself that she was starting to have a little fun. Watching the look on his face, she decided to do a little teasing and placed her mouth just an inch from the head of his cock. Then she gave it a quick smooch.
“Oh fuck!” he yelled.
Bobbi looked up at Junior and gave him a wide smile. He could see his own reflection in the mirrored lenses of her Dolces. He could hardly believe it: his big sister’s pretty little Asian friend, on her knees and stroking him off.
Bobbi gave the prick another peck, then another and in an instant, half of the head was in her mouth. Keeping a controlled and steady rhythm, Bobbi continued to stroke, and massaged his prick with her tongue. Jr. attempted to put his hands around her head, but she slapped them off. Bobbi wasn’t about to let some snot-nosed kid direct this action.
Within moments however, it was about that time—Neil Jr. was about to blow. Bobbi knew it wouldn’t take long.
Not wanting to ruin her new bikini, Bobbi decided it would be best just to take it in her mouth. Again, not that she minded but a girl like Bobbi had to be practical. She had just bought this bikini from Victoria’s Secret. It wasn’t cheap and it was hard to find a nice one in her tiny size, so having it pasted with semen stains was not in her plans. A girl had to do what a girl had to do.
Bobbi looked up at Jr., she watched eyes close and watched his face start to contort. Bobbi dug her knees into the grass and got into position with her mouth covering the head of his cock. She didn’t want any leaks. Bobbi moved her hands up and down, up and down more vigorously until his entire body locked up.
“Fuck yes! Bobbi! Ahhhh” .
Bobbi kept her eyes on Jr. as she felt warm, chunky jets of semen blasting her tongue and filling her mouth. She continued stroking, but now a little slower, making sure his cock was completely drained.
“Oh fuck yes...that was amazing…oh god.”
Of course it was amazing , Bobbi thought, but she couldn’t exactly say it out loud because her mouth about now was clogged with cum and her own saliva. As to avoid any unnecessary dripping, Bobbi lifted her mouth off slowly. The head of his cock plopped out and left a thick droplet of semen on her lower lip. Bobbi used her pinkie finger and pushed the little cum drop into her mouth. Holding a healthy mouthful, She looked up at him again. Bobbi hummed a naughty little laugh that matched her naughty little look and gave him a playful slap on his ass.
But just at that moment, they both heard the gate open and saw Laura’s car drive in. Bobbi leaped up and pushed off Jr. to leave.
Still in shock, he lost his footing and fell right on his big awkward ass.
Bobbi ran back to the reclining pool chair and sat down. In all the excitement however, she forgot she still had Junior’s spunk in her mouth. Unable to find an inconspicuous place to spit, she quickly grabbed her glass of diet Coke. Bobbi took a huge gulp. cocktail of soda and sperm went down the hatch. A new taste for Bobbi for sure.
Laura got out of the car and walk over to the pool and waved.
“Hey Bobbi, I am sorry I was late but I stopped at the store to get some sandwiches and stuff.”
Bobbi still couldn’t get herself to speak; spooge still oozed down her throat. She kept gulping to help it all go down. After a few moments, it finally started to make its way down her throat, but she could still feel it in her chest. It was going down but it was taking its own sweet, slimy time.
Laura set the bag of groceries down on the patio table and went on.
“So have you been able to get much sun?
“Yeah…I got some…son.” Bobbi laughed.
Laura kept on. “I hope my brat of a brother hasn’t been bothering you. He can be such a pest.”
“Oh, I think he’s just fine. He’s been taken care of.”
“Taken care of?” She laughed, “Geez Bobbi, what did you say to him?”
“Oh nothing, I mean, I’ve just been relaxing. Everything is good.”
“Good, I am glad to hear that, you’ve seemed really stressed lately at work. I think this merger that David is working on is too much for him to handle and he’s been really hard on you.” Laura said it with a concerned look on her face.
“Yeah…he’s ‘hard’ on me alright. Hard from trying to looking up my skirt all day maybe!” Bobbi shot back.
“Oh Bobbi…don’t be so mean.” Laura took more food out the bag.
“Hey do you want a sandwich, aren’t you hungry?”
“Nah…that’s ok.” Bobbi answered. “I already ate…”
Then suddenly, Bobbi just gave out the loudest belch. At first, there was a moment of silence but then they both broke out into laughter.
“Oh Bobbi….gosh….that’s gross!” Laura said jokingly, “You are so silly this afternoon, what’s gotten into you?”
Bobbi put her hand over her mouth and giggled so hard with her little girl-like laugh.
If only Laura, had known what had “gotten into” her, she thought.
Laura gave her a funny look, “Gosh Bobbi….”
But Bobbi kept laughing to herself because her burp smelled just like cum and Coke. Luckily, Laura was too faraway or too dumb to notice.
End of Chapter 2
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