Blow Job in a Portable John
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This is almost a true story, I had to change the names to protect the participates.
BJ in a Port-a-john
I am a civilian working in Afghanistan at one of the very large US military bases with over 20,000 troops. I work in a tent, eat in a tent, sleep in a tent and the bathroom is in a tent. I live on a military base surround by America’s finest. Being a bi-sexual guy one would think that it would be easy to find hard rigid flesh for some MM activities. But the military restricts the access to the internet so gay sites and personal-connection web sites are banded so you have to resort to more primitive means of finding someone. The military does allow you to have access to personal email accounts so I found out that if I wrote my email address on the bathroom wall of the port a johns, when someone is sitting there he has a chance to notice my email. If they had a interest they would write it down.
On military bases there are no places where one can cruise to find like minded people. Space is limited and every place is being used for living or office place. Security is everywhere. So finding a place to meet and play has been a problem. First I had to find someone then we would have to find a place to meet and play without getting caught.
So I posted my email address in a few locations such as the bathroom stall or port a john and within two days receive an email.
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