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It’s 8pm on New Years Eve. I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror and just finished applying the final touches of my make-up.
I’m wearing a long black dress and just hope it won’t offend anyone at the party. It looks like a very simple dress from the front, but the back is cut out very low and with a back like that, there is just no way of wearing a bra. After a final check in the mirror, I walk out into the hallway. Looking at my watch, I realize I have 15 minutes until he will be arriving to pick me up.
When I say he, I mean my escort/date for the night. I still can’t believe how I ended up with my best girlfriend's brother attending one of the city's upscale New Years Parties.
One of my friends, who’s a member of the State Government got tickets for this event and Claire and I were looking forward to it since we heard we were invited two months ago.
It was supposed to be our first night back together - Claire had just moved back home after spending the past five years away at University. We planned to let the past year go out with a bang since it was very eventful and stressful for both of us. And what better way to do that then with great food, lots of people and some awesome entertainment.
Unfortunately, a few days before the party, Claire called me to let me know that she needed to travel out of town on a business trip and wouldn't be able to go with me. I was disappointed, but she immediately told me not to worry since she had the perfect replacement, her brother.
Mike is two years younger then we are and I have known him my whole life. So it really shouldn’t have been a problem at all if it wasn’t for the fact that I kind of developed an interest in him about two years ago. I recently admitted this to Claire and she was immediately excited. I was very surprised over her reaction since I had been scared to tell her earlier.
She told me it would be awesome if he and I dated, and that's why she thought of him when she knew she couldn't attend the party herself.
I've never been out with Mike alone, so I'm really excited to see what this night will bring.
The door bell rings just as I slip into my second black high heel. Feeling comfortable in them, I pull a wrap around my shoulders and walk to the door. Handle in hand, I take a deep breath and try to calm my nerves, but I couldn't have prepared myself enough for what I saw when I opened the door.
He stands in front of me wearing black dress pants, a white shirt and the matching suit jacket. His coat is draped over his arm and I smilingly acknowledge the lack of a tie.
“Hey, Kiki,” he says, as he steps up to me and pulls me in for a hug.
Inhaling his scent, I give him a squeeze back and realize how muscular he is. Letting go of him, I step back to look him over and say, “Lord, Mikey, when did you get a suit? You look very handsome! I should take you to a party more often.”
He just smiles at my joke and puts on his coat while I slip into mine.
“Are you ready?” he asks me, while grabbing for my hand and pulling it through the loop of his arm. I just nod as I close the door.
It's snowing as we step out into the cold. Afraid of slipping, I hold on to him tighter as we make our way to his car. There, he opens the passenger side door for me and I slide in. I watch him smiling as he walks around the car to get behind the wheel. Feeling relaxed, I fasten my seat belt and we drive off.
We start talking about our day and how we have been. Even though we live in the same building, we don't really see much of each other since we're both very busy with our jobs.
Remembering his greeting I start to smile, and he must have just looked at me because he asks me what was so funny that it puts such a grin on my face.
“Oh, it's just because I can't believe you still call me that silly nickname. You and your parents are the only ones still using it.”
He stops at a red light, which gives him enough time to turn around and face me.
“I still call you that because that's what you'll always be to me. You'll always be Kiki - the girl I grew up with and my sister's best friend. But if you want me to drop it, I'll stop, you just have to say so.”
Surprised and not knowing what to think, I only shake my head and reply, “No, it's fine. I like it, actually. When you guys use it, it feels like I'm part of the family.”
He lets out a chuckle and says, “You are part of this family. You know we all support and stand behind you, whatever you do.”
Hell, when did this former 'wanna-be-cool dude' become such a charmer, and I must admit that this could become a very interesting night.
After a thirty minute drive we finally arrive at our destination. The party is held in a small mansion at the outskirt of the city. A lot of celebrities and sportsmen have their homes there. I have been to this area before because the film studios are based there and I took the occasional studio tour.
Mike drives up to the front of the house where a valet is already waiting to take the keys and park the car. He gets out walks around and helps me out of the car. With his hand on my lower back we make our way up the steps.
We can hear the music, chatter and typical noise of a party as we walk through the doors. I can feel his hands on my shoulders as he grabs for my coat. I think I hear a sharp intake of breath as it slips from my shoulders and gives him a first glimpse of my bare back. He clears his throat and then says “I really like that tattoo, it is so you”.
I turn around look at him and ask, “And since when do you know me so well to tell what suits me”? He just smiles at me as he hands the coats to a server and moves me across the hall.
Determined not to let this conversation go, we step into the ballroom and I look around. Luckily our invitations hold the table numbers we're assigned to and we make our way across the floor.
I spot Max, the friend who had gotten us the tickets, and his wife, already seated at our table. I smile at them as we get closer. Max and Stephanie greet me with hugs. I introduce Mike to them and explain the situation why it's him and not Claire joining me tonight.
We all sit down and our conversation starts right of. We talk about Max's life as a politician and about what we hope the coming year will bring. After a few drinks and some great food Max and Stephanie decide to hit the dance floor. This is my chance to ask Mike what he meant with his earlier comment. He puts down his drink and looks at me.
“Well, the tattoo just fits you. It's very classy, even simple. I can understand why you picked it - it gives a statement to life but also shows that you're adventurous.”
I can only look at him in surprise and listen to how he sees me as a person. I don't know why it is important to me to hear what he has to say but it makes me feel really good.
I whisper a thank you and that's when I realize that he moved closer to me. His arm is draped across the back of my chair and his thumb is stroking over my shoulder. How did that happen without me feeling anything. Realizing it now sends a shiver through my body. Can he feel the electrical shock as well, as he moves his thumb over the spot between my shoulder and neck?
I want to say something but I'm speechless when I look up at him. I'm mesmerized by his eyes which clearly show that he feels the same.
During the core of the night this feeling just increases, as we flirt, dance, and just laugh about the simplest things. I enjoy being held by him every time we dance. His hand strokes up and down my back and I can't stop shivering when he pulls me closer against his body. I can feel him hard against me and I close my eyes still not believing that I'm dancing like this with my best friend's brother.
After dancing for a while, he looks at his watch and whispers in my ear, “It's close to midnight. Do you want to go onto the balcony upstairs, to see the fireworks?”
I know we will be alone upstairs because everyone else will be in the huge backyard to see them, but I agree anyway.
As we arrive upstairs, I walk outside to stand by the railing while he looks for some drinks for us. I look at the party guests as they stand in anticipation, gathered across the lawn. While I'm standing there I can't stop reflecting on the passing year. Not only my ups and downs at work and school have been very stressful, but also some family matters have kept me on my toes. Then my thoughts switch from the past year to the past couple of hours.
How much fun I had and what great company Mike is. Remembering our slow dances and how I could feel him getting harder against me over the evening. Knowing I'm not the only one affected puts a smile on my face.
All of a sudden I can feel him standing behind me. How can I be so aware of his presence after only a few hours together? He places our glasses onto the railing as he presses against my back. I feel his erection against me as he puts his hands on either side of my hips, holding me in place.
Even though it's a cold night I don't feel the chill. I even get hotter as I feel his lips on my shoulders slowly kissing a trail over my neck up to my ear. “Stay,” he whispers before he softly nibbles on my earlobe.
I can only nod; god he feels so good.
“What are you trying to do, Mikey?” I ask him, with what I hope a not to telling voice.
“Can't you guess?” is his only response. I can hear the frustration and something else in his voice. Something I've never heard before. Lust? Hunger?
I really hope it's both since I feel the same thing
I'm moving my hips a little bit against his front, which makes him curse. I continue this little teasing until he tightens his grip and growls, “God. Are you trying to kill me, Kiki? I've been dying all night long already. Looking at you in this dress has been making me crazy. I can't stop looking at you.”
One of his hands finds its way up my side and onto my breast. I moan deeply as he cups it and I press myself deeper against him. He's stroking over my nipple and we both feel how it becomes harder. His warm lips are all over my neck and shoulders as he plants kiss after kiss on me. The only thing I can do to keep my sanity from this slow seduction is to hold on tighter onto the railing as I feel the moisture gathering between my legs.
Enjoying this, I move one of my hands around me and place it between us to let it rest on the front of his pants. With a sharp intake of breath he moves into my hand and I can feel how hard he is. I know now that I couldn't stop this from continuing no matter what might happen. I want to be with him. Feel him moving inside me.
I should be scared and embarrassed knowing we could be caught by anyone. If just one of the other party guests turns around and looks up they'll know what we're doing. There is no way of disguising our movements and to be honest I don't really care. All I care for is for Mike to fill me. Right here and now.
I realize that I spoke the words out loud when he answers in a tortured voice, “You'll have me, don't worry sweetheart. I wanted this for so long now and tonight I'll finally have you”.
He removes my hand from his hard on and puts it back onto the railing. I open my mouth to complain, but before a word can get out I feel him gathering up my dress and slowly lifting it up and over my ass. His fingers stroke over my stocking covered legs and I slightly open them to give him better access to my hidden treasure. I can feel him smile as he kisses my neck and moves his hand between my legs and over my covered pussy.
His fingers stroke along my slit, turning me on even more. I push against him desperately wanting him on my clit.
His fingers slowly pull my panties aside and I can feel him moving over my wet lips.
I inhale sharply as he pushes one of his fingers inside me and starts stroking in and out.
“Mmmm, you feel so good sweetheart. I can't wait to be inside you,” he whispers, as he starts to speed up his movements.
I feel my orgasm building and push down on his finger just as a second finger enters me.
“Oh, Mikey that feels so good. Please stop teasing me. I want you now. I need your cock inside me,” I beg him, begging him to take me with all those people around who have no idea what we're up to.
I look at the crowd and hear his zipper being lowered. Then he's stroking it between my lips and before I know it he replaces his fingers with his cock. Slowly pushing inside me.
“Damn, babe,” he moans, as he gets deeper inside me. I move against him taking every inch of him.
Wanting everything of him I start to move downwards. He is so deep now and I feel so filled. He stretches me and I need to adjust to his size.
I don't recognize my voice as I say, “Mikey, please. I need you to fuck me. I can't stand it anymore.”
His strokes become faster, harder as he moves in and out of me. He feels so great and I can't understand why I waited so long for this. I wanted this to happen for so long and finally I have him. He brings me closer to the edge as his hand moves under the front of my dress and cups my breast. Stroking over the hard nipple. Softly pinching it.
I moan as he whispers in my ear, “You're so tight Kiki. I can feel you milking me, your muscles squeezing around me. I want to feel you cumming all over my cock. Give me your sweet juices.”
His words turn me on as he continues stroking in and out of me, getting as deep inside me as possible.
Around us the fireworks start, but I don't pay attention. All I'm thinking about is him filling me, him fucking me on a balcony out in the open.
I can feel him tensing up behind me and know he's close too. I hold on to the railing pushing against him and that is the last thing we both need before he erupts inside me and taking me over the edge as well.
He holds me close, kissing the side of my face as we gather our breath.
I turn my face to him and he captures my lips in a kiss that makes me feel as if I was drowning.
Letting go of them, he looks into my eyes whispering “Happy New Year, baby.” I smile up at him and know that this is the beginning of something great.
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