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GET IN THE CAR,” Jen demanded when she pulled up right in front of my work’s main office doors. It was quarter to six in the evening. I stayed an extra forty-five minutes late at work to finish off some stuff that I didn’t want to clutter my desk when I come back Monday morning.
I was in shock to find her picking me up after work. Since the night she came over to my place and we fucked each other until the wee hours of dawn, we haven’t seen each other. The odd times we caught each other online our conversations were strictly G-rated, which was a shocker to me. Not once during our rare online meetings since that night did we flirt nor hint of getting together again for another mindless night of fucking.
I tried bringing up the subject of that night during our chats, but she was quick to shut me down. And the one time we had a text-messaging marathon, it was freaking G-rated as well. I also mentioned to her that I was taking my car to the shop today and would be bussing or taking a cab home. She didn’t hint to me that she’d swing by and pick me up after work! “Get in and let’s go,” she demanded tersely. I knew better than to push my luck. I was running late and didn’t get the chance to call for a cab before I left work, and I know that waiting for the bus to arrive at the stop close to work would take me forever. So I did what I was told and hopped in to Jen’s top-down slick black Pontiac Solstice. As soon as I stepped in she pushed a switch and the top came up. Jen made sure it was secured first before we drove off and her tinted windows were rolled up. “So, where are we going?” I asked after I buckled my seatbelt and Jen was pulling out of my work parking lot. “Somewhere,” was her flippant reply, her eyes were on the road making sure there wasn’t any oncoming traffic before she merged. I was intrigued, but I didn’t say anything. I just sat back and watched her drive. I studied Jen silently, noting her tensed profile and how she was gripping the steering wheel until her knuckles turned white. She blasted the A/C to ice-cold and since it was a hot summer day today, I didn’t mind being chilled a bit. I noticed that she was just driving around my work area, which was on the industrial part of the city. I still have no idea what Jen had in mind and when I tried asking her where we were going, she just shushed me and told me to let her drive. Finally about thirty minutes later she pulled up in an empty parking lot, parked under the shade of some big trees and not much in view of any traffic from the road. She parked diagonally, taking up two spots and put the car to PARK. She didn’t kill off the engine though but took off her seatbelt without saying a word. “Wha—” I wasn’t able to say anything else before I felt her mouth clamped on mine, her tongue pushing my surprised lips to part before once again delving inside to tongue-fuck my mouth. Jen’s aggressiveness was new to me. She was hungry and practically climbing on top of me from the driver’s seat, but she remained where she was seated and our hands fumbled to get my seatbelt off me. When I was finally free of the restraint I felt her hands working on my clothes. She started undoing the buttons of my top, pushing out my lacey bra-clad breasts. She tore her mouth off mine and moved down to suckle on my tits, pushing the bra aside until my nipples showed and nibbled it “Jen…” I moaned, arching my back when she gingerly bit on my nipple. I felt her hand move down my front and under my short business skirt. My legs spread on their own accord as Jen’s hand made its ascent, stopping when it reached its goal, which was my pantyless crotch. I felt her grin against my chest before moving her head up, “No panties today, Miss Ally?” she said teasingly. “No,” I shook my head, that one-word almost coming out as a sigh. “Why not?” She removed her hand from my crotch, but it didn’t stray away from my skirt. Instead she yanked it up until my shaved pussy was exposed making me gasp audibly when I felt the cool A/C touched my heated flesh. “Because…because…” I couldn’t finish my sentence when I saw her dip her head and I felt her warm breath against my exposed flesh. “Oh fuck…” I groaned and slumped deeper against the seat. Jen continued her ministration and continued her erotic torment of me. Her tongue kept on darting back and forth between my puffy folds, making me gasp and bit on my lower lip. She did this for at least a full minute before I felt her warm, moist tongue dug between my smooth, puffy lips, licking from my hole upward until she began rolling her tongue over my clitoris. She began eating me with gusto, her head bobbing up and down between my thighs, her one hand clamped on my breast, squeezing it each time she tongue-fucks my cunt hole. Jen was on fire and so were her tongue, mouth and hands. I was gasping and panting like crazy, my legs quivering as I fought the onslaught of my orgasm. “Oh shit…oh shit…fuck it, Jen…I’m cumming…” I moaned, pushing her head closer and her tongue deeper into my pussy. She picked up the tempo and my hips were thrashing about, my thigh muscles locking as I screamed out loud, my orgasm being welcomed by my horny lover into her mouth. She took my juices into her mouth, but knowing she wasn’t a swallower, she opened the passenger door and spat out my juices, but she did claim my mouth and allowed me to taste my cum on her lips and tongue. We continued kissing each other passionately, our hands starting to get busy touching each other. I stifled a scream when I felt the back of my seat flip backwards; Jen pulled on the lever on the side to make it tilt backwards. She slid on to the passenger side and straddled me. She started rubbing her pantyless crotch against my thigh, letting me know how wet she was. I reached down and flipped her skirt up; reaching for her crotch I started to rub her pussy with my fingers. I sought her eyes and our gazes locked. I could tell she was very horny and wanted some release. Well, I am no selfish lover. And I do want to have another go at her pussy. “C’mere,” I nudged her and obediently Jen moved up until she was straddling my face.
I had to slide down a bit until her pussy was just sitting right on my face. She lifted her skirt up as she lowered her pussy to my face, making me inhale her horniness. Before long I was doing to her what she did to my cunt mere minutes ago. I had her writhing on top of me, her hands braced up on the roof of her vehicle while her thighs closed around my face, her whimpering getting louder and louder and her hips started to ride her face harder and faster. “Oh fuck…that’s it, babe…oh fuck me…” she moaned, her head lolling backwards while I continue to eat her tasty pussy, sliding two fingers in her hole while got her clit trapped between my lips, gently suckling on it while I finger her. I knew she was close to cumming, and I hungrily anticipated it, feeling her pussy muscles tighten before moving my mouth back to her slick cunt and taking in her warm nectar, swallowing every warm drop until she was done. Jen slid down from my face and fell sprawled on top of me, both our breathings ragged. She then lifted her head and gave me a wicked smile, “How do I taste?” she asked and before I could give her a verbal answer, she took my mouth to hers and tasted herself off my lips and tongue. We remained locked in a passionate embrace for minutes. Her car windows were heavily tinted and since we were parked in a very discreet spot, any traffic on the road across the parking lot wouldn’t suspect a single thing happening inside the black 2-door car parked haphazardly on the parking lot behind the tall trees. “Hi,” she greeted after a while, shoving some hair off my face softly. “I didn’t mean to be too bossy earlier. I just wanted to have that pussy of yours so badly that I was left with no choice but to be curt,” she explained. I returned her smile and pulled her face down for a quick kiss. “You’re forgiven. I wasn’t expecting you to pick me up today, let alone see me. I mean, after last week and what happened…” my voice faltered, not sure what to say if I continued on. Jen chucked me under the chin, making me meet her gaze. Her eyes were twinkling. “We’ve been friends since like forever, Ally. Sure that first time of ours with Pete was a spur-of-the-moment fuck, but I’ve wondered about getting it on with a woman for quite some time now.” “Really?” “Uh-hm,” she nodded. “So what are we now?” “We’re still friends. We’re still best friends, but with benefits too,” she giggled.
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