Cherry's Treat
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Cherry's Treat
Cherry came home from work and flopped on the couch. She was tired, hungry, and horny. It had been months since she had a good fuck since her boyfriend was out of town and self-pleasuring was starting to get old. All she wanted was a hot bath and some wine. So when the knock came on the door; she grimaced as she got up to answer it. Opening the door she saw no one. Getting ready to close it, she glanced down and noticed the box. Bringing it inside, she set it on the coffee table and stared at it. It was a simple carboard box with no writing as to say where it came from. Leaving it on the table; she went into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine, and headed to the bathroom.
Turning on the tap, she let the steam fill up the bathroom as she disrobed. Testing the water with her foot; Cherry slowly sank into the tub with an audible sigh. Leaning her head back against the tub, she took a drink from the bottle and closed her eyes. Opening her eyes; she started soaping her body paying special attention to her breasts and shaved mound. Then she rinsed her body of soap. When she was nice and clean; she put a leg on either side of tub and moved her hand down to her mound. Cherry spread her lips and finding her clit started stroking it gently. Slipping a finger inside her; she started finger fucking herself. Moving her hand faster she felt the buildup go throughout her body and when her climax came; she let out a low moan. When she came back to herself, she got out of the tub and walked wet and naked into her bedroom carrying the wine bottle. Laying down on her bed; she brought the covers up to her chin and fell asleep.
Cherry was dreaming; someone is in the room with her. He lifts her head gently and slips something over her eyes. "Cherry, wake up..." a soft masculine voice croons. Cherry opens her eyes and sees nothing. It is dark. He gently takes her left wrist and wraps something silky over it; then dragging her wrist above her head he ties it to the post of the bed. He does the same thing with the right one. She feels the bed lift as he gets up and can hear him walking across the room. Hearing him come back; she turns head towards the sound. She should be scared; but in her dream state knows that she is safe. She recognizes Steve's cologne. He comes back to the bed and she feels something light play across her breast; paying special attention to her nipples. She gasps as a his mouth closes over one nipple while his hand pinches and pulls the other one. His teeth graze her nipple and gently bite. He stops and she feels something cold and wet fall on her body. She feels it pool in her navel and then his tongue is there licking up the drops of wine on her body; sipping on her navel. His head moves lower and his hands are opening her sex wide.
Cherry lurches off the bed as she feels his tongue flick her clit. Then his mouth closes over her mound and his tongue is running up and down her lips. Slipping his tongue inside, he begins to eat her. His finger pushing on her clit and pinching it. Causing her to move erratically on the bed. He tightens his hold on her legs and as she cums; he tastes her juice. Rising up, he kisses her and she can taste herself on his lips.
She feels him release her wrists and take them in his hands. He sits her on the side of her bed and stands in front of her. Holding her hands against his chest; he uses the other hand to guide his cock to her lips. "Suck it." he says in that soft voice. Moving her mouth; she finds the head of his cock and flicks her tongue over it. slowly drawing his cock into her mouth, she uses her teeth to hold him in place as she slowly starts to suck him. Scraping her teeth along his cock as she moves her head back and forth; she picks up rythym. Cherry can hear Steve's heavy breathing and feels a hand grab her hair while the other one is still holding her hands. He forces her head all the way on his cock till she can feel it reach the back of her throat and starts moving her head back and forth. He's grunting now and moving her head faster. She feels him tense as he cums in her mouth. She is gagging and trying to swallow the familiar taste in her mouth. Releasing her; he pushes her back on the bed. "Mmm. you're a hell of a cocksucker," he says.
"Fuck me," Cherry requests.
"Oh baby, believe me, I will. I just need a few minutes but here this will keep you entertained." and he positions a vibrator on its highest setting on her clit.
He watches her clasp the vibrator between her legs and begin to buck. Feeling himself get harder he knew the time for games was over. So he removed the vibrator and slammed his cock into her. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around him as they began a rythym as old as time. Fucking her was just like coming home.. She was so hot and tight and her body just wrapped around his cock like a cocoon. He slammed into her; his balls slapping her ass as he fucked her. Cherry felt her body tense and then an explosion rocked her body. He wasn't far behind and let out a a yell as he came. Coming back to themselves; he kissed her softly, got dressed, and left.
Cherry awoke to the sun, got ready for work, and went into the living room. Noticing the box on the table; she went over to it and opened it. Inside was a blindfold, silk ties, feather, and other sexual paraphenilia. Inside was piece of paper with three words with Steve's familiar handwriting - Until next time!
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