Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Five)
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Chapter Five: Intimate Confessions!
For the past four days of magnificent pleasure I had discovered so far at home with this beautiful young woman called Julia, little did I realize that their was still so much more to come from this adventure.
That fifth morning, I awoke just after nine and arose and headed to the shower. As the water got warmer, I undressed out of the boxers I wore to bed and slipped inside the cubicle, the entrance into the area was unsealed. As I began to wash my naked body down, Julia advanced upstairs as she had heard me get up. After checking my room, and noticing I wasn't there she stepped across to the bathroom as she entered through the unlocked door.
"Steve, do you want any breakfast!" she spoke to me. I heard her voice and turned around to face her, the water dripping down off my naked body as I almost froze for some strange reason in reaction to seeing her. She had seen me pretty naked the previous night so I don't know why I froze but I stared upon her.
"Sorry, what?" I asked back after a few moments of her staring upon my body.
"Do you want any breakfast?" she asked me again with a sweet smile.
"Yes, sorry. I'll be down in a few minutes. Thanks!" I replied. Standing there naked, the warm soapy water rinsing across my naked flesh of my body. Slipping down my legs, my chest and swirling around my feet below. The water, the heat and the sight of Julia began to become a little too much as within moments my cock began to rise to attention. Although she was clothed, the sight of such a beautiful woman still had that desired affect upon me.
She pointed to my cock, which was growing harder by the minute and smiled softly. "Don't forget to wash there also. Looks like you missed a spot!" as she giggled.
I looked down to see my cock virtually pointing directly towards Julia, my shaft standing several inches out from the base and the head prolongued from the foreskin. "Okay, maybe a few more minutes than expected!" I told her.
She turned around and walked away, as my eyes were focused upon the tight hugging jeans she wore. They fit her ass perfectly as the cheeks gently wriggled beneath the outfit as she stepped away and out of sight.
I turned around and knew I would have to take care of my little, well growing bigger problem on my own. I slipped my hand down to my growing problem and began to slowly jerk myself off. I closed my eyes as the water splashed upon my face, opening my mouth as groans erupted from the bowels of my throat. My fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock as I stroked it faster and faster, picking up speed. The thought of Julia etched in my mind, not only of moments ago but also of last night and my first glimpse of seeing a real pair of breasts in my life.
The soapy water was perfect as a form of lubricant to my wet hands and erect cock grasped within, as I went to work hard and fast as I moaned loudly as I cum. My hand wrapped around my cock as I thrust my hips forward, and the erection slipped easily through my grasp as a wave of cum spewed out of the tip and fell down to mix with the water and disappear down the plughole.
I give several more thrusts of my naked body forward, getting every drop I could from within my naked body. My breathing slowly returning back to normal, as I released my grip and slammed my hands against the inner wall of the cubicle. It took me several more minutes, for me to regain my composure and feel the strength back in my legs and body before I finally finished off cleaning myself and slipped back out of the shower and got dressed to go downstairs.
As I entered the living room, Julia was sat upon the sofa I noticed she had laid out a few slices of toast and a cuppa upon the small table in front. I stepped across and sat down, leaving a spare seat between us and began to eat breakfast with her.
She turned to me, as my cheeks were a little flushed from my masturbation experience a few minutes before and spoke. "So, what do you want to do today then? You know, besides the obvious of course!" as she smiled with a soft glint in her eye of knowledge of what my favourite pasttime had grown to be over the last few days.
"I don't know." I said in return, unsure of where we could go from here.
"We could play another game if you wanted?" she asked.
"As long as not poker, I totally suck at that if you haven't noticed." I made clear to her.
"Well I don't know about sucking at that, you did get me to show you my boobs." she informed me as I smiled with her. She hummed for a moment to herself, and then looked back upon me. "Oh, I know a game. It does involve cards but is quite easy, and I'm sure you'll love it once you get into the hang of the game!" she said enthusiastically as she stepped over and picked up a deck of cards we had used the previous night.
She sat back down a seat away from me and shuffled the cards. "Okay, the rules are simple. We both pick a card, and whoever gets the highest card has the chance to ask the other a question. Anything they want, no subject off the records. And, you can't lie and you can't now asnwer. You alright with that?" she asked me. I nodded in acceptance.
She placed the deck in the seat between us, and she picked a quarter of the deck up, and I picked another group of cards up. We revealed the two cards chosen to each other. I had got a five, but Julia had chosen a Jack making her the winner.
"Damn!" I called out. "Alright, what's the question?" I asked her, unsure of what she may want to know about me.
She pondered for a moment, and then asked away. "Okay, I have one. How many times do you jerk off in a day?" she said with a soft giggle of knowing I couldn't not answer.
My jaw dropped, not expecting such a personal question so quickly. "Oh that's not fair." I called out.
"Remember. You accepted the rules and you have to answer truthfully and you can't not answer the question!" she said with a secretive smile.
"Okay, I guess a few, maybe four or five on most days I think. Like, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and a couple of times inbetween." I replied.
We played another round, as she beat me again with an eight to my two. "You sure you haven't sorted these cards so you win all the time!" I asked with a smile.
"Haha, no. I know a good one. Have you ever caught anyone having sex?" she asked me.
"I almost caught my parents one time. I woke up one night and heard noises. I went and peeked inside and saw my parents going at it!" I said to her.
"No wonder your a very horny boy if you saw that!" she laughed with a joke.
We played a third time, and somehow I was able to win one. I got a queen to her seven. "Be gentle with me!" she said giving me her best puppy dog eyes. It blew me away.
"Hmm, I'm not sure if I should ask." I said a little worried at shocking her with anything.
"It's okay. Ask me anything you want and I promise you I will answer it" she told me with a nod.
"Alright. Hmmm, how often do you masturbate!" I said and flinched in case she hit me. She smiled and accepted it.
"Not as much as you from your answer!" she said laughing. "I don't know, maybe once or twice a day most days. Sometimes a couple times more if I get a little horny and wet!" she said.
Our next game came, and I got a five and thought I had surely lost but she had pulled a two. I felt jubiliated at the win and unsure what I could ask her next.
"I got one, and I hope okay to ask. Have you ever given a blowjob!" I said smiling.
"I almost did once, I was with this guy I was seeing and he wanted me to give him one. But he was a little mean and forceful. I wasn't that good at it. I kept gagging and not doing it right, and in the end we broke up." she told me, leaving me embarrased at asking her and bringing it up now.
"I'm sorry!" I told her.
"It's okay. I've been learning since then" she told me.
"Learning?" I asked in a curious manner.
"Yeah. I have this vibrator and dildo, and I use them both sometimes and put them in my mouth and suckon them and play with them, pretending it's a guy's cock and I'm giving them a blowjob. I'm getting much better now I think" she said confidently.
Another round and she won this next one, King to my Jack. "Alright, I think I already know the answer to this one. But here goes. Have you ever had a blowjobe given to you?" she asked. I gulped.
"No, I haven't. But you know that already!" I said, lowering my face a little in shame.
"I thought you hadn't, but I had to ask." she said. "Would you like one?" she added at the end.
My head raised, a little unsure if I had heard right. "Sorry, what?" I enquired.
"I asked if you would like me to give you a blowjob?" as she smiled. I was taken back at her forwardness of her offer. "I mean, I've never given a proper one before, so you would really be my first go and seems neither of us have really experienced it fully I thought we could try? That's to say, if you are interested in it as I can't say I'm great at it!" she claimed.
"Yes, I would love one!" I snapped back, a little too quickly from my point of view in desperation. "If your sure that is. I don't want you to if you don't want to, you know..." I added.
"No it's okay. I'd like to try it, and with you would be nice as you wouldn't expect me to be perfect!" she said with a smile. I smiled back, as we looked at each other. Was this really going to happen? Was I about to be thrust into a wonderful sexual experience with more intimacy than before from this wonderful woman?
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