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Have you ever had a co-worker you wanted to fuck badly? Someone who looked so hot, so sexy that they actually made your balls ache? If so then you can probably empathize with me. My name is Josh Carver. I'm thirty-nine, brown wavy hair, average height and build. I used to go to the gym almost every day before I got married but after marriage my gym days have become almost non-existent. But enough about me. Let me tell you about Jasmine Olivo. Jasmine is twenty-six with long brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. She looks to be 5'6" but appears taller thanks to high heels. I picture her boobs to be a B-Cup based on a variety of tops she's worn over the past few months. Now her ass, I mean my god. She has an ass that is to die for. I have found myself walking behind her in the halls just so I can stare at that ass. The way she walks, the way her hips sway, the way her ass contours in tight pants or skirts or dresses. All-in-all Jasmine is a lovely sight.
She came to us from a vendor we hired for almost a year now. In the beginning we passed each other in the halls and smiled. Then we exchanged pleasantries like 'hi' and 'hello'. Lately we have small chit-chats in the pantry room, elevators and sometimes over work IM. The conversations were all friendly and a few times the comments became a little inappropriate.
Now I would never make a move on her. First off, I am happily married and like my job. Secondly, she is also married and appears to like her job. I was quite content with just seeing her every day, but also I am a man, so if I ever had the chance to nail her, I would not pass it up.
As I sat in front my computer, looking over a spreadsheet my mind started to wander. I pictured Jasmine and I on a beach in Barcelona, sipping margaritas and taking in the sun. Not sure why I pictured that but since Jasmine was topless in my fantasy I didn't question it.
"Hey Josh."
The sound of someone calling my name whisked me back to reality. I looked up and saw Jasmine standing at the doorway. She was dressed in black skirt and a white top. She had her hair pinned up by two chopsticks.
"Jasmine, I was just thinking about you," I said.
"Oh yeah, about what?"
"Nothing important," I said, "What's up?"
"You going to the celebration tonight?"
I had forgotten tonight was the celebration of a product launch. The senior managers were taking the team out for dinner and drinks for a highly successful product launch.
"It's tonight? Shit. I forgot about it."
"You have to come! I don't wanna be bored tonight," Jasmine said and walked up to my desk. She sat down on the chair in front of my desk, slid her glasses off her face and looked up at me. Her hazel eyes bore into me.
"Sure why not. Wouldn't pass up the chance for free drinks," I finally said.
"Fuck yeah. Besides if I remember correctly you owe me four shots of tequila. I was right about that data feed."
"That you were. And, if memory serves me right, you also owe me four tequila shots for proving the secure token would work."
"Tonight we see who can hold their liquor. Your wife's gonna be OK with you showing up home drunk tonight?"
"She's out of town. Visiting her folks. Your husband's gonna be OK with you tumbling home drunk?"
"He left this morning for Toronto on business."
"In that case we have an extra drink for no nagging spouses," I said.
Jasmine laughed at that. A few minutes later Jasmine left. We agreed to meet each other by the elevator around six so we can go to the restaurant together.
***Jasmine and I walked into the restaurant around seven-thirty. Alcohol was already flowing, and several waiters were walking by with finger foods. We each ordered a drink and mingled with the team. We shared stories on plights, frustrations, delight and joy over the course of the nine month project. Jasmine managed to stay close to me throughout the evening. Around ten-thirty the crowd had started to dwindle. Only a few people remained. Jasmine and I sat at a booth alone. The table had half-a-dozen empty shot glasses and two full glasses of tequila.
"Think the party is over," I finally said.
Jasmine looked around and nodded. She picked up her tequila glass, handed me mine and said, "One for the road."
We raised our glasses and lightly tapped them.
"Wanna share a cab?" Jasmine asked as she reached for her blazer.
"Sure," I replied as I slid out of the booth.
Twenty minutes later Jasmine and I scooted in the backseat of a cab. Jasmine gave the cabbie her address and the cabbie zoomed down 3rd avenue. Running past a yellow light as it turned red.
Jasmine leaned into me and placed her hands on my lap. She looked at me, tipsy from the tequila, and said, "You know I like you. You are so much nicer and smarter then the other fools in the office."
"Likewise to you too, my dear," I said. Without realizing I placed my hands on her knee as well. Her soft skin was warm to the touch. My fingers started to dance around her knees.
Just then the cabbie slammed his brakes. The force from the hard stop caused Jasmine to crash into me. I fell backwards and Jasmine fell on top. By instinct my hands reached out to her and held her tightly. I held her tightly while her body pressed into mine. We looked at each other, not moving or speaking for a while.
"West 72nd Street!"
We heard the cab driver's voice. Jasmine and I sat up. She slowly opened the car door and stepped out. Before the cab could pull away, Jasmine pulled open the cab door.
"You wanna get some coffee?" Jasmine asked.
"Coffee sounds good," I said. I handed a fifty dollar bill to the cabbie and hopped out.
I checked my watch and saw it was almost eleven. The neighborhood looked deserted. I glanced back at Jasmine who was at the front door of her building. She opened the door and waited for me.
I guess we were having coffee in her apartment.
A short, quiet elevator ride later we were in her apartment. She took my jacket and I walked into the living room. Jasmine went into the kitchen and started the coffee pot. I sat on the couch I looked around. Her apartment was nicely decorated. The couch was soft and plush. Jasmine walked in and kicked off her heels and sat on the couch. She rested her head on the back of the couch and sighed.
"Nice apartment," I finally said.
Jasmine opened her eyes and looked at me. She smiled and said thanks. She quickly got up and said she'd be right back. She wanted to freshen up. For the next ten minutes or so I sat on the couch. My mind started racing. It was almost midnight and I was alone in the apartment with another woman, another married woman. This did not look right if anyone found out. But it was harmless, I kept telling myself. I came up for coffee. And, as proof of that I head the coffee maker make a loud hissing sound.
"How do you like you coffee?" Jasmine asked.
"Milk and sug--" I started saying. I looked up and saw Jasmine coming towards me in red and black lingerie. My jaw dropped open. Jasmine walked towards me slowly, eying me all the way. She finally stopped in front of me. She placed the coffee cup on the coffee table.
"Whoa," I muttered.
Jasmine smiled and sipped from her cup.
"You sure look comfortable," I finally managed to say.
"Thanks. This is one of my favorite. Its a Mercy Corset from Agent Provocateur. My husband loves this place. I have like a dozen pieces of lingerie from them. You like?"
"I have a confession. I didn't ask you up here for coffee. I asked you up here so you can fuck me."
"Excuse me?"
"Look, Josh, when I drink I get horny. In the cab when you held me and I was pressed against your body, I got very horny. When I get very horny I want to fuck. Tell me you don't want this?"
Jasmine raised both hands into the air and posed. I eyed her from head to toe. The lingerie looks fabulous on her. The material hugged her body just right that it showcased her hourglass figure. Her tits pressed together and almost spilling out. Her smooth legs were covered in thigh-high stockings. Only thing missing were black heels.
Jasmine didn't wait for my answer. She closed in on me until she was almost standing on my foot. She wrapped her hands behind my neck and leaned in and kissed me. Her soft lips landed on mine. As if on auto-pilot I parted my lips and Jasmine slid her tongue into my mouth. One of her hands went through my hair while the other one remained firmly on my neck. She finally pulled back after what seemed like hours. She stepped back and eyed me.
"Wanna go into the bedroom?" she asked and offered me her hand. I reached out to her and she grabbed my hand.
As Jasmine turned around to lead me into the bedroom, I yanked her hand and pulled her closer. If the bitch wanted to fuck, I was going to fuck her in my style. Jasmine fell into my arms and I quickly lifted her off her feet. I threw Jasmine over my shoulder and headed to her bedroom.
"Oh yeah Josh! Take me like I'm your fuck slut!" Jasmine screamed.
As a reply I slapped her ass.
In the bedroom, I dropped her on the bed. Jasmine quickly sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. She bit her lower lip and gazed at me. I started unzipping my pants. As soon as my pants hit the floor Jasmine reached over and grabbed my stiff cock. She immediately moved her mouth over it and started sucking. My cock slid down her throat. I felt her teeth grazing against my skin. I leaned my head back and groaned. Without missing a beat, Jasmine got on her knees and continued sucking.
I watched as her head bobbed up and down. Her mouth made slobbering sounds and her fingers dug into my balls. After a few minutes of sucking Jasmine slowed her pace. Her lips slowly ran up and down my shaft. I felt her tongue slowly move over the tip. She was driving me wild. Jasmine eyed me as she seductively teased me.
Enough was enough. I grabbed her and picked her up. I ripped open her corset and she gave me an angry look. Without giving her a moment I grabbed her, pulled her closer to me and kissed her. This time my tongue entered her mouth. Jasmine's body went limber as my fingers started dancing on the small of her back. I slowly backed her up against the bed. Jasmine sat down, pulling me on top of her. My hands started exploring every part of her naked form. I started with the side of her face and ran my hands down to her breasts. I cupped one an squeezed. Jasmine flinched but continued kissing me. My hands continued down south. I finally felt my fingers against her well trimmed pussy. She was wet. I slid one finger inside of her. Jasmine stopped kissing me at that moment. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly. I continued fingering her, going fast some times and slow others. I teased her as much as she teased me. Jasmine's hand reached over and grabbed d my cock. She started stroking it. Her hands firmly held my shaft.
"Fuck me! Oh god just fuck me now," Jasmine begged.
I smacked her hand and she released my shaft. I climbed on top of her as her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock penetrated her and we both exhaled simultaneously.  As if on auto pilot my hips started pushing inwards, deep inside her. Jasmine reached behind me and bore her nails into the flesh of my butt. My thrusting got a little heavier just as our rhythms started synching up. I placed her hands above her head and held them firmly. Jasmine released one of her legs from my waist and managed to get it over my shoulders without losing momentum. With this new angle I felt my cock go inside her deeper.
I felt my back tense up and my balls tighten. Without hesitating, I quickly pulled out of her and aimed my shaft in the direction of her breasts. I had always dreamed of cumming on her tits. MY aim was just right. A thick hot stream escaped and landed on her tits. Jasmine watched the while scene. I looked at her and winked. She gave me a seductive smile, sat up and reached for my cock. She swallowed the last remaining drops of cum and licked her lips.
Thirty minutes later, I was back in the living room. I got dressed and was ready to leave when Jasmine came into the living room. She had on a white silk robe that barely went past her hips.
"That was awesome," Jasmine said and hugged me.
"Yes it was."
The hug lingered for a bit. Finally Jasmine pulled away from me and kissed me on the cheek.
"My husband won't be back for a week. So if you feel like having coffee again tomorrow I think that would be good."
"You know me, I love coffee."
"Goodnight Josh," Jasmine said and pulled away from me. She turned just as I slapped her ass.
***Over the next few days I went over to Jasmine's every night. We had wild passionate sex, sometimes two or three times. Many times I spent the night. When that happened we ended up doing it in the shower and then again in the living room. The sex became more daring. A few times we fucked in the living room with her living room blinds open, giving anyone looking in her apartment's way a good view of the action. We even taped ourselves and watched it later as we fucked again. Jasmine got more and more daring. She sneaked into my office in the middle of the day for a quickie.
This continued even after her husband and my wife both came back into town. We ended up going to a hotel and fucking like horny teenagers.
Some might think extra-marital affair is immoral, but we don't think so. This affair helped our married sex lives as well. I made passionate love to my wife, and she made love to her husband.
This went on for more then five years. Finally, one day my wife found the video and confronted me. I thought she'd be angry and furious but instead she was calm and calculating. She wanted to meet Jasmine to see the possibility of a three-way.
But that's another story.
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