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Sarah had just taken a job in the curvy girlies favourite store - Bravissimo. As she’d worked in fashion for a few years she knew what she’d have to do and, having a good pair of boobs herself, thought she might be inline for a staff discount on some of the beautiful undies.
One day as Sarah was hanging out some new stock, a young blonde girl walked in and went straight up to her, not even bothering to look around.
“Excuse me” said the girl, “I think I need measuring again, could you do it for me now?”
“Errr…..sure….no problem” Sarah replied, “follow me.”
Sarah led the girl to the back of the store to the fitting rooms, she’d been given training on how to measure properly on her first day, and had subsequently come face to face - and face to boob! - with numerous pairs of customer’s breasts. Some were rounder than others and some definitely firmer, but they were all on the large side and some extremely large. Sarah had always been proud of her 34DD’s, but some of the stock was twice the size of her own bra and she could only wonder at the boobs that would fill them.
“Hi, I’m Sophie” said the girl as Sarah closed the door behind them. “I’m a model, but I’ve had a bit of re-modelling done, if you know what I mean?”, Sophie giggled.
“Oh…Ok.. It’s not a problem, let’s see what we can do. I‘m Sarah by the way”, responded the young assistant.
Without prompting Sophie was pulling her hooded top over head.
“I’ve always been big…I was a 30F before…but I’ve got to keep them at their best in my line of work.”
Sarah could now see the full size of the other girl’s impressive chest, her boobs spilling over the, obviously too small, white bra momentarily, as Sophie reached behind to unclasp the hooks and let her breasts bounce free.
“I’ve got a new shoot in a couple of days and it’ll be the first time the camera will get to see ‘em. So I’m looking for a really sexy set that fits properly but looks absolutely knock out!”
Sarah was temporarily mesmerised by Sophie’s enormous assets, but told herself to concentrate on the job in hand.
“Well I’m sure we’ll get you fixed up in here…it’s all really lovely stuff” said Sarah
“Now, can you just lift them up slightly, so I can get the tape round” she continued.
Sophie cupped her boobs in her hands and lifted them free of her rib cage, enabling Sarah to pass the tape around her back and read off the number.
“That’s twenty-six, so you’re a thirty band size still” explained Sarah, “now let’s see the cup size.”
Sophie let her breasts full back as Sarah let the tape out and inched it up over Sophie’s nipples. Whether it was the air con, or something else entirely, Sophie’s nips hardened to attention.
“Oooops, don’t mind them… they’re always doing that!” she giggled
“38” stated Sarah “errr…..just let me work that out” she continued slightly embarrassed.
“Double G” Sophie exclaimed, “two bigger than before!”
“Blimey!” Sarah blurted out, before hurriedly trying to gain her composure, “I..I..I’m sorry…I mean….”
“Don’t worry, hun…they are rather big… and I bet you don’t get that sort of size every day, not even in here” Sophie was laughing off the assistants embarrassment.
“Here….what do you think?”Sophie reached for Sarah’s hands and opened them out flat across her breasts, her own hands covering the other girl’s.
Sarah was a little shocked, but didn’t resist, as her palms met the firm flesh and Sophie pulled her in closer.
“Nice?” Sophie asked
“They’re bloody fantastic” replied Sarah, now completely forgetting where she was.
“Why, thank you” came the response, “I haven’t got too long now, but I guess I’d better pop outside and find something suitable” Sophie continued.
Sophie reached for the hoodie and pulled it on over hear naked breasts, before stuffing her bra in the top of her bag.
Sarah’s head was in a spin as the gorgeous model walked back into the shop and began searching through the racks of intimate apparel. Picking up where she had left off, Sarah resumed her stock filling duties, keeping a look out of the corner of her eye for Sophie. After only a few minutes, she noticed her marching back towards her, a sheer black bra and knickers set in her hand.
“Have you got this in my size?” Sophie asked.
“Err…come over to the till and we’ll have a look on the system” a still flustered Sarah replied.
After a few quick key strokes, Sarah relayed the bad news.
“Not today, but I can get it from the warehouse the day after tomorrow, if that’s OK?”
“Ummmm” thought Sophie aloud, “that’s the day of the shoot….can you promise it will be in by lunchtime?“
“Oh yeah” said Sarah, “deliveries are here by mid morning.”
“Well, if you promise, then that’s OK, I’ll call back then.”
“Promise.” replied Sarah
“Great…I’ll see you then” the model gave Sarah a cheeky little wink and turned on her black patent heels.
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