Let's Try Again
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She hadn’t known how much I cared for her. I had never told how much I needed her. She didn’t find out until last late how much I longed her. She has been my best friend, the one person I ran to after so many horrible heart breaks. I never thought I’d have the courage to tell her because I was worried about the conflict it could bring if it didn’t work. We’re both so scared of ourselves; we’d never know what to do with one another.
We did everything together. There was nothing we didn’t know about one another. We talked about everything from our darkest secrets, to the dirtiest habits, to the fantasies we shared and our favorite sex partners. I wasn’t scared to tell her anything or to even experience things for the first time with her. She didn’t know it but I was completely amazed by her.
Of course, we’d been smoking weed. It’s not that I didn’t think about doing this with her sober, but it just felt like a safer way to easy everything. I hadn’t planned on a surprise from our friend, Jason, but he proved to truly care for her but it made me think… I want to show her that she means something special to me. She doesn’t truly believe she’s beautiful and that she’s intelligent, but in reality… She’s more beautiful than she knows. I just didn’t know what to do until then…
We’re laying there, getting ready for bed when I look at her.
“Melanie, can I ask you something?” I’m so fucking nervous. She’s my best friend. There’s nothing wrong with being a little curious. Right?
She opened her eyes, “Yeah?” God, her eyes were amazing.
“Umm… So, there’s something I want to tell you, really…” I watched her nod her head and I continued. “There’s something that I’ve always wanted to try.”
She got this weird look on her face and before she could say another word, my lips met hers. The warm soft surface of her lips rubbed against mine and I felt a sudden sensation between my thighs. Our lips part and our tongues begin to dance. It begins to deepen, and she raises herself above me. I knew that she was going to be the dominate one out of us. We’d once discussed that she always imagined herself being the dominate partner in a girl on girl action. I was completely alright with that. I had really never done anything like this. I was acting out of pure adrenaline.
She deepened the kiss and I inched my body closer to her. I wanted her closer. She moved closer and her hair fell all around me. I felt her hand run around my face, my neck and she began to toy with the little short dyed hairs on the back of my neck. It made chills creep down my body. I lick the bottom of her lip and sucked it in while gently sinking my teeth. I heard a small moan call from the back of her throat and I wanted to make her scream it.
Knotting my hands in her hair, I pull her closer. I pull myself to straddle her, and I didn’t hold back any longer. I pulled her head back and nibbled on her neck until I found the spot that made the chill bumps race down her body. Our lips found each other once again, and I felt her hand slide from the back of my neck to my lower back and she toyed with the string from my thong. I nibble further down her neck to her chest. She was a perfect size for her body size and she was full everywhere. Her favorite thing to wear was a tank top and sweatpants. I found myself searching for her nipple, and my mouth watered. My tongue travel down and traced around her nipple and I felt it pushing back against me as I flicked my tongue back and forth. I gently bit down and flicked my tongue again. She ran her hand through my hair and gripped it as in hoping for more. I felt the sensation all over again. It completely over took me.
I found her lips again and pulled at her sweatpants. I wanted to make her feel as amazing as she was. I wanted her to feel as amazing I do when I’m around her. She shifted uneasily and I looked down at her. 
“Just remember. You’re with me. You’ve got nothing to worry about, I promise.” I kissed her lips one more time, and move in between her legs. “It’ll be okay.”
I slid her sweatpants down to her knees and one by one, I slipped one leg out at a time, and toyed with her panties. “You know, every time you changed in front of me, I wondered what this would be like… I’ve always been curious.”
I slid her panties down her legs and ran my hands down her legs. I didn’t really know what to do. I’d watch porn with an ex boyfriend where a guy had eaten a girl out, but I didn’t know if it would be the same thing. I lend down and ran my tongue along her thighs and when I reach her “promise land” I let myself go. I parted her legs and buried my face deep into her pink pussy. I got wet just feeling her underneath my tongue.
I made her squirm with every lick. Her body slowly began to relax and react the way I was looking for. I kissed her soft wet lips and traced around her tight hole. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me closer. I knew that she was tired of the teasing. She was ready for me to get to business, and I loved how she controlled me.
I flicked my tongue around her clit and slide a finger deep into her wet pussy. She moaned deep from within her chest. She loved every minute of this. I sped up. I began finger fucking her hard with my middle finger. I was unsatisfied with the moans she was making. I buried two fingers in her pussy and she began to squirm violently. This is what I was wanting. I wanted to please her better than any man had. I wanted to be the GIRL that kept her up at night because she couldn’t get the sensation to go away from between her legs.
The faster I went, the louder she moaned.
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