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She wasn’t impressed. For their first date he had invited her to dinner at his place but then just before she had left she received a text asking her to meet him at a large out of town supermarket. It wasn’t exactly the start she had in mind for a hot evening of fun, hopefully good food but more importantly, hot fucking. She took one final glance in the mirror before leaving, worried slightly that her skin tight black leggings were giving her camel toe; especially with no underwear for support. She pulled then down slightly feeling a damp patch already. There, that would have to do for bloody shopping; she wasn’t going to change again now.
He was waiting for her in the foyer and kissed her gently then harder still on greeting. At least he was pleased to see her but she pulled away a little embarrassed at attention they were getting from the regular shoppers filing past to do their weekly shop.
“Come on,” he said. “We’ve got a few things to pick up. And by the way,” he added in a husky voice that made her stomach flutter, “I love the way those leggings hug your pussy”. He smiled and she resisted the urge to frown as he took her hand and led her into the shop.
“So what are we buying to eat?” she asked, hoping this was a short trip. Her attention had moved to his attire, looking admiringly at the way his well toned muscles tugged at his cotton shirt and how well his casual blue jeans fitted his tight ass. She was looking forward to getting him alone...
“Oh nothing, supper is already prepared at home, this is just a shop for fun,” he replied and pulled her close to him. “You get 5 minutes to select 5 items I get to use on you tonight - your choice although I reserve the right to veto, do you agree?”
She laughed and guessed he was joking, but the way he met her eyes told her he wasn’t. “You’re serious right?”
He nodded and added into her ear, “I can tell from how wet your pussy looks right now sucking in those trousers that you need to be decently fucked tonight. I told you I loved foreplay, so here’s the deal, 5 minutes, 5 items, my final veto... well?”
Her mind raced wildly. The suggestion was certainly different from your usual tit squeeze, pussy fingering and clit-licking prior to blow job, 69 before pussy and/or ass fucking, and she wasn’t a prude. She rationalised that everyone had played with a bit of fruit and veg in their time... but could she on a first date?
“OK, let’s do it.” She giggled as she began to work out a shopping list plan.
He smiled and checked his watch, waiting for the second hand to reach the top. “OK, your 5 minutes start now!”
She ran to the vegetable section first, carrot was an obvious choice. She surveyed the box full of loose carrots suddenly self conscious. She picked up a random one.
“Too small,” he said.
She went to do a double take but knew from his tone he wasn’t joking. She felt his hands on her waist and slipping his finger into her waistband, she imagined him peeling them off right there and burying his head in her pussy. God she needed to cum soon.
She threw back the reject and grabbed the largest carrot she could see - a healthy specimen at least 8” long and nearly 3” wide and placed it in the basket. She took his lack of reaction as positive and moved quickly to the next section.
Sweetcorn. She picked up a hairy cob and admired the smooth ribbed feel with her fingers. She was actually beginning to really warm to this idea of foreplay and imagined the cob slipping deep into her pussy...
“Nice,” he said, approvingly. “Two down, three to go”.
She moved into the next aisle, mangoes, pineapples, apples, oranges, banana... Yes the good old banana... mmmm, she had once had a lot of fun with one on a summers day in a field with an ex, he had fucked her with it for the first time during a picnic and although she was worried it first it would break off inside her meaning a truly embarrassing trip to casualty, she was so turned on by the erotic experience that she had let him and was amazed at how easily and smoothly her pussy accepted the flesh. Afterwards they had shared it enjoying her cum flavoured fruit before finishing their outdoor fun.
“Mmmm, always a favourite,” he commented. “You’ve obviously done this one before.” He watched her hands expertly move over the fruit to pick out a heavy hanging banana that was not too ripe and would therefore give a good firm performance.
“You’ve got 90 seconds left.” He tapped his watch and smirked.
She wanted to belt him but actually was really getting hot at the thought of being naked and playing with this guy. She double-backed round and picked up in quick succession a decent sized courgette and a eye wateringly size cucumber, more for comedy value that hoping seriously he would use it on her...
“There, done,” she said.
“Hmmm, OK but my final veto,” he reminded her. He looked into the basket and reviewed its contents whilst feeling his cock starting to bulge and pulsate in his jeans.
“Well done,” he complimented her on her choices. “You’ve selected a nice range of size and texture here and the shapes are all too similar. The courgette has to be replaced. But because you are now out of time I will complete the task for you.”
She half-laughed and then watched as he took out the courgette and put it back into the box with its kind. He took her around the end aisle and she watched curiously has he looked up and down for what he was searching for.
“This,” he said, “will be the perfect fit for your ass whilst you’re deep throating my cock.” He showed her a fat stubby parsnip with a long tip reaching to a squared off end as he slipped a finger down her panty-less crack and pressed gently at her hole.
She shuddered with delight at the thought of getting her throat filled with his tasty cock and suddenly didn’t feel hungry anymore.
“Mmmmm that sounds great!” she said. “Now can we please get out of here?”
She fingered the receipt in the car and reached over to feel the bulge in his crotch, running her hands over its hardness she read for him:
“Carrot: 17p, Sweetcorn cob, special offer: 79p, Banana, fair-trade organic: 23p, Whole Cucumber: £1.00, Parsnip: 34p. Total £2.53. Result, one very hard cock...”
She slipped her free hand into her wet knickerless pussy zone. He groaned as he watched her push the material deeper into her at the next set of stationary traffic lights and reached over to the carrier bag to take out the carrot.
“I guess this will be my starter,” she said.
He felt crazy with desire and this only deepened as he watched her wriggle out of her tight leggings and begin to slide the orange vegetable up and down her wet slit...
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