Rob's Birthday Surprise
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Hey babe-
I’m so sorry I can’t be there for your birthday, but I know you understand. I’ll miss you and be thinking about you. In fact, I’ve been planning for your special day for a couple of weeks. And when you open my laptop, which I left in my lingerie drawer, you’ll see. I know you’ll be surprised at first, but I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as Lake and I enjoyed making it. I know he’s your best friend and that we’ve had that conversation, but I think it was inevitable that we’d eventually fuck. And I know I violated one of our rules by doing this on my own, but I really wanted something special for your birthday. And I hope that after you watch it, you’ll agree that if I couldn’t be there in person, it was probably the next best thing I could give you. And if you are mad at me, I promise I’ll make up for it when I get back. It’s actually that bitch Ashley I’m worried about. You know I don’t like her and I don’t know what Lake sees in her. Hopefully it will be over between them soon. But if she finds out about the video I’ve left for you, she’ll try to kill me.
I know we’ve talked about Lake during our lovemaking sessions. He’s super sexy, like you, and he’s so sweet. His blonde hair, chiseled good looks, smooth body and 8-pack have always turned me on. And you know it. And the times that we’ve been fucking while he’s been fucking one of his many conquests, his huge cock has always been fun for me to watch and fantasize about. I know he’s smaller than you, but still, it’s pretty amazing and he’s so good with it.
When I told him that I wanted to fuck him on camera as a birthday present for you, he seemed a little shocked, but I think he’s wanted me as much as I’ve wanted him. It happened last Saturday while you were at work. Lake and I had it all worked out. Ashley wasn’t around and I just went to his place. When I got there, he was shirtless in a pair of shorts. I brought the video camera and he had it connected to his laptop in seconds. As you’ll see, it’s on his desk right beside his bed. We tried to get the best angle for your viewing pleasure. And the entire time that we were fucking, we made sure to keep in mind that you’d be watching and hopefully jacking off.
As you’ll see, he is an expert at oral sex. We didn’t really waste any time with pleasantries and anything you might consider too intimate. I stripped, stripped him and, well…, as you’ll see, he immediately began kissing my entire body down to my freshly shaved pussy. I’ll admit, I was already soaked before I got to his apt. The thought of doing this and knowing that I was going to give it to you was almost too much. But anyway, Lake is a master at using his tongue. He ate me, sucked me, tongue fucked my pussy and asshole to my first orgasm. He laughed because I flooded his face with my juices.
I never even had a change to get his cock in my mouth. He was on top of me as soon as I came and while I was just getting my breath he plunged into me. My god, I saw stars. He was delicate with it either. He rammed into me so hard. If I hadn’t been so wet it would have really hurt. He just kept plunging into me. I arched my back and grabbed him trying to catch my breath but he just enveloped me- his massive arms grabbing me up like the ragdoll I had become. I just couldn’t catch up. And when he started whispering in my ear… things like “what a little slut I was for doing this” and “he knew that I’d wanted him for months” and “he’d known that while we had been in those group situations that I’d been watching him smash the girls he was taking” I came again!!!
Then he lifted me up, fell onto his back, looked at me and said, “we’re really going to give Rob a show now. Get on my cock reverse cowboy.” I could barely move. You’ll see in the video that I stagger when trying to get up. He’s so strong—he just picked me up, turned me around and impaled me on his cock. Your best friend is a fuck machine! Well, you’ll see. You’ll also see him mugging for you for the camera. Enjoying using me for his pleasure and for yours. Clearly I was already out of it.
But it was when he turned me around on him, full cowboy now, that you will get the best view of him literally abusing my hole. My God, he was like a piston fucking me. What you can’t see was him grabbing my tits, sucking them while squeezing and pawing them. I literally came a third time while he was jackhammering me. My orgasm was so intense, my whole body melted.
Lake is so big. I mean, I know he’s your lacrosse teammate and I’ve seen him naked so many times and we’ve watched him with other girls, but look at how tiny I am on top of him. Notice how big his hands are when he pulls my ass cheeks apart for you to see his thick rod hammering me. I look so small compared to him. And he just tosses me around. Rob—I swear you are the best fuck of my life and my true love, but I couldn’t breath the entire time he was fucking me. It was like one orgasm led to the next to the next to the next. I thought I would have some kind of control over this and be able to have fun like he was clearly having every time he gives you the “thumbs up” or looks at the camera while fucking me. But, as you can tell—I never recovered enough from his first thrust. He used me exactly the way he wanted.
And at the end, when he pulls out and jerks his load all over my ass and back, I guess I should just tell you that I had just cum again right before he pulled out and I think what set him off was when I breathlessly told him that the three of us would have to do all this together when I got back. As you’ll see, he pulled his cock out of me and I swear a gallon of jizz hit the back of my head, the wall over his head and then all down my back and ass. He came so hard and so much. But, what do you expect from an 18y/o? I asked him about it when we were dressing. He said that he hadn’t let himself cum since we discussed our plan. That had been a week. He said that each time he and Ashley had sex, he “faked it” inside of her because he was saving up. My God! I was drenched in your best friend’s jizz!!
It’s hard for me to believe that the entire thing only lasted about ten minutes. But that’s the entire video, no editing or anything. And now, I guess you know why I was napping so hard when you got home from work. I’d just had some of the most intense orgasms of my life about two hours before delivered by your best friend and fellow fuck star, Lake.
Well, I hope you enjoy the video as much as Lake and I enjoyed making it for you. I’ll be waiting on your call after you watch it. Or, if you want, call me and I’ll be on the phone while you watch it. And by the way, this is my next story for and I’ve grabbed some stills from the video to post on our profile page.
Love you and miss you, babe. XOXO Jesse
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