A BIG night out
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Walking home alone one warm, humid evening, after a few drinks at the bar with some girl friends, I could feel him following me as I walked down the alleys and back roads. I could see no one but a stray cat and a few birds returning to their nests for the night, but could hear distant footsteps and the fading noises of the city... and someone a little way behind me. I knew it was a man, as the steps were far apart and heavy, and there was no clacking noise as though from high heels on shoes. He must be a tall man to have such long strides I thought.
Seeing no one, I kept walking, and soon approached the front doorstep of my humble cottage. I could not see or hear anyone or anything but silence now, and It was such a peaceful night that I could not help but to stop and look up at the beautiful night sky. After a minute, I went inside and took my black high-heels and coat off, and then decided I’d have a nice warm bubble bath.
I went upstairs to my bedroom, and slowly started getting undressed. reached up under my red dress and pulled down my stockings to my knees, brushing my right-hand thumb against my sensitive and neglected clitoris as I did so. Mmn, that felt good, I thought, and ran my thumb sensually back over it a few more times. I laid down on my queen-sized bed then reached down with my other hand and pulled my black lacy knickers to the side a little so I could sneak a finger in. As I slowly let one finger slip inside me, I let out a quiet moan, and then another finger eased its way in... and out... and in again...
I let my other hand slide up under my dress and caress an already hard nipple. I was picturing a man: tall, muscular, handsome... with a huge throbbing cock...
I reached over and pulled the top drawer on my bedside table open, still with my fingers inside me...
It was then, that I heard a knock at the door. Quickly letting down my dress and pulling my stockings back up, I walked out to the door, a little annoyed at having my fun interrupted.
I opened the door and saw a tall, dark, fit, and handsome stranger standing there. He was a bit Spanish looking, or maybe Italian. “Good evening” he said... “May I use your bathroom?”. I hadn’t ever had anyone come to my door wanting to use my bathroom before, but I replied “Sure, come this way”, and led him in the direction of the toilet.
I recognised this man, from somewhere...
As I thought about it, I realised I had seen him at the bar earlier that night talking with some friends of mine. He was rather familiar... Perhaps we had even met before. That must have been why my friend Kat had sent me a text saying “have fun!” He must have been asking about me and she had sent him here. Anyway, I thought, I’ll ask him when he comes out of the bathroom.
I went back to my bedroom which was just across the hall, and couldn’t resist the urge to start touching myself again. I laid down on my bed and ripped my stockings off this time, pulling them hard, down towards my feet and off. I pulled off the red dress I was wearing and threw it to the floor. I was dying to get my fingers back inside my warm, wet pussy.
In and out my fingers went, as I imagined a handsome man licking his way around and around my yearning pussy. I wanted to feel his wet tongue teasing me and then his rock hard cock pressing up against me as he slid up on top of me.
The stranger must have heard me moaning with pleasure across the hallway, lost in my fantasy, because I soon caught a glimpse of what looked like him peering through the keyhole of the bedroom door, watching me intently. Because it was an old house, it had large keyholes and very little insulation in the walls which meant that noises were easily heard through walls.
I quickly averted my eyes and pretended I hadn’t seen him, and continued fingering my already wet pussy and stroking my clit. The thought of a stranger watching me touch myself was a bit of a turn-on, I admitted to myself. I found myself moaning louder and louder and moving my fingers in and out, faster and faster, and fondling my breasts as I did this.
I reached a hand up from my breast and stuck a finger in my mouth, licking and sucking it... toying with it and teasing it as I would a throbbing cock. I could hear the stranger’s breathing getting heavier as he became more and more turned on behind the door. A second finger snuck into my mouth and I was moaning loudly. I was thinking how I would love a massive cock in my mouth right now, and still fingering my now dripping pussy with my other hand.
He opened the door and stood there, waiting for me to say something. I could see, by the light of the lamp that was on, a huge bulge where his hard cock was aching to bust through his pants. I didn’t say a word, but gazed at him while teasing him with the two fingers that were in my mouth. He pulled his cock out through the already open zipper in his pants. It barely fit through- and it was no small opening! His cock was huge as I had predicted, and bigger than I had seen before. It must have been 9 inches, and very thick. Just the sight of it excited me immensely.
He was looking at my tits through the black lace bra I was wearing. They were a good size too, at a 10DD, and as he moved closer, the anticipation was growing. His cock was getting harder and harder by the second.
He stood by the bedside with his cock hanging out through his pants, and I leaned over and embraced it with both my hands. I was excited, and very, very wet. I was picturing how amazing it would feel to just ravage him there and then, taking his whole length inside me... I could barely hold back.
I took the tip of his dick in my mouth slowly, looking up at his handsome face. His dick filled my whole mouth and it felt amazing.
I started moving my hands to pleasure his shaft gently, while teasing him with my mouth and tongue. I could tell he was enjoying it by the sound of his breath and his cock getting harder by the second. He unbuttoned his pants and they fell to the floor.
I slid my hands up and down, and twisted them gently around as he let out a moan of pleasure. I let his dick out of my mouth and let my tongue slide down to his balls, which were also huge, and silky smooth. There was nothing small about this man. A hand slid up to touch his rock hard ab muscles and feel his smooth, tanned skin. As I licked his balls and looked up at him, I slowly took one of his balls right into my mouth and held it there for a second. He let out a sigh of pleasure and grabbed my hair. I released the hold of my mouth, and then gently took his other ball in my mouth. He let out another sigh.
As I let it him out of my mouth, I got up to my knees and started to get off the bed. He threw me back onto the bed and leaned over on top of me, kissing my lips passionately.
I could feel his massive, warm, throbbing cock, pressing against my leg as we kissed, and it was almost too much to take. I was breathing hotly as our lips parted and he started kissing my neck. He was touching my breast beneath the lacy bra, and my body was arching toward his in pleasure. I wanted him inside me but he wasn’t going to let me have it so easily.
As he reached around and unhooked my bra with one hand, it loosened and revealed my breasts, lit up by the moonlight coming through the window and the lamp in the corner. As he touched my breasts, his mouth hung open slightly in anticipation. He reached his head down and licked one nipple at a time, followed by the whole breast, teasing them both with his tongue, and making my cunt burn with desire.
As he was teasing me, he slid my bra off my shoulders and threw it on the floor. My chest was now naked, and I could feel his smooth, tanned muscles under his shirt with my hands. He came back up to my mouth and starting kissing me passionately again, this time biting my lip playfully, while one hand slid down lower.
The suspense was incredible. As his hand slid sensually downward over the front of my hip, I felt a tingle of excitement. I wanted more, and he was starting to let me have it.
He let his hand slip inside my black lace panties and slowly make its way toward my yearning pussy as I spread my legs a little. He slipped two fingers down further still, one stroking each of my lips. I shuddered with pleasure, trying to restrain myself from cumming. He stroked them a couple of times, teasing me, and inadvertently brushed a finger on my clit. I let out a loud moan and he knew I was enjoying it. As he slid his hand out of my panties, fondling a breast at the same time with his other hand, he tugged on my panties and pulled them down and off my ankles. I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to have him inside my wet, juicing pussy.
I pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it aside. It was then that I saw him in all his glory, and he could see me. He was magnificent. As I lay there dreamy eyed and subdued, he bent down and kissed me again with a degree of passion, but gently. He was a great kisser too.
He reached over to the drawer on his right which I had opened hastily before he had come knocking at my door. He pulled out a bondage scarf and tied it around my wrist, and then tied the other end to the bedpost. He pulled out another and tied up my other arm in the same way. I hadn’t predicted this, but it was good nonetheless.
After tying both my arms up, he slid down toward the bottom of the bed, his hands sliding over my body, past my breasts, and onto my hips. His mouth touched my cunt with such softness that I quivered. He then dove in passionately, sticking his tongue up inside my pussy and flicking it out over my clit. I was moaning so hard, and was so close to cumming when he stopped suddenly... what a tease. He looked at me with a cheeky smile on his face and starting moving his large but smooth hands closer to my cunt. One of his fingers alone was as thick as some dicks I’d seen before.
As a finger slowly slipped inside me, I was writhing and moaning, wishing he would fuck me with his huge cock. I was on the verge of cumming, and his dick had started dripping- he was as horny as me. He pulled himself back up, and slowly, obviously restraining himself, gently placed the tip of his dick against my wet cunt. We both moaned, savouring the moment.
Slowly, he leaned forward and his massive dick slid effortlessly inside my juicy, wet cunt. He didn’t go in all the way, but halfway and then paused with a huge moan. It was ecstasy. He eased out again and then thrust his whole length into me... we both moaned ecstatically as he paused to savour it.
He thrust again and again, passionately now, letting himself go... neither of us could hold back anymore. He thrust again and again, faster and harder, pounding me deeper and deeper with his dick, filling me up with its girth. He slapped my tits lightly while he fucked me, both of us moaning in pleasure. With one more powerful thrust, we both came together, screaming in delight and moaning with satisfaction... Cum spurted everywhere, firstly cumming inside me, he pulled out and cum sprayed all over me, coating me with his pleasure. It was a huge load... Fuck that was good, I thought.
He collapsed on the bed next to me, me being still tied up to the bedposts.
A minute or two later I noticed that his dick was semi-erect and looked just as promising as when it was fully hard, and I was already eyeing it off again. He looked at me and kissed me again. He spoke the first words since he had come to my doorstep “You look like you want it again”... I smiled cheekily and responded “using my bathroom was just an excuse wasn’t it?”... He smiled and we laughed.
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