Why boyfriends should never complain
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Willie Long guided his big rig around yet another curve in the California back road. He had picked up a load in Napa and was on his way to Chicago. Originally hailing from Georgia, Willie had been trucking since the mid 'eighties, spending most of that time on long hauls. He was unmarried and enjoyed the long rides and the varying scenery. He had seen many things over the years and had found himself in many situations. Because of that, he had learned to keep his eyes open while on the road because the most innocuous things sometimes turned into adventures.
In fact he had just been on such an adventure with a couple he met near St Louis. Man, that woman was hot, he reflected adjusting his yellow cap and fidgeting a little as his cock lurched. When she had pulled her tits out right there in the restaurant his eyes had bugged out. And she had squirmed passionately when he rode her in front of her husband. He’d like to meet up with her again someday, he thought fondly.
He turned another corner and slowed down as he spotted two hitchhikers on the roadside. They were crowding the shoulder and he realized he would have to enter the other lane to avoid them. As he slowed to allow an oncoming car to pass he studied the pair. It was a young man and woman. He was average height and weight, with a long face and sandy blonde hair.
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