Finally Fucked My Highschool Dream Girl Part 2
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Once again comments would be most appreciated. I'm thinking about writing part 3 and 4 with Kim's mom. And sorry it seems so short I'm still new to writing stories.
I roughly grabbed her by the legs and bent her over the bed but first decided to tease her a bit by rubbing my cock on her pussy.
She cooed and begged. “Ohhh please, master, stop teasing me and give it to me already please.”
I smiled mischievously. “Are you ready to get the fuck of your life?”
She looked back at me over her shoulder with a determined look on her face. “Just fuck me now, master!”
I decided to give her exactly what she wanted and in one quick motion I rammed every last inch of my cock in her pussy. “AHHHHH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” she screamed as I started pounding into her instantly like a jack hammer.
“Ohhhhhhh ggggooooodddd I love it, master, I fucking love it!” she screamed out so loud that I was sure that anyone near my house could hear her screams.
After 10 minutes of this I decided to try a new position so I laid her on her side and lifted her left leg up in the air and started assaulting her pussy even harder.
“Fucking shit, Nick! If I knew you could fuck this I would have done this a long time ago! Uggghhhh I'm fucking coming again!” she moaned and grunted at me.
“When I’m in charge you’ll refer to me as master, you little fucking slut,” I said as I smacked her big fucking tits. “Just for that you’re gonna have to wait to cum, you little bitch slave!” I grinned wickedly.
“Nooooo please I’m sorry, master, please let me cum,” she begged. I threw her one the bed, flat on her stomach, straddled her legs, spread her scrumptious ass cheeks rammed my cock directly into her asshole. It was even tighter than her pussy was, like a vice grip on my dick.
“AHHHHHHHH SHIT!” she screamed. “Please don’t be too rough, master, I’ve never taken it in my ass before.” I smacked her ass to remind her who was in charge here and she cooed. I continued to spank her and pound into her asshole. Her screams of pain quickly turned into screams of ecstasy. “You ready to cum slave?” I yelled.
“Yes, master, can I cum?” she begged.
“You may cum, slave,” I said.
As soon as she started to cum, I picked up her by her ass cheeks and bounced her up and down on my dick as hard as I could. She screamed and wrecked on me as her pussy juices flooded my cock and dripped out on to my balls. “Ahhh oh fucking god, master, you’re so good, I cant stop coming! Fuck yeah!” She continued to cum and I just held onto her and kissed softly as she wrapped her arms and legs around me.
A couple minutes later I could start to feel my balls boiling. “Get ready ready I’m about to cum baby,” I warned her.
“Go ahead, baby, I’m on the pill, cum in me,” she said.
My second load was just as big as the first and completely filled her pussy with shot after shot of my thick creamy cum. “Fuck yess!” I yelled. My coming must have triggered her to orgasm as she said, “Fuccccckk, I’m cummming again, fuck!”
Our orgasms crashed together, the pleasure was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, like an indescribable new high, so powerful that I fell back into the bed with her on top me and we lay there covered in cum and sweat. I kissed her softly on the lips. “That was absolutely amazing, Kim.”
She smiled. “I know, it felt so good, you really know how to pleasure a girl.”
I looked over at the lock and it was 4:30, we still had a little time left before my parents got back so I started kissing gently on her neck as she cooed, “You wanna go again, baby?”
“Yes, but let's do it a different way.” I smiled.
I grabbed onto her hips and slowly yet passionately bounced her up and down on me. She softly moaned. “Wow, first rough and hard then soft and gentle, is there anything you cant do?”
“Nope,” I said kind of arrogantly.
I sat up straight and got her in a type of lotus position and held her hands as we continued this slow and passionate sex and I looked into her eyes and kissed her. “I really like you Kim.”
She smiled sweetly with a little tear in her eye. “I really like you too, Nick.”
Fucking Kim felt different than fucking other girls, it felt like more than just sex, like something more special, like how a guy feels for his girlfriend or lover. After a little we got dressed and I threw my sheets in the wash because they were completely soaked in our juices.
As I drove Kim home I looked over to her as she continued to smile at me. “You know I’d like to get with you another time, not just for sex but maybe like a date if you’d like or just be around each other and hangout.”
“I thought you’d never ask.” She smiled happily.
Before she got out of my car she gave me one last kiss. As she walked the door she purposefully shook her juicy ass at me one last time. I drove back home thinking I must be one lucky bastard.
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