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I met Hollie on the internet, and we had chatted for a number of months. It isn't usual for me to just talk to random strangers on the internet, but there was something different about Hollie. After a few days, we discovered we both had an interest in writing - and a few days after that we found we had a shared interest in erotica!
I'm in a relationship and so didn't try anything on with her, even though she sounded like exactly my kind of person. We never stopped keeping in touch though and became quite good internet friends.
And there it might hasve ended, if it hadn't been for me having to go to London on business. I mentioned it to Hollie and asked her if she could reccomend any good hotels, being a London lass herself. She replied immediately, told me not to be daft and offered to put me up for the night. Of course I said yes, and she agreed to meet me at the station.
We went for dinner together in an Italian restaurant close by. It was weird meeting her for the first time in real life; strange to think that we had shared so many chats and secrets without knowing how we looked! The thing that stood out the most about her pretty face for me was her wicked smile, something I suspected she would have from her cheeky sense of humour.
We were easy in each others' company and after a few glasses of wine the inevitable flirting started. I thought that this might happen and though I'd promised myself I wouldn't succumb to temptation, I could feel my resolve weakening. When Hollie kept leaning forward to display her pert cleavage, and taking exaggerateldly long licks of her desert, it was obvious what she was doing. And stronger men than me would have asked her to stop, but frankly she was really turning me on and I have weak resolve when I'm that turned on!
We got a taxi back to her apartment - in the cab, she got much bolder, idly stroking my thigh as if it was the most normal thing in the world. At one point she opened her legs and flashed her knickers, only closing them again when she was sure I'd had a good look!
When we got up to the apartment, we both knew what was going to happen. I felt twinges of guilt, but it was as if I couldn't stop myself. She pulled me into a full on kiss, grabbing me by the arse instead of the waist, and I squeezed her pert little bum as well. We kissed for ages and I was incredibly hard in no time at all. She could feel my cock through my trousers and pushed her groin against it.
I started gently biting her neck, and slid a hand between her legs. She was wearing dark stockings, and I slowly carressed the exposed skin of her thighs. At one point my hand brushed against her pants and I heard her catch her breath, so I knew that she was enjoying herself as much as me. Giving her gorgeous bum one last squeeze for luck, I led her to her bedrolom and dragged us both to the bed.
Now we were in the bedroom, Hollie took control again. She undid my trousers, grabbed my erect cock and started licking it up and down. She was trying to be slow and seductive, and she was doing a good job - I was literally twitching with excitement - but I knew she was barely able to contain herself and it wasn't long before she was sucking me as hard as she could. I got to fondle her breasts for the first time and they were just the right size for me to get a firm grip to squeeze them firmly at the same time. She was still sucking on me hard, her head was bobbing back and forth, and I unbuttoned her blouse without inturrupting her. Her mouth was so warm and wet it felt amazing.
With her blouse off, I could see she was wearing a cream corset with black lace, matching the pants she had flashed at me earlier and I eased my hands down the front so I could tease her nipples. She had a hand inside her knickers and was rubbing her clit, with no attempt to hide the fact she was horny as hell.
It wasn't long before I was on the verge of coming, and tempting though it was to fill her mouth with my spunk (the thought of that naughty smile having my cum dripping from it really turned me on!), but I wanted to pace myself. I gently pushed her head away, and then knelt down opposite her. Her make up was slightly smudged and her cheeks were red, which in my eyes made her look even sexier.
I gave her a really big snog, then lifted up her skirt, pulled her pants down slowly and ran my tongue all lover her pussy. It was nicely trimmed and soaking wet and my face was soon covered in her juices. Her breathing becasme shallower and before long she started to moan. I was aware of her undoing her skirt above me, but I concentrated on teasing her clit with my tongue, and occasionally sucking on it. As I licked, I could feel how soft the skin was. Occasionally I had to look at how pink it was because it looked amazing, especially now it was soaking wet with her juices. After a couple of minutes, I started to slip the tip of my finger into her pussy...
I couldn't wait any longer - I lifted my head up, climbed on top of her and guided my cock deep inside her. She was so tight and warm, I almost came straight away. Hollie moaned even more and soon we were grinding our hips in synch with each other. Hollie had her legs spread wide open and at one point grabbed on to the shoes she was still wearing. She screamed with pleasure and told me to keep going, as if I needed telling!
She then made a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a scream and seemed to go limp all at once. I just kept filling her up with my cock over and over again, until I couldn't help myself any more and came into her pussy. It was the best orgasm I think I've ever had. I don't know what I looked like, but Hollie's hair was everywhere at once, one of her stockings was halfway round her leg, the other was still up but had a big hole in it. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and my cum. I collapsed next to her on the bed, and we kissed passionately while we recovered.
We had sex a few times more that night, and all of it was fantastic. I felt guilty the next day, as I've never cheated on anyone before, but I still have to say that it was the best night of sex I've ever had in my life. We still carry on as usual chatting on the internet, but I doubt either of us will forget that night in London!
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