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Molly brushed her bangs out of her eyes, the wind gusts blowing her shoulder-length straight red hair around as she stood on the front steps of her house, waving goodbye to the car that was pulling out of the driveway. She could see her father through the car window as he drove away; her mother turned back in the passenger seat to wave back at her. As the car moved down the street, Molly waved again, and turned back to go inside the house. Although it was very bright and sunny, it was still only the second week of April, and so it wasn't quite warm enough to walk around outside in the tank-top, shorts and flip flops that she had been wearing inside. She shut the door behind her, and leaned back with a sigh, then locked it. Finally she had the house to herself, and for at least four days too. With her parents heading a few hours drive away for a theatre festival, her nineteen year old sister Moira still finishing up her exams at University and not coming home for another week, and her younger brother Michael out of the province at a Rugby tournament with his high-school, for at least the next three or four days, she could enjoy the house to herself.
Having the house to herself was a pretty common event; her brother was usually so busy with sports and her parents were active on the weekends, but this was the first time that they had left her alone since her 17th birthday party a month ago. She had had a sleep over of her three best friends. Like all of their sleepovers, they stayed up very late watching movies and YouTube videos and chatting. They were all 17, as among the small group of her best friends, she had been the last to have her birthday. As was normal, the conversation had turned to boys and sex, however more about sex than boys. They had started talking about masturbation, which they had sometimes mentioned before but usually the topic had been changed. This time, they had continued talking about it. Jess, the oldest of the three friends, had mentioned that she had purchased a rabbit vibrator after her birthday, and that she had been using it fairly often. The other friend, Vanessa, had agreed and talked about the vibrator that she had purchased online with her credit card, about which her parents had no idea. While Molly was comfortable with masturbation, and she actually really enjoyed it, she had never thought about using anything other than her fingers, or the movable shower-head in her bathroom, or the rushing water from the tap in the bathtub. With her laptop handy, the three girls had spent half an hour looking at toys on various websites, before they all became tired and fell asleep. Molly had been the last one to fall asleep, and as she had lain there she thought about what it might be like to use a toy, or to try one at least.
She had put the thought out of her mind, but a couple of weeks later she had noticed that she had been thinking about sex toys at least once a day. She was too nervous to talk to either Jess or Vanessa about it, but there was someone with whom she could talk about anything, and so one night she was working on her laptop in her room when her sister Moira had logged onto Skype. It was fairly late, their parents were out at the Opera and so when they turned on the video chat conversation she had not bothered to use the headphones and microphone to disguise the conversation. After catching up on life in general, Molly brought the topic around to sex toys. As she expected, Moira was not shocked by the topic at all, although she was kind of surprised that Molly had not heard of them before, as she had bought her first one when she was 16. They continued to chat about toys for another twenty minutes, before Moira said something that Molly had not expected.
“If you want sis, I can get a toy for you. They know me pretty well at the store, it's just down the block from me, and I have a coupon for 10% off my next purchase. I was going to buy another dildo for me, but I haven't bought you a birthday present yet.”
Molly was a little stunned, and a little excited at the chance to get her own toy, something she could use to masturbate whenever she wanted. She looked at her sister on the cam “are you serious?” she asked, and Moira just responded by raising her eyebrows and nodding. Although the idea very much excited her, she was torn about the idea of using sex toys at all, and wasn't sure that she would know how to use one if her sister did get it for her. Moira smiled, and then tried to reassured her sister
“Its not a big deal sis. If you aren't sure.. there really isn't any harm in trying one out. I left a few of my toys at home in my bedroom, so that I could still use toys when I masturbate at home. If you want, you can borrow my toys, just make sure that you wash them before you put them back, and make sure mom and dad don't find out! I have about eighty dollars worth of toys at home and I don't want to lose them.” She smiled again. "Don't worry about it sis... they are very easy to experiment with, and if you want one of the ones I have, show me which one and I'll get it as a belated birthday present.”
Just after that, her parents had come home, so Molly finished her homework and went to bed, although she kept thinking about what Moira had said, and the toys that were somewhere in the room just on the other side of the wall next to her bed. About five minutes later, the light on her blackberry started to flash. Molly grabbed it, and saw that her sister had sent her an email with the subject line “Where to find what we were talking about”.
Although a week or so had passed since that conversation, she had been unable to get into her sisters room to find the toys as her mother had been around the house, working from home for the past few days. There had been one day when her mother had left to run errands, and by the time that Molly had been able to find the courage to go into her sisters room, and found the box of toys underneath the bed behind the extra blankets her mother had already returned home. It had been too a close call, and she hadn't risked taking another chance. But now with her parents away, she could catch up on the masturbation that she had not been able to do over the last week, and try out her sisters toys at the same time. She kicked off her flip flops into the cupboard by the front door, then took the stairs two at a time to get to the floor with the bedrooms. She used the ornament on the top of the bannister to pivot around the top of the stairs, and headed towards the front of the house, where her and Moira's bedrooms were side-by-side and together composed the front width of the house. She opened the door to Moira's bedroom, and moving first to her hands and knees, then to her stomach, she slid sideways so that her left arm was halfway underneath the bed. Pushing pillows and blankets aside, she pulled out the small tackle box that Moira kept her sex toys in. She also felt that there was a plastic bag with DVDs in it, and with the very tips of her fingers grabbed that at the same time. Bringing both with her, she shimmied back out into the centre of the room, then examined what she had. The bag was full of what was clearly porn. Although her friends had talked about watching porn, she had never done it herself. There were mostly pictures of women on the box, giving men blowjobs, or having sex with each other. One case showed a picture of an older woman, around her mother's age, with very large breasts who was using a sex toy on herself.
Molly put all the discs back into the bag, then went across the hallway into her room. Placing the tackle box and DVDs on her bed, she went over to her open window and close the curtain. She reached down and across her body with both arms, and raising them over her head removed the red cotton racer-back tank top, and placed it onto the bed next to the box. She then removed the Victoria's Secret black semi-cup front clasp bra, and placed it on the bed on top of her tank. Then in one motion, she pushed down her shorts and boyshorts at the same time, then stepped out of them, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Molly turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror that she had on her wall. Her breasts were nice and plump, and sat nicely on her chest with oval areolas and good sized nipples. Her flat stomach was something she was very proud of, but the way that her butt formed a nice half globe was something she was still getting used to, even if her friends all were jealous .
With the box of toys in one hand and the DVD with the woman masturbating in the other, she walked down the stairs then went down into the basement where the home theatre was setup. She slipped the DVD into the player, then went and sat down in the first tier of seats. She leaned the seat way back, put the toys on the chair next to her and opened it up as the porn started playing automatically. On the screen Devon Michaels start talking about masturbation and sex toys. Molly watched the screen as the porn star took off her dress, bra and panties, everything except her heels. Molly leaned back in the chair, moved her butt forward and spread her legs, feet flat on the arms of the chair. She put the fingers of her right hand in her mouth, and bit them gently as she started to play with her breasts with her left hand. She moved her right hand down to her pussy, and traced her lips with split fingers, then slowly moved her right hand's fingers inside of her, as she teased her clit with another finger.
On the screen, the gorgeous curvy woman was on her hands and knees, facing away from the camera, reaching between her legs and using a dildo on her pussy, so Molly reached beside her into the box with her right hand, and pulled out the toy Vanessa had called a rabbit. With it in her right hand, she twisted it so that the bunny ears were facing towards the ceiling. She had become very wet as she had played with her clit, and after she turned on the toy, she slid it in slowly all the way, feeling it move against her wetness. Until it slid all the way in and the rabbit ears just touched her clit. Closing her eyes, she listened to the woman in the porn as she moaned very loudly, and talked dirty about the size of the dildo inside her. Molly started to squeeze her nipples with her thumb and forefinger on her left hand, then ran her palm over her breast and neck as she started to pull the rabbit out of her, and push it back in. She had turned it completely on, the beads were turning, the rabbit shaking and every time she pulled it in and out the sensation drove her nuts.
Molly arched her back, lifting her butt off the chair of the seat. She opened her eyes, and saw that the porn star had attached a dildo to a wooden chair with a suction cup, and was squatting over the seat, lowering herself onto the dildo and raising it again, her breasts moving all around with her efforts. Although she had not thought she was attracted to women, watching the video made Molly even wetter than she had been before. She started moving the rabbit in and out of her faster and faster, watching the woman on the stage thrust back and forth, making the chair rock a bit with her thrusts. As she moved swiftly towards her orgasm, Molly had to fight to keep her eyes open, watching the video as the clip switched, and showed a woman being fucked by a dildo attached to some sort of machine. Molly shifted, and pivoted so that she was up and down on the chair. She put the base of the rabbit on the chair, and spreading her legs as far apart on the chair as she could she kneeled, and lowered herself down onto the toy, guiding it into herself as far as she could. She turned off the twisting beads but kept the rabbit ears moving as she settled them onto her clit. Grabbing her breasts with both hands, she played with them as she thrust her hips back and forth, and moved them in a circle enjoying the rabbit inside her and the feeling on her clit. She moved more jerkily as she moved closer to orgasm, and finally the feeling gushed as she shifted back down, rubbing the shaft of the toy against the inside of her pussy.
Molly sagged back against the chair, leaving the toy inside of her and just trying to cope with the orgasm itself. After a few minutes of recovery, she slid her legs forward over the front of the chair, pulled the rabbit out of her, and dropped it on the floor in front of the chair. She relaxed for a moment, decided that although the rabbit was a lot of fun, clearly she would have to try the other toys in the box too. But not now, in a few minutes.
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