Howl Of The Full Moon
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It was a hot summer's night in middle of August and I was walking back home from the shopping centre, walking along the pavement. I stopped suddenly and looked around me and saw just occasional vehicles driving past. I sensed someone behind me so I whirled around but nothing or noone was there.
My heart was pounding against my chest as I slowly began to walk again when I heard the click click of someone's shoes on the pavement behind me. Once again, I whirled around and once again there was no one there.
"Who's there?" I said confidently, breaking the eerie silence of the night with my voice.
There was no reply. Not a single sound.
I turned back round again and started walking and the click click of someone behind me followed me. I told myself to remain calm. I turned around again and the sound was gone. My green eyes scanned frantically around me trying to see, through the darkness of the night, a shadow of someone or something. Anything. But there was nothing but endless, eerie, dark silence. It was scaring me.
A dark cloud uncovered the full moon in the night's sky, making the brightness from it catch my eye and made me look up.
My body shivered at the full moon. I had watched too many horror movies. I turned my attention back to the darkness ahead of me.
"Is someone there?" I asked.
Silence. But then a pair of big, yellow eyes shone in the dark.
I gasped in terror and my eyes widened as a beautiful black wolf stepped out of the shadows and began growling warningly. It didnt snarl, just growled.
I slowly turned back around and then glanced back over my shoulder to look at it and the animal was staring. I began to run as fast as my legs could carry me.
The wolf started running after me.
There was a park straight ahead so I legged it and ran into the park glancing back over my shoulder now and again. I stopped by a large willow tree to catch my breath. I looked back and saw no wolf but jumped when I looked back round.
Standing before me, bare chested, was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had a rippled chest, muscular arms, short black cropped hair, hazel brown eyes, olive skin, and the loveliest smile I'd ever seen.
"W-who are you?" I managed to say.
"You're dream man, babe. Someone good but also someone very dangerous, to say the least," he said. He had the silkiest of voices.
I sneered, "Someone's a bit sure of themselves, aren't they?"
He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him so our bodies pressed against one another. He held me tighter when I started to resist his seduction. But the harder I tried to resist the more I wanted him.
We stared at each other and saw passion and lust in each of our eyes and then threw our arms around one another and kissed passionately. He stripped off all of my clothes then gently laid me down on the park's long grass and began kissing and caressing the whole of my body with his lips.
I arched my back and moaned softly as his lips found my wet vagina and licked it. I found that my hands had found their way to the front of his black khaki shorts and slid them down over his soft and smooth buttocks. I lowered my eyes and saw that Mr Gorgeous had a full erection, ready to make love. I opened my legs up wider and he slid in between my thighs and entered me.
Our lovemaking was fast and furious but at the same time loving and affectionate. He turned me over and took me from behind like a dog on heat. Sweat dripped and dripped and dripped some more off our naked, entwined bodies to the ground and soaked into the soil. I moaned and groaned as the sex got more intense. I gripped hold of the long grass above my head.
He sucked on my hard, erect nipples as we fucked, making me moan some more. Suddenly, he cried out loud and clear in the night and his body quivered as he exploded his hot juices deep inside me. Then suddenly he raised his head up to the sky and howled happily.
I quickly came afterwards and my body trembled beneath him.
We breathed heavily, looking into each other's eyes and smiled.
My eyes widened as his eyes turned bright yellow. Eyes of an animal. Eyes of a wolf.
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