A visit to the vineyard, Pt. 3
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Amy grins and bounces on her toes like a giddy schoolgirl. “Finish your tasting and I will meet you out back soon. We should bring a couple of bottles with us. I will take care of that!” And she turns like a ballerina and makes her way to serve another patron.
Meanwhile, we return to our wine and exchange furtive glances. I am still in a daze reliving the past few moments in my mind. I still cannot believe that I have just had two women stroking my hard cock in a public place. The feeling of both your hands holding me together for that brief time was highly erotic. Sharing me, one consenting to the other …. The image pinned to my brain and the feeling still wrapped around my hardness.
You seem to recognize my angst and lean in to my ear. “I know you want to explode and I want to help you. I plan on holding you as you cum all over Amy’s beautiful breasts. Then I am going to let you savor the feeling as I lick and suck in every drop, nibbling and caressing her nipples as I do. I am so turned on by that thought that I am literally dripping wet!”
My heart beats faster as I shift on my feet trying to subtly adjust my cock straining in my jeans. Your lips take my ear lobe in your mouth and then you lean away. The electricity is pulsating and sends shivers down my spine. I take a long gulp of wine and swallowing intensely. Feeling the elixir down my throat it is my turn to lean in to your ear.
“I am going to slide into your hot dripping pussy before you are even finished licking me off her. I will make sure that you cum next…..Amy will have to wait. I am going to fuck you until YOU explode. “The heat from my breath in your ear intensifies the words. I may have said them a bit too loudly because I noticed our prudely neighbors turn and grimace. We both laughed and you winked at both then turned to me and said equally loud, “I can’t wait!”
We finished our wine, nodded adieu to our neighbors and walked out the back hand in hand. The sun hit us in the face as we made our way outside. It was warm and there was only a light breeze. From the back patio we could see the vineyard terracing up the slight hill. At the crest of the hill we could make out a gazebo. It looked to be about ½ mile away and looked like a beacon against the horizon. I pulled up behind you and wrapped you in my arms as I looked over your shoulder. You sighed and arched your back slightly sending your ass into my crotch. With only a light cotton fabric covering you I could feel every contour of you against me. I grow harder as I begin to slowly grind against you. My hands slide from your waist up your sides to your breasts. I cup each one as I find your stiffened nipples in my fingertips. I begin lightly squeezing and a soft moan comes from your mouth. I can feel your breathing become heavier. Your ass responds less subtly and pushes back against me. I lean my mouth down and kiss your neck.
“You two starting without me?” Amy has appeared behind us and smiles.
“Aren’t you a little sneak! “ you quip in return.
“I see you have spotted my little hideaway up on the hill. We will occasionally allow special guests to go up there. I am in charge today and I have determined that you two qualify as special.”
Amy has a bottle of wine in each hand as she bounces on her toes right up to us. She has also changed, no longer wearing her “working” clothes she too now has on a light sundress. She pirouettes and her dress floats around her. She has a bottle firmly clasped in each hand and in a playful girlish way she begins skipping up the first row of vines towards the gazebo at the crest.
You and I look at each other and grin then holding hands we too begin our ascent. The vines were lush with green leaves and big bunches of deep purple grapes. Every few paces we took turns picking a grape and popping them into our mouths. They were just about ready to make the elegant transition into the wonderful elixir of red wine…..Cabernet Sauvignon to be precise.
Amy, being young and exuberant, was at the gazebo before we made it half way. We saw her disappear under the canopy of shade but not before we heard her shout “Woooohoooo! Hurry up slow pokes!”
We laughed and continued in our leisurely pace. As we neared the top the gazebo became more into view. It was nicely built of cedar and fit perfectly in the landscape of the vineyard. Vines were trellising up and around the structure forming a beautiful canopy. But that is not what made us both stop in awe…. Amy, youthful and girlish, was sitting there on a bench with her dress pulled up around her waist with not a stitch on underneath! She had one hand working on her very wet and glistening pussy and one hand pinching her nipple. She was breathing very heavily and her eyes….her eyes were locked on us with feverish intensity. I think you and I stopped breathing and simply stood there staring. Amy, meanwhile, simply continued playing with herself, her fingers plunging in and out of her.
I am not sure who let go of whose hand first, you or me, but you were the first to move. In a deliberate trance-like motion you made your way up the steps of the gazebo and to the feet of Amy. I was frozen, fixated on both of you. Kneeling in front of Amy, your hands reached up to her head and pulled it towards you. Your lips met hers in a soft and sensual lock. I could still make out Amy’s fingers as they continued their ministrations. Your kiss stirred something in me and I too began a trance-like walk up the steps only stopping to sit beside Amy.
You reached your hand out to grasp mine and then you released your kiss and turned to me. I leaned into your lips and we shared an equally deep passionate kiss. You pulled away and gave me a sultry wink. Your hands slid to the insides of Amy’s legs as you slowly pushed them apart. I was busting in my jeans but too engrossed to move. You took Amy’s fingers away from her dripping pussy and moved them up to my lips. I eagerly sucked them into my mouth. The taste was intoxicating. As I licked and sucked each finger I heard a gasp from Amy as her body seemed to tense. Looking down I see your tongue darting across her clit. You look so amazing as you please her.
Amy pulls her fingers out of my mouth and her hand lands in my lap. She begins rubbing my swollen package only stopping when she spasms in a climax that cascades through her body.
“God….yes!..... Ughhhh!” Amy manages between breaths.
You slowly raise your head to her. I can clearly see her wetness covering your face. You lick your lips as Amy grabs your head and pulls you in for yet another deep kiss. She breaks free and she licks and sucks in her juices on your chin. Your hand now takes Amy’s as you move them to by zipper. Amy continues rubbing me as you unzip and unbutton my jeans. You both have move to your knees in front of me and like a team pull my jeans to the floor. I step out of them and before I can move back to sit down I feel a wet mouth engulf my hardness. Amy has me in her mouth and begins sucking me in. Your hand are holding and caressing my balls as you watch in fascination this young girl go to work. Your touch is gentle and experienced which is the yin to Amy’s yang. Your other hand pulls Amy’s hair out from her face as you want to maintain a close view of her mouth.
“mmmmm….I am in heaven!” I manage to stammer.
“Amy looks like she is enjoying this too!” you say while lowering your mouth to my balls. Your lips take me in as you suck on them deftly. This feels incredible! Amy lowers her mouth to meet yours as you break for a moment to kiss each other. I can feel the heat from your breath on me. Your hand now grabs onto me and strokes me easily from Amy’s saliva. Amy pushes your head to the tip of my cock and you take me in your mouth. The difference is evident. While Amy had the effort and she certainly felt wonderful, you have the ability to take me to the next level. I sigh as your lips and tongue work their magic on my using cock. You know how to please me and I surrender to your mouth.
Amy watches you intently, like a student observing a master. You know I am close. You bob up and down with increasing intensity. Your hand grabs the base of my hardness and you lift your mouth from me. Stroking me you look at Amy and smile.
“You said you were thirsty…..are you ready?”
Amy looks up at me and then back at you and smiles in return, “Please!”
I cannot contain myself any longer and you know it. You open your mouth and look at Amy, coaxing her to do the same. She does and I lose it, an amazingly powerful climax sends shivers up my spine as I cum. A large spurt shoots out as you point it to Amy’s waiting mouth. Another spurt, and another….Amy trying to get it all in her mouth but unable. As my convulsing slows down I am now oozing and not spurting. You lower your mouth and take me in licking and sucking every remaining bit of my cum you can. I can only sigh, my body feeling every sensation and loving every sensation.
You raise your head and turn to Amy. She has some of my cum dripping down her cheek. Your fingers reach up and swipe it off; seductively you put them to her mouth. She opens her lips and her tongue reaches out, licking the cum from your fingertips. Yours and Amy’s eye are locked on each other as you lean in and kiss passionately. I can witness this every day and will always be enthralled. It is such an erotic and lustful exchange. I am hard again in an instant…….
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