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It allstarted my Junior year of high school, on the end-of-the-year band and choir trip to Washington, DC. I was seventeen, with short black hair, and a dark complexion. I was on the heavy side, okay, I was huge. But I wore my weight with pride, I didn’t want to be a teenie tiny stick. I was proud of my curves, and the weight brought with it a large ass and size D boobs. If you ask me, that’s nothing for guys to turn away from. Unfortunately, I went to school with all the guys that did. I’m that one awkward fat chick that just sits around watching all of her friends make out with their boyfriends while she just sips at a milkshake.
Someone tapped me on my shoulder, I looked but there was no one there. I went blank faced and said, “Hi, Damien.”
“Dammit, how’d you know it was me?” He asked as I turned to face him. I can’t lie I’ve had a crush on him since the beginning of this year when we started talking, he was sort of a good friend now. He was gorgeous, chocolate skin and eyes, hair that he kept shaved off, and he was built. He wasn’t the tallest, but he was taller than me, so that was just perfect for me. Plus, he was a senior. Eighteen and sexy as all hell.
“You’re the only person who does it to me. And I saw your shirt.” He was wearing a red plaid button-down. He hugged me, squeezing around my waist. This would have been amazing, if I didn’t have to pee so badly.
“Alright alright, nice. Now, seeing as this is our last night in DC, a bunch of us seniors are sneaking out tonight. And Mr. Brown’s helping us. He’s gonna tape us all back in. You wanna go?”
“Yes. “ I blurted without thinking. “Uhm, I mean, can I bring Christine and Marie?” Those were my two best friends and my roommates for the trip. I can’t possibly go without them at my sides.
“Sure, but I might steal ya.” He laughed. I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, so I just laughed and went with it. My bladder started nagging at me though.
“Alright. Well, uh, I really have to pee. Do you know where the bathroom’s at?”
“Yeah, come on, I’ll show you where.” We were at the Air and Space museum, and I had no clue where I was going. I was glad to be alone with him for a bit. I looked up at him, wishing that he’d somehow want me the way I wanted him. My hand brushed his accidentally, instead of ignoring it, he took my hand. My breath went a little ragged for a while. “You okay?”
“Yeah. Just allergies.” I lied quickly. He bought it, thank God! We got to the restrooms finally.
“I’ll wait here.”
“Oh, you’re not coming in, too?” I teased. “Lotta things can happen in a bathroom, Damien.” I winked, he chuckled.
“Oh, and what kind of things are those?” He flirted back. Damn, I’ve never gotten this far with a guy before… Uh think quickly Maya! I stepped closer and brought my face just inches from his. “I’ve been told… people, you know.”
“No I don’t. Why don’t you clarify?” My head spun, I could practically taste the mintiness of his gum.
“They… poop.” I rushed into the ladies’ room laughing. After I took care of business, I waited a while before washing my hands. I wanted to see how long he’d wait for me. After washing them, I did my makeup. Some eyeliner and mascara and gloss. I went out, he was still there.
“Jeez, what were you doing?”
“Sorry, couldn’t find my mascara.” I told him. He examined me.
“Why do you wear makeup? You look better without it.” My heart jumped a little bit.
“You think so?” He got closer to me. Closer than any guy had ever gotten before. I shut my eyes.
“I know so.” He kissed me softly. Or at least, it started that way. He pushed us into the bathroom. It was single person, so he locked it. “Take off the makeup. Except that gloss. I like that.” I complied, washing my face and getting it off. I reapplied the gloss afterward.
“Better?” I asked. He got close again and grabbed me.
“Yup.” He kissed me again, rougher this time. I was enjoying myself thoroughly, and he had his hands all over me, so I guess he was, too. When he started putting his hands up my shirt, I pushed him off, and checked my phone. It was 3:00.
“We gotta go, we’ll be late for the buses.” I hurried out to my bus, all girl, to hide. Did that really just happen? My God. What the hell am I going to do tonight at that party?
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