The Training of Lucy, part 6
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Lucy was alone. Tears ran down her cheeks and her nose was running. She stood with her legs spread and her hands held straight up and sniffled quietly. She wasn't nervous or fearful anymore. She wasn't pondering what Sean might do to her with the rest of the gear laid out on the bed. She simply waited.
Sean returned. He looked at her sternly for a moment, but as he looked at her, she could see his look soften. He looked undecided about something. She had seen that look before, but now she felt like she understood. She had an answer.
"Sir... It's alright. I mean...If you need to...If you want to..."
He seemed to melt before her eyes.
He reached down and released the cuffs on her ankles and helped her straighten up. Then he reached behind her and released the rope, lowering her arms. He released her hands and then reached down and scooped her up in his arms and carried her over to the bed. He gently put her down, shoving the gear out of the way as he did, cradling her in his arms. He grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and dabbed at her eyes, and then gave her another to blow her nose. He rolled her over and rubbed some soothing cream on her ass cheeks. Then he kissed her on the back of her head. She said, "Thank you, Sir."
"You're welcome, Lucy. Why don't you get a little rest and in an hour or so you can start dinner."
"Yes, Sir," she said, and closed her eyes.
She woke up a little later. Her ass was warm and felt like it was two sizes larger. She took a look at it and it looked like a sunburn, except for the 6 red stripes across it. They were evenly spaced and parallel to each other. She stood up and went to look for Sean. As she started down the hallway, she could see he was in his study, tapping away on his laptop. She headed to the kitchen to start dinner. There was a package of boneless chicken breasts and parmesan cheese in the fridge, and she found some fettuccine in the pantry and decided to make a sort of chicken fettuccine Alfredo for dinner. It took her about a half an hour. Near the end of that time, Sean appeared at the kitchen and asked, "What is that magnificent smell?"
Lucy smiled and said, "Just something I'm throwing together."
"Well, I can hardly wait to try it."
It was done a few minutes later. Lucy put two plates on the table and they both sat down. As with breakfast, Lucy waited to see Sean's reaction before starting to eat herself. He took a bite and simply said, "Mmmm" with his mouth full and took another bite. Lucy smiled. They finished dinner and Sean went into the living room, sat on the sofa and sat Lucy down beside him. She snuggled next to him with her head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her back. Finally, he spoke.
"Well, Lucy, your first weekend as my property is nearly over. I can tell you honestly that my desire to own you has only grown stronger. But the choice is not mine. You must choose to give yourself to me. As you know, doing so means giving up everything that you have, and giving everything you are to me. This is not a step you should take lightly, and it's not a step you should take right now. I want you to return to your life for a few days. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have as you decide. Do you understand?"
She looked at him as he said all this and her eyes grew moist.
"I don't want to go, Sir."
"I know you don't, Lucy. But this is a decision you must make on your own, in your own space, and in your own time."
She listened and took his words to heart. She couldn't conceive of anything she could think of that would change her mind, but she knew he was right. What she would be committing to was too monumental a change to make lightly. She promised herself that she'd think about it carefully before deciding.
"Yes, Sir," she said.
"Good girl, Lucy. Now, put your clothes on and go back home and get some sleep. You still have a job waiting for you tomorrow morning, and you don't want to be late or sleepy for it."
She smiled weakly at that. She turned to the table by the door and started getting dressed. When she was finished, she touched her collar and looked at Sean. He smiled back at her.
"Good night, Lucy."
"Good night, Sir," she said and opened the door and walked out into the night.
Lucy arrived at her apartment. She walked in the door, shut it behind her and pulled off her T-shirt. She started to unbutton her pants when a voice in her head asked her what she was doing. She stopped and pondered that. She never spent time nude in her apartment other than getting in or out of the shower. Sean wasn't here. He didn't tell her she had to be nude when she wasn't alone with him. So why was she taking off her clothes? Deep down she knew the answer even as she asked herself the question. She was taking her clothes off because she knew it was what Sean would want.
The realization struck her like a freight train. She had been with him only about two and a half days. But she had changed so much. She resumed taking off her clothes. When she was done, she walked into her bedroom. She had a full-length mirror (she really only had ever used it to check herself before a big date or a job interview) and as she looked at herself in it, she placed her hands in position behind her back and stood up straight. The woman - the slave, she corrected herself - who looked back at her looked sexy as hell - naked, except for her velvet collar. As she thought that, her face brightened a bit and the slave in the mirror looked back with confidence. She turned around, looked at all of the things in the room, and started to think of the best ways to get rid of them.
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