Senior Week - Part 1
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Living near the ocean is wonderful for teenagers during the summer. Barely 18, barely dressed, walking the beach, hand in hand, splashing in the surf. The joys of summer.
One of the best times is Senior Week, when groups of newly graduated seniors would rent a beach house for a week and get to live on their own for the week. My friends, Chris, Bob, Scott and I had pooled our resources and rented a large house right on the beach. Our girlfriends Sharon, Brenda, Pat and Charlene were equally excited as they were planning to spend the week with us. We moved in and hit the beach right away.
The water was still a bit cool since it was early June but we were young, bold and stupid so we jumped straight in. After a bit, the girls got out and laid on the beach soaking up the rays while the 4 boys threw a Frisbee around. Charlene and Pat loved to cook, so around 4 they went in to start prepping dinner. After a delicious dinner, we watched a movie and then drifted off to the bedrooms.
The next morning, everyone appeared to be a bit calmer and there were smiles all around. After breakfast on the patio, we got dressed, went swimming and sun soaking. Around noon, the group drifted inside for some lunch and beers. A discussion popped up on whether the girls could actually tell their boyfriends apart while simply kissing someone, no hands, no eyes, just a simple kiss. The consensus among the guys was that the girls could not while the girls insisted they would. This in turn led to a bet being made. The girls would be blindfolded and then kissed by each of the guys. If she could correctly determine the boyfriend, the guys would make dinner and be their servants for the week. If not, the girls would be the servants. The guys were all for this while the girls were a bit hesitant although they kept insisting they would win. After some discussions, they finally agreed as long as 3 out of the 4 guessed correctly.
The girls were lined up and blindfolded. Chris had cut his finger two days before and had a small bandage on it. Without telling the girls, the other 3 also put on bandages. The guys picked random starting numbers out of a hat and then simply rotate along the line. I started with Pat. While all of the girls were cute and fun, I had a bit of a crush on Patricia for several years, so I was quite excited and wanted to make a good impression. Gliding my hands to her face, I caressed her hair, soaking up her scent and planted a eager kiss on her lips. Pure bliss. Next up for me was my girlfriend Charlene. Perhaps still a bit amped up from Pat, I kissed her quite eagerly and thoroughly enjoyed it. I then progressed to Brenda and finally Sharon. Not sure, if I could have told them apart, but it was a fun experiment. The girls were given a piece of paper to write which number was their boyfriend. Pat and Charlene correctly guessed their boyfriends but Brenda and Sharon did not.
The guys were all smiles while the girls wanted a re-match. However, the boys decided to enjoy their power at least for a little while, and we went back to the beach after informing the girls to bring up each a beer while a small hand towel draped appropriately over their arm! The girls were then "ordered" to coat us in sun screen. The sun screen lathering lead to groping and eventually all the couples headed eagerly to the house. After a little while, we all emerged with smiles. The girls were then sent off to bring us a beer and then prepare dinner.
During dinner, the girls again asked for a re-match which although kissing each of the girls was appealing, the guys were enjoying the power of having a servant at his beck and call. Chris was bemoaning the fact that Sharon didn't guess correctly and mentioned that she probably couldn't tell him apart in the sack either. The girls were all quite vocal that that would never happen since a kiss was so quick compared to being with someone. I accepted their "offer" and told them that after they had finished with the dishes, we would give them, not quite a re-match, but a second challenge which would decide who was the servant the following day. When asked about the challenge, I informed them that the masters would determine the rules and that they would be informed after their current duties were finished. The guys adjourned to the living room, with their servants bringing them a beer and we proceeded to discuss the next challenge. While Charlene and Sharon had participated in several of our poker games, Brenda and Pat had not yet. After some discussion, we decided that a bit of peer pressure would likely work and just go for it.
The girls finished their chores, came into the living room and sat with their boyfriends. We asked about the challenge and we teased them along for a little while. We then informed them that the next challenge was to be cock sucking. As before, each girl would be blindfolded and placed in order. The guys would start in a random order and proceed at 1 minute intervals, until each master was properly satisfied. Brenda and Pat both said "Hell, no" almost immediately at which point the guys relented and said that is fine. We understand you probably wouldn't be able to win and are quite happy with the current arrangement for the rest of this week. We then ordered them to fetch another beer.
In the kitchen there was quite a bit of animated discussions going on. After several minutes, the girls returned and they said they agreed to the challenge. I informed them that we hadn't finished explaining the rules yet. This event would take place on the patio and the girls would be fully undressed. Again there was some dissension but since it was getting dark and we did have some privacy, they agreed.
With quite a bit of excitement, we led the girls to the patio. We had foam ear plugs which we made the girls insert before starting. We blindfolded them and then undress them. Seeing 4 beautiful naked girls on their knees, hands tied behind their backs, waiting for the guys had all of us quite hard. We got the timer set to 1 minute and lined up in a random order. I really want to start with Pat so I pushed my way in front of her. Presenting myself, she eagerly took me into her mouth. The cool sea breeze and the warm foreign mouth was almost too much, but luckily the timer beeped and we all moved on to the next one. It is difficult to explain how enjoyable this was. Typically oral sex is extremely enjoyable, but with 4 different mouths with 4 beautiful naked girls and somewhat constrained techniques, it was paradise by the patio lights. *Beep*, move on, *beep*, move on. By the time I got back to Pat, I was quite ready to explode and did so. To my thrill and enjoyment, she greedily accepted my load and kept sucking. Another beep, I moved on to the next girl. Although I had just cum, I was still semi-hard and kept enjoying the sensations. Once all 4 of the guys had cum, we stopped, fondled the girl we were in front of, as we helped them to their feet. Then we switched to our girlfriend, untied their hands, took off their blindfolds and gave them their paper to write down their verdict.
Still naked, we led them to the living room and made them hold up their paper. Again, only 2 of the girls got it correct and the guys were so very happy. The girls sighed and started heading for their clothes but were informed that their masters did not approve of that! We paired off and started watching a movie but with 4 naked girls near each of the guys, the couples each decided it was going to be an early bedtime.
Once I got Charlene back to the bedroom, she eagerly ripped off my clothes and we went at it with gusto. I couldn't believe how wet she was when I went down on her and after she had a thunderous orgasm, she got on top and rode me quite enthusiastically. We came roughly at the same time and then settled down to a blissful night's sleep.
In the morning, the guys graciously allowed the girls to put on aprons but nothing else. As they were now getting used to being naked in front of each other and their masters, they relented and accepted the apron offer. We allowed them to wear their bikinis to the beach (as we didn't want to get them arrested) but they were made to disrobe within the house. They were quite surprised when a few other friends showed up during the day and we didn't let them get dressed. The guys were all smiles and their girlfriends were a bit shocked but amused. We informed them that they had lost a bet and this was their payoff. Later after another enjoyable dinner, we asked the girls if they wanted one more chance. We informed them that this would be similar to the previous night but it would be in the living room. They looked at each other and said "YES!".
We then informed them that again they would be blindfolded but their hands would not be tied. Instead, they would be lined up, and each guy would have 1 minute time periods to enter them from behind. Again there was some initial dissention, but that was soon over. We lined them up, blindfolded them and got them into the doggie position. The guys then stripped and got into position. The timer was started and in we went. This time I started with Sharon and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy myself. She also seemed to be enjoying it as she was quite wet to start with. *beep* and over I went to Pat. I had never had sex with Pat before and immensely enjoy the feeling. All too soon, *beep*, the minute was up and I moved over to Charlene. She was quite wet by this point and I enjoyed myself as I reached between her legs to rub her clit which produced a moan. The other guys saw this and followed suit. All too soon the timer sounded and I got my first attempt at Brenda. Although I was the 4th guy in her, she was still quite tight and it felt great. *beep* and back to Sharon I went. It was hard to get much of a rhythm in only 1 minute so I signaled the timer keeper to go to 2 minutes. The other guys silently agreed. *beep* and over to Pat I went but now got to enjoy her for 2 minutes. The 2 minutes were having the desired effect on everyone. The girls were enjoying the longer duration and the guys were all working themselves up. *beep* Over to Charlene. I was close but didn't want to cum just yet. Luckily the timer went off and I pushed into tight little Brenda. I was pumping away and enjoying it and trying to figure out which one to explode into. I had finally decided that Brenda's tight pussy would be the one and with that goal in mind I started really pumping into her. *beep* ARGH!!!! Nooooooo. I moved on to Sharon and with the timer's distraction I managed to hold on until I got into my second choice Pat where I wasted little time before exploding in her. My 3 year fantasy of screwing the most beautiful girl in school had come true. This was a great week. The sight of all 4 girls being serviced was enough to keep me hard and I continued the rotation. The guys were all grunting and squirting. Two of them stopped but Chris and I continued on.
I wanted Brenda and made sure to work my way to the point so that I could explode inside her as well. After both Chris, Bob who had rejoined the enjoyment and I finished our second helping, we gave the girls some towels, let them take off their blindfolds. We gave them each a piece of paper to write down their vote. At this point the guys were very pleased with themselves. As the girls stood there, they each turned over their paper. The votes were in and the results were...
Care to comment on what the vote was? Stay tuned for part 2.
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