The Beginning
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 As I traveled down the Interstate I felt uneasy and, not scared, but afraid I would not please my Mistress. We had been planning this for almost a year and I was ready for it, I had bought all the toys she ordered me to get and last night I had given myself an enema in preparation for Her taking my ass for her pleasure. One thing I knew for sure I belonged to her. My body no longer belonged to me it was hers. Completely and 100%......
I had my instructions to go to the hotel and get a room for us to share. She told me which one and to text her when I checked in just what room to find me in.
I arrived and got the room texted to room number to Her. I was to lay out my toys on the dresser Set of 3 anal plugs, nipple clamps, clothes pins, binder clip, dildos, paddles, whips, and many other things She so ordered me to have for Her pleasure. I did this as soon as I got into the room. I also got the candles setup and ready to light and filled the refrigerator with bottled water.
As ordered by my Mistress I was to take a bath and make sure I was clean for her inspection. So I entered the shower to bathe. Once I deemed myself clean I got out to dry and prepare everything else.
I was to leave the door ajar so when She arrived she could enter the room. The curtains were to be opened so she could look in and see me in position. I placed my cock and ball harness on myself and lit the candles. My face mask went over my eyes and my full hood was placed on over the mask just leaving my mouth visible. I stood, naked, facing the door ready to greet my Mistress whenever She gave me permission to do so. I was told to speak only to answer her orders and did not want to disappoint.
I had worked hard for this date, losing over 100 pounds by Her orders to remake my body for Her liking. I most definitely wanted to make her happy today.
With my legs shoulder width apart I waited for Her to arrive, naked and ready to submit to Her every whim.
I heard the door open and someone step into the room. Whoever it is I had no way to know. I listened as the door closed and the latch was secured. The person was wearing what had to be high heels by the sound of the steps. She stepped to the dresser and started checking out my toys. I could tell by the sound of the toys being set back down.
All of a sudden there was a sharp pain across both cheeks of my ass. A voice said to me that was for abusing my body and letting it go to pot. I felt the sharp pain on my ass several more times as she used the paddle on me, chastising me for the years of neglect and indulgence I had committed.
I knew this was coming. She told me so, that I would have to pay before I would get the reward that was coming if I was good. Only if I was good. She first placed my bar gag into my mouth and wrapped it around my head and then secured it in place. She then guided me to the bed and told me to lay down. I heard the fridge open and I guessed she was getting some of the water I was ordered to place there for Her.
Next I felt the sting of the belt I was told to bring. This was different than the paddle. The paddle just hit in a small space unlike the belt that wrapped around and dug into every inch of my ass. Every so often she switched off and used the flail that I had bought. This one stung in multiple places being that it had so many strips of leather.
By this time tears were running down my cheeks. I was paying the price for my neglect. Mistress asked me If I was sorry for my misuse of my body and I said “Yes Mistress”. I still had not even been able to touch or make contact with my Mistress at this point. My Mistress got another fresh bottle of water out of the fridge and poured it over my, by this time, red ass.
Mistress asked if that felt good and I said “Yes Mistress”. It cooled off the sting some, even though it was so cold I flinched when she poured it over my ass.   Mistress removed the bar gag from my mouth and asked me if I was sorry for what I had done to Her body and I said “Yes Mistress”. She told me I was a good slut, then she told me to turn toward Her and lifted the hood so my nose was barely uncovered and, for the first time, I smelled her sweet pussy.
Part 1 of my first story hope you like it
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