Tempted, Teased and Tied Up - Part 2
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As you turn your head toward me your eyes pass across the opening of my off white coat and stop suddenly.
Not nearly the subtle look one would expect to receive when returning from the ladies room but rather a look of “what the heck”. A look of shock would also be a fair description. It’s what I had hoped for when I created this plan and I had the reward I was after.
Your eyes start to focus on my legs, legs covered by black stockings with a lace top embroidered with delicate flowers. The garter straps lead your eyes upward to my black lace panties. A thong made of a small piece of lace material that’s supposed to hide my womanhood from view but really doesn’t cover much at all.
The frill of my black bustier obscures all the details of my panties from your view but acts as the perfect tool to force your gaze to continue upward. Upward to the form fitting lace covered bustier. The bustier gently hugs my waist and is covered with a lace that has a small floral pattern that runs in a line from the garter straps up to the bottom of my breasts. My breasts are cradled and pushed up in the half bra of the bustier. The tops of my breasts are clearly defined as well as the top of my chest and neck. All exposed to your stare.
As you stand to allow me to get to my seat you slip your hand inside my coat and place it on my side. With a shocked look on your face, your lips come in contact with mine in what can only be called a startled kiss. Your kiss is adorable in it’s awkwardness.
Closing my coat around my waist I give you a coy little smile and slide into my seat.
As you return to your seat next to me I tilt my head slightly downward. I look up at your shocked face and bring my index finger up to my pursed lips. Holding my finger straight up and down I gently and quietly kiss my finger while whispering “shhhhh” to silence you from saying anything. Anything that might give away our secret.
Lifting my glass of wine to my lips, I take a much needed drink. I feel the cool glass pressed to my lips as I let the liquid slowly pour into my mouth and wrap around my tongue. I swallow the fragrant liquid in an effort to help keep me steady and calm my nerves.
The startled look on your face has started to fade a little as you sip from your drink but I don’t think you’ve quite grasped what you just saw and what I intend to do. In an effort to continue to keep you in a mild state of confusion I slide my hand onto yours and entwining our fingers as I bring your hand down to my lap. It’s a loving gesture that all couples have done before but only this time we have a secret.
Lifting one side of my coat I place your hand under the flap of material and place it on my leg where my stocking ends and my upper thigh begins and gently close my coat over your hand.
You start to gently squeeze my thigh with your strong hand as I pick up the menu and feign to be looking for some interesting meal to satiate my appetite. No matter what I ate in this restaurant my appetite would not be satisfied by the food served here tonight.
With the menu covering my lap I squeeze my thighs together against your hand before starting to part my legs to allow your hand more access to me. Allowing you access right here in this restaurant to my body. Lowering my free hand under the menu I let my fingers touch your wrist and slide your hand up farther between my legs. Not stopping until I feel your fingers are pressing against my lace panties.
The waiter appears before us asking “Do you have any questions about our menu?” followed by “May I take your order?” I squeeze your hand between my thighs to keep you from pulling away from me as I hear you respond with your order. The waiter turns his attention to me and I feel you start to get your revenge. I start to respond with “I’ll have the …” when I feel your fingers suddenly squeeze my clit. This little squeeze cause me to stop what I was saying and emit a squeaky little whimper. I attempt to disguise my whimper with a little cough and an “Excuse me” but your fingers aren’t relenting from their teasing. Again I fake a cough and swallow down a smile and looking at you, I ask if you want to have the Shrimp Cocktail as an appetizer.
After placing my order the waiter tries to retrieve my menu which I refuse to give back to him and lie saying that I want to look at the desserts. I really just want to keep it to help cover up our actions. The waiter finally leaves with a final statement of “If there’s anything I can help you with my name is Michael”, to which you assure him that you have everything well in hand.
While we sit there and wait for our meal your fingers dance around under my coat and I lean my head against the booth and look at you. My thighs are spread under the cover of the menu as you slide your finger in and out of me only stopping to caress my clit.
My first orgasm starts to come when you’ve been rolling my clit between your thumb and index finger. It’s small but starts rolling through me. Building up and surging as it goes causing me to start to purr. Clinching my lips and teeth I try to hold back any sound that tries to escape from my lips but at the peak I accidently let a little moan roll out from my throat and cough to try and cover it.
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