Minuet In G - Chapter IV
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The following morning, Alice announced she wanted to tune the piano. Gerald agreed to take the day off from work, so they called his brother, to see if they could borrow his pickup truck.
They loaded the truck full of necessities from their apartment, and took them over to the house.
After putting those things away, Alice started in on the piano, but soon discovered she needed to remove the player mechanism, to get to all the tuning pegs. Between them, she and Gerald managed to lift the heavy and awkward machinery aside, without having to disconnect any of the vacuum lines, except the ones to the damper andsoft pedals.
Alice got out her tuning hammer, rubber wedges, and fork, and went to work. Gerald didn’t understand why she insisted on using a tuning fork, since she had perfect pitch, but her explanation that she was second-guessing herself, and wanted to be reassured, seemed a reasonable one.
While Alice was dealing with the piano, Gerald decided to investigate the attic, and take a closer look at the master bedroom closet. He was hoping there were no wires in the walls of the closet, and that it would be easy to remove them, converting the bedroom back to its original shape. He figured that if there were any wires in the walls, they’d be evident in the attic, above them.
The attic was lighted only by two small stained glass windows at either end. After stumbling over several boxes, his eyes adjusted to the dim glow from the windows. He managed to wend his way to the window at one end. He tried to open it, but quickly surmised it was not designed to be opened. He assumed the same to be true of the window in the opposite end, so he went back downstairs to the kitchen. Armed with Windex and a roll of paper towels, he returned to the attic and cleaned the accumulated years of cobwebs and dust from them.
Having completed that little chore, he set about to see what was in the boxes, and was surprised to find all but one of them empty. So he took all the empty boxes down to the second floor, where he broke them down to be carried to the entry foyer. He then returned to the attic, and retrieved the one box that was not empty. He carried that one down to the master bedroom, and set it on the floor.
Climbing the attic steps once more, he thought, Since it has a Mansard roof, this attic might make a good home office space, if I could get an air conditioner/heater unit installed in one wall beneath the window. In fact, if we got two of them, we could split it into effectively two rooms, and Alice could have one end for her space. I wonder if it might be possible to make a widow’s walk on the roof, while we are renovating up here? It would be such fun to be able to sunbathe nude on the roof this Summer. And to maybe make love under the stars.He felt himself becoming turgid, but put the thought out of his mind.When I go back downstairs, I’ll mention those ideas to Alice, and see what she thinks.
Reaching the top of the stairs yet again, he crossed the flooring to the area where it stopped. Carefully walking on the edges of the joists, he made his way toward the eaves, to see where the wires, if any, came up from the closet walls. He was pleased to see there were none, though there was ample evidence of newer nails poking through the lower edges of the joists. Aha! he thought, piece of cake. Retreiving his window cleaning supplies, Gerald left the attic, and made his way back to the master bedroom.
Once back in the bedroom, he set the cleaning supplies on he floor, and opened the box he had brought down from upstairs. In it, he found about thirty piano rolls, and a black leatherette-covered notebook. Curiously, he sat on the edge of the bed and carefully opened the fragile cover.
Seeing a date at the upper left corner of the first page, he thought, oh, it’s someone’s diary, so he began reading:
20 Dec 1906
Well, the electrification of the piano was a great success, and Sarah is delighted to be able to play her favorite rolls by just flipping a switch. Now she is able to entertain her guests, and serenade them without having to sit at the piano pumping the pedals. Having that fellow electrify this house last Summer was such a worthwhile investment. I should lean more heavily on my partners to have the office electrified. In fact, if we had the whole building done, we could charge more rent for the other offices,and easily pay both the electricity bill and recoup the cost of installation.
16 May 1907
Sarah misbehaved today. She admitted to having pleasured herself while taking her afternoon rest. So I decided she should be punished by not being allowed to be entirely naked. I removed her skirts and blouse, of course, but just pulled her shift down to the waist, exposing her breasts, and doubled it up from below, exposing her knickers. She was quite surprised when, leaving them on, I tore open the center seam, allowing access to her innermost parts.
After I strapped her to the fucking table, I left her alone for a full fifteen minutes. Being strapped to the table, and blindfolded, with the rubber cock up in her, it must have seemed much longer. And for something different, I took a couple of those new spring clothes pins downstairs with me.
Yesterday, while she was having her afternoon rest, I tried a pair on myself, and I must say, they were exquisite. I felt slight discomfort when attaching them, that quickly went away.The sudden pain when they were removed was quite shocking.
When I finally went downstairs and began flogging her breasts, she was already writhing and moaning. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came, so I put the clips on her nipples. Between the rubber cock, and my thumb on her most sensitive spot, she soon had her first orgasm. I removed my thumb then, but kept at her quite vigorously with the dildo, and soon she was trying to double up with a second. Copious liquids came from inside her. If it hadn’t been for the straps, I have no doubt she’d have fallen off the table, she was jerking about so. That is when I decided to remove the clothespins by knocking them off with the riding crop. I was glad I had thought to protect my ears with cotton wadding; her screams were quite loud.
Afterward, she said that was one of the best sessions we had ever had, and was so happy to be allowed to serve me my dinner while still in her soiled undergarments.
I shall save the chocolates I bought for her today, and surprise her with them at the breakfast table tomorrow.
18 May 1907
The workmen completed electrification of the offices today, and announced they expected to have the entire building completed in time for the ice cream social on Decoration Day. I convinced the partners we should hold an open house, with all lights on, as a means of advertising our dedication to progress. George, as usual, immediately wanted to know what it would cost us, but was quickly outvoted by the rest.
31 May 1907
The ice cream social was a great success. George’s nephew, Adoule, is visiting from Vienna, Austria for the Summer, and we decided he should be allowed to learn the accounting business. Sarah seems to have taken a liking to the young man, and has agreed he should stay in the guest room for the Summer. I must say, for an eightteen-year old, he seems quite serious, and industrious. He speaks very good English, and is an accomplished amateur violinist; a product, I suppose of his Viennese education. He and Sarah entertained us with some lovely duets yesterday evening. I believe he will make a fine additon to the firm.
Gerald closed the diary, and sat, staring at the bedroom closet door. Wow, he thought. This has sure been a week of surprises. First Mom’s story last night, and now this. I wonder if I should tell Mom about this? Maybe I’d better talk to Alice first.
Placing the notebook back in the box with the piano rolls, he picked up the box, and headed downstairs.
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