Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser part 13: Missy's Turn
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Sorry not much sex in this one but its a lead up to 13.5 and I hope you enjoy both of them. :)
Once mom and I had gotten our car back, we took it out for a spin and I have to say it worked and looked like new. It had everything from a new paint job to new parts in the engine. Now in all honesty, I did have to go back a few times and give Ray a few blowjobs to help pay for them but it was definitely worth it and I didn’t mind sucking his huge cock anyway. Mom helped as well by going over to “visit” Ray a few times to which all together made for a great payment plan.
But I digress, It was the beginning of a week off at my job and my mom was on her second week of holidays to. We had talked about going somewhere for vacation but decided it would be best to just stay home, save money and enjoy having fun by ourselves and our new car.
Most of the time we took it out for a spin in daylight where it would be seen and we could show it off. No where special, just some places where it would be seen and we could get a few things done as well like pick up groceries or going to a movie. At one point I even went back to that adult shop my mother and I had went to when I was still new to being an open cross dresser and got a sexy blow up doll and one of those sex toy pussy and ass molds for guys to fuck. I also bought a few kinky items such as a paddle that said slut with a carved out heart in it and nipple clamps. I bought them confidently and the cashier already knew me. I wasn’t sure if he had realized I had been here as Missy and went into the glory hole with my mom or if he just knew me because I had bought porn there a few times. Either way, he knew me and it made me more comfortable.
I left the store and put my new sex toys in the trunk of the car then drove home. When I got home I found my mom trying on some sexy new clothes. She had a purple tube top on that was so much tight as it did hang off her body, like a skirt but for around her chest and you could get a good look at her cleavage from underneath. She also had on a matching purple short skirt that was tight fitting around her hips and barely went past her crotch which I’m sure would reveal lots of she was to shit down and stand up lots. Mom asked what I had bought so I showed it to her. She loved the kinky items and was interested in the blow up doll and pussy and ass masturbator I had bought. I took the toys upstairs and put them in the secret hiding spot Mom and I have for our naughty items except for the blowup doll which I was going to take and spend the day with alone in my room with some sexy clothes and buckets of my cum.
I decided to set up the digital cam again for some more missy footage to post on the website. I felt naughty and figured I should have some cock videos for more female clients as well.
Sunset soon came and my cock had been drained of its juice but my ass wanted some attention to. Through out the day I could hear mom going in and out of her room to either try clothes on or masturbate. Eventually she came up to my room and knocked on the door before entering. She was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when I came home so I thought maybe she liked those best and was going to stay in those for a while longer. There was also a bag in her hand with some odd coloring that I could see sticking out of it as mom dropped it onto the bed next to me.
“I bought something for you to, I hope you enjoy. I thought we could wear this stuff and go out tonight.” She said smiling. Then looking over at the blow up doll I had thoroughly used.
“Sure that sounds like fun.” I said to her.
“I’m going to borrow your friend here for a while if you don’t mind, she looks like she could use some girl time with me now.” She said teasingly but I could tell she just wanted to have some lesbian fun with it.
“Sure go ahead, I bet she can hardly wait.” I said playfully and to add to the fun.
After picking up the blow up doll, mom went back to her room leaving me with the bag. I opened the bag to find a one piece, form fitting tiger striped dress. I held it up to me and found that it looked great on me I just had to change and maybe find a good pair of underwear to go with it. I stripped naked and put on a nice zebra print thong to go underneath and a pair of heels. Once I had it all together, I did a few turns in the mirror, put in my breast forms, wig and did all my makeup.
“It’s time for this jungle pussy to go on the prowl.” I said to myself.
It was now 10pm and dark outside and I went to my moms room to see if she was ready. I knocked on the door and went inside to find my mom on the bed with my blow up doll naked and eating it’s pussy like if she was eating out a real girl.
“Hi, mom are you ready to go?” I asked her.
She turned her head to look at me then sat on the edge of her bed.
“Actually sweetie there has been a change in plans.”
I looked at her with a little disappointment. “What do you mean? I thought we were going out?
“Actually Missy, I thought you could take the car tonight and go find a man to bring home for me like I brought home that big black cock.” She said with a smile and that famous devious grin of hers.
I thought about it for a second and loved it. The thought of going out dressed so sexy and finding a cock to fuck both of us tonight sounded like amazing fun so I agreed to it.
My purse was back in my room so I grabbed it and the keys to the car and went off to find the biggest and hardest cock I could find. After driving around for a few hours, I found what I would call an “above average bar” which is basically like saying it’s a bar that’s fairly fancy but isn’t only for rich people and all the alcohol is not overpriced like some places. The thing that I liked the most about this bar is that it was for cross dressers, transvestites and the like which made it perfect and easy for finding guys who would fuck both me and my mom in one night.
I went inside and sat down at a table in the middle of the room. Any other time I would have sat in a booth or at the bar so I wouldn’t be so out in the open. However, I was out to find cock and cock is what I was determined to find and this was the best place to scope out guys who may be interested.
An hour passed and I had just finished my first drink. It seemed like forever and most of the people there were either other tranny’s like me or were guys who had brought their tranny girlfriend. I was about to leave when the bartender brought another drink and said it was from the guy two tables away. I picked up the drink and took a few sips before I motioned for him to come over and join me.
He was a fairly nice looking man, about the same age as mom with nice muscles and about 6 ft tall. The man introduced himself as Thomas and that he likes hot young sluts like me and gave me a little wink then caressed my thigh under the table. I gave a cute little giggle and a moan as I thought to myself that he was perfect but just needed to check his cock size.
“Come with me baby, I want to show you how fun I can be.” I said in a seductive voice as I took his hand and lead him to the bathroom.
When we got in the bathroom we walked into the closest stall and locked the door. I dropped to my knees and started to rub his crotch. God it felt so huge in his shorts and it was just getting bigger and bigger by the second.
Thomas smiled and looked at me in the eyes as he said. “Yeah baby, get me hard so I can see how good that hot little mouth of yours is.”
I pulled down his pants and to my surprise was a 9 inch cock with nice veins and fairly thick with a nice round yet fairly pointed head with a pair of balls that I could only describe as large oranges.
“That’s right baby, it’s that big and it’s all for you.” He said with a little laugh.
I held his cock in my hand and stroked it slowly, he wasn’t kidding it was huge! While stroking his cock slowly, I began to lick and kiss each of his balls. Opening my mouth slowly and sucking them in to lick all around and get an understanding of how full and big they really are and I have to say they felt like they were about to bust from how much cum was stored in them. I couldn’t even get both of them in my mouth at the same time and had to work with only one at a time. Then I let them pop out of my mouth and I licked up from the bottom of his sac and slowly up the shaft of his cock. Pressing lightly with my tongue then hard when I got to the top as I swirled it around and drooled all over it.
The head was so large I had to open my mouth more then usual as I looked him up into his eyes and slowly moved his dick into the back of my throat when I hit a snag, literally. When the head reached the back of my throat I wasn’t sure if I could deep throat him because it was larger then what I’m used to, but I relaxed and swallowed his cock down my throat until he was down 8 inches in my throat. It was hard to not gag but the trick I use is to keep swallowing over and over again and it also helps to get deeper into my throat as well.
Once I had him 8 inches into my throat, I looked up at him and moaned as I held it there for a few seconds then pulled it out. I stroked his big cock with both of my hands as I told him how wonderful his cock was and how hot and good it would feel inside me.
“That’s good to hear baby, cause I got a surprise for you soon.” Thomas said.
I just smiled and kept sucking on the head and about half way down his big cock over and over again, stopping every so often to stroke and suck his balls again. This went on for what felt like 20 minutes as every time it seemed like he was getting close to orgasm I would back off and let it settle before continuing. At one point I even got right down between his legs so that when I looked up straight his cock could go straight down my throat. Then I just used my legs to bounce up and down so I could take his cock down my throat again until I was able to touch my nose to his body. He said he was about to cum and I gave him a sign that it was ok to cum down my throat but instead he grabbed my head and pulled me off in time for his cock to shoot his massive load onto my face and in my mouth but he quickly grabbed the top of my dress and opened it up enough for him to stick his cock down my dress and finish his orgasm. At first it seemed like a big load but then it wouldn’t stop! He shot over and over again gigantic loads just like the first. I almost said “Stop! You are going to become a dried out husk!”.
He finally stopped and pulled out his cock as he stroked the last few drops out onto my tongue. I just sat there, shocked, as I couldn’t believe the torrent of jizz he had just unloaded down my dress.
“Ha ha, I see you have noticed. You see I take these sex pills that increase the volume of cum I can produce which makes my orgasms better and creates thick, creamy loads for hot little sluts like you to enjoy.” He said with a wink.
My shock turned to a kinky devious smile. Here I found an older man with a huge 9 inch cock and shot cum like a bull, but I had to ask him two more questions.
“Can you go again? And will your next load be as great as that?” I asked.
“Baby, I’ve been taking those pills all month and haven’t had time for sex for almost two. As for going again, well, I have some Viagra in my pocket so if you are ready for it I’ll make sure you can’t walk tomorrow.” He laughed then wiped his cock on my cum soaked face.
“In that case Thomas, I have someone for you to meet and I can promise you that you will not go home disappointed.” I told him
To be continued.
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